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leaving for a while.

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  • leaving for a while.

    Over the last year or so, I've been analysing my life and I realized, that I don't have one. So I decided to stop playing computer games(CTP2) for a while, and try to get a life. Mostly a couple more friends, a girlfriend, maybe a job, and the A's I know I deserve.

    I've been checking in recently, but I haven't posted for a while. Well I hope everyone enjoyed my additions and changes to CTP2, and that you keep playing them. I might release all the stuff I've made if I can find it.

    Once again this isn't really GoodBey, it's more like see you later(when I get a life). I'll still come to Apolyton, and check in occasionally on this forum.

    I usually hang out in the OT forum especially the song thread if you want to find me, or you could PM me.

    See Ya.

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    So long Cube, good luck
    Come back when you acheive your goals, or try and get two lives, on real, one net-based.

    Cya round
    Concrete, Abstract, or Squoingy?
    "I don't believe in giving scripting languages because the only additional power they give users is the power to create bugs." - Mike Breitkreutz, Firaxis