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"Behind The Code": D. Ray (Part 2/3)

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  • "Behind The Code": D. Ray (Part 2/3)

    The second part of the second "Behind The Code" interview set, where ex-Activisioners talk with Apolyton CS` (ACS) Locutus about the Call To Power series and in particular the second title in light of its pending source code release, is now online.

    David "Pyaray" Ray was on the Call To Power II development team as a programmer alongside Richard Myers and Steve Mariotti. In looking back, he discusses his half-year on the Call To Power II development team. He relays the satisfaction he received working on the game and both the other people and the company behind it. He states that with the release of the CTPII source code, fans who choose to delve into it will gain some first-hand experience as to what is involved in such a project.

    The third part of the one-on-one chat with Ray will be posted on September 10th. Comments on the first instalment are welcomed in this thread.

    Dan; Apolyton CS
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    That was a good interview Lucutus.
    Try for discussion and debate.


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      Pyaray did seem kind of detached though didn't he?
      Try for discussion and debate.


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        Why do you say that?



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          seemed fine to me? You got to remember that just using text is a very hard way to communicate.Thats why forums and such use smilies
          To help add the emotional content that speaking face to face with someone would convey.
          I'm enjoying these interviews
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            Good stuff!
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              Nice interview. I particularly liked that you said the min specs. How easy to forget these. I know software which require about 100 times as much memory as what was initially planned...
              I too am not sure people will ridicule anyone except themselves if they started mocking the code anyway.
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