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Med Mod 2 Multiplayer Crash

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  • Locutus
    Let's try to keep this in the proper thread...

    Have you tried disabling *all* SLIC code for MedMod and/or Cradle? Then we can be absolutely certain the error is in the SLIC code and not in the text-file settings. To do this, just go into the relevant gamedata.txt file ([MM2|CRA]_gamefile.txt) and replace '[MM2|CRA]_script.slc' with 'script.slc'. Does the crash still occur after this? (It would be best to start a new game to test this)

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  • Spanscape
    started a topic Med Mod 2 Multiplayer Crash

    Med Mod 2 Multiplayer Crash

    Hey wanted to first thank you guys for making such a great mod for CTP2. It works great for me single player and makes the game substantially more fun.

    However, when I try to play a multiplayer game with 2 humans and 6 AIs, the game will crash to the desktop (on the host/Player 1 machine) under the following circumstance(s):

    * Player 2 (the non-host) conquers a city which is the last city of an AI civ and ends their turn. On the way to player 1's turn, the game appears to crash when it gets to where the conquered AI civ would have its turn.

    * When I try the multiplayer game as singleplayer right before Player 2 conquers the civ (with the CPU taking over for Player 1 in this case), there is no crash.

    * In multiplayer, if Player 1 conquers the civ instead, the game will crash after Player 1's turn ends.

    * Crash occurs on Win98, WinME and WinXP as the host.

    * Doesn't matter if either Player 1 or Player 2 chooses to 'bloodbath' or 'extend empire' or if the city gets destroyed because it's a size 1.

    * One of the MP save games from my debugging is attached where either Player 1 or Player 2 can take the city after a turn.

    * This is v2.1 of the mod, with the most recent (as far as I can tell) version of Wouter's SLC file that addressed the city disband crashing.


    I tried turning off some of the triggers in Wouter's scripts, specifically commenting out the militia and partisan code. The partisan code shouldn't have mattered since we didn't reach Nationlism.

    Any help would be appreciated, I'm hankering to play this mod multiplayer and its been so great single player!
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