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  • If you don't want them to "get away with it", make sure the magazine reviewers are not allowed to forget that CtP2 had faults as well as good bits. Writing to them doesn't always work but PCSG ( has recently put a news article on their website about the bugs and withdrawal of support. If disappointed fans email all the magazines, they should be a bit more wary about praising the next game to the heavens without playing it enough first. Unfortunately things like multiplayer stability are not likely to show up even when a reviewer does spend days trying it out.
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      Originally posted by wittlich on 01-21-2001 03:16 AM
      Well one and all...You've heard the verdict.

      And what are you going to do about it?

      I suggest we all abandon this "popcicle stand" of a game called CTP2 and one and all move on over to the Apolyton CIVIII site!!!

      Mark my word that Firaxis/Hasbro has followed and has taken note of what has happened to us by Activison...I don't believe Firaxis/Hasbro (Sid Meier) will treat us as "used toilet paper"


      F.Y.I....I bought a game by MIcroprose/Hasbro..named B-17.. Just before Christmas this year..Brand new..It said you needed to have one of the following Graphics Cards..I own a NVIDIA GeForce 256 Graphics Card..32 Bit..THAT was one the listed acceptable Cards....well..I have an Athlon 700 256 RAM..I get this Flight Sim home..come to find out your Graphics Card needs to be certified...Mine isnt..I spend all sorts of moola calling Massachusetts to speak to Microsoft...and Microsoft says it is B..S.. I own about 35 PC Titles..Red Storm..Sierra..Microsoft..Novalogic..WEstwood..and yes Activision..all run ok with my system..only just over a year old..but Microprose whom was bought out by Hasbro..Gives me the run me around..promised to rectify the situation..It did absolutely nothing..I took my Game backed to Babbages..who then said 8 copies had been returned in 2 weeks..with same problem..same results from (Get This)..Customer Support!!..LOL

      They dont support squat!..
      So before anyone goes to far in either supporting our Hasbro as a savior of a company...or bashing Activision..I agree Activision put the weinie to us..Money is Money..they have ours..and we have what we payed for...a piece of software that is marginal at best..and now they do the unthinkable..unspeakable..TURN THEIR BACKS ON US!!..well...Fooey on you..I'm not great at graphics..but if I was..I'd give them what Mel Gibson gave in Braveheart..when he bent over..pulled up his Kilt and MOONED His attackers..weell..(MOONING ACTIVISION!!)..
      Sorry..its the best I can do..

      I so defended Activision as of few in CTP:1..I hoped beyond Hope we would see and Have to purchase a much better product..But alas Activision joins the list of companies that have been taken off my list that I shall contribute to..I hereby say to Big Dave of Texas..whom i used to egg on and call out..You were and are so right!!

      I am such a SHEEPLE..



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