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5th poll: What will make you not buy Dinosaurs?

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  • 5th poll: What will make you not buy Dinosaurs?

    results below....
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    How about a rational option in there somewhere?

    I plan on buying it, but I don't buy everything Sid ever did.

    I don't care if it contains unrealistic elements, as long as they're rational within the scheme of the game. Face it, games are inherently unrealistic on some level.

    I don't care if it's an RTS game.

    I don't care if it's a TBS game.

    I like dinos, but I'm not obsessive about them.

    I DO know, and I DO care, however.

    So how about "I won't buy it if reviews hammer it" or "I won't buy it if the gameplay (remember that?) sucks"?


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      Yeesh... someone's taking this way too seriously
      Hey, lighten up , it's only a little poll, and according to MarkG, the most irrational one we've ever had here (that makes sense )

      Perhaps there ought to be an "Other" option to cover your choices
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        LOL!!!! It only became irrational after my rant. :>


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          5th poll: What will make you not buy


          18 months of non-stop marketing hype befor release



          Do you think a hypothetical Dino-future(sans KT event) would have true Dragons?

          Just curiouse


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            Depends on how you define 'true dragons'... the classic style from japanese, european, or indian cultures? Or the modern pop-lit McAffrey, D&D kind?

            I can't really say there's been a 'marketing blitz'... I didn't even learn about the possibility of this game existing until I chanced upon the Apolyton site, looking for info on the next Civ game.

            --Stormdancer (gryphon)


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              I am not a person for negative posts, but Dinosaurs in a strategy game?!?!?

              Please inform me that this is only a joke played by apolyton on Firaxis and strategy players.
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                I read the comments and I made a strange discovery


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                  Coming to think of it, the Dinosaurs game is probably a good idea after all, since it will target young children and bring them into the TBS camp. This means that when they grow older they will enlarge our ranks - the end result being more and better TBS games.
                  Rome rules


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                    Roman, currently isn't know if Dino will be TBS or a Real time affair.

                    I don't know if you feel better now or not!

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                      For some reason, this game does not interest me at all. Maybe it's the dinosaurs, but I do like Dinosaurs. I just don't love them. I read some of the first diaries, then I just stopped going to Firaxis' site. I probably won't even consider buying it, unless I hear from great reviews from the gaming community. Then again, I probably won't buy civIII either.
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                        I guess the answer I'd pick is "If it sounds like a bad game that costs too much, then I won't buy it."


                        "Wait and see what it looks like when it gets closer to coming out."

                        Like another poster here, I read a few of the early diaries, then hadn't been back to that site.

                        If Sid's name's on it, I'll give it some respect. After all he's made a few other good games. But it doesn't make it an automatic buy.

                        I generally favor TBS games. But that doesn't mean I'll automatically boycott it if its RTS. I suspect that if Sid's creative, it may be something rather different from what we think of as either of these.

                        Just the fact that the game's on Dinosaurs doesn't really interest me. I guess I went through my phase where I thought dinosaur toys were really neat about 35 years ago.

                        But this game could also have some very interesting elements. If its a game exploring evolution, the growth and death of species, it could be really interesting. If its a game where I just steer my dinosaurs over to the trees so they can get something to eat, I'll get bored reeeeeaaaaaalll fast.

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                          I always got the impression from the diaries that, gameplay-wise, Dinosaurs! was going to be alot like Warcraft III. I much rather wait a little while longer and get Warcraft III than get Dinosaurs!.

                          At the time of this post, about a quarter of posters here will not buy the game period. And if it is a RTS game (which it looks like it's going to be) that percentage jumps to nearly one-half.

                          Now if Sid can't even convince one-half of his fans to get it, how do you think the game will fare with the rest of the world?

                          My conclusion: Dinosaurs! has an above average chance in becoming vaporware. But if Warcraft III goes gold within a quarter Dinosaurs!'s release, Dinosaurs! is guarenteed to become vaporware.
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                            What would make me not buy it?

                            Wha's a matter Sid? Lose your Marketing Dept.?

                            What kind of dorky question is that?
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                              I don't quite understand how Dinosaurs is going to be a lot like WarCraft III. Yes they will both be RTS. Yes they both involve gathering resources and fighting enemies, but that is involved in every RTS game and they still sell tons of copies.

                              WarCraft III is supposed to introduce some RPG elements to RTS, which might or might not work depending on how they balance the game.

                              Firaxis with Dinosaurs promises evolution. I envision some grand environment with my dinosaurs evolving to become bigger and better. If an enemy attacks from the rear, my dinos that have genetic mutations having an eye in the back will survive. Soon my entire group will have eyes in their back and my dinos will kill your dinos (ok so I went to far).

                              While both games have elements that are similar (i.e. RTS) they should have enough differences and if done right new elements to gaming that they both should find a market.