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    Originally posted by Gramphos
    That's what I said. The only way to see if there is an old or a new file is to check the id and see if it is around where new files should be or if it's where the old files should. Make the date stay.
    I just feel that it didn't worked with the id, I just had to notice that the link in my signature leaded me directly to an empty form actual only ETB's review was on it. The modified link has a different id and has one rewiev but no rewiev on its page. And that's also the explaination why I can only count 20 links in the CTP2 mod category although it says there are 24 links.

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      Yes, the old one is hidden now. For some reason a copy was made rather than an update of the old file. I didn't notice the review had disappeared. I'll see if I can rescue it (the old file is hidden now)...
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