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Will somw one make so units for me? And a few maps!

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  • Will somw one make so units for me? And a few maps!

    i have a list of units to be made also a map to.
    Units will be 1950-1990 units. i have pics if needed and info about units Also i need 2 maps of the middle east, 2/3 maps of Asia 1 map of florida and southern US and cuba also a map of the med. sea area email mail me of you can make units or maps and if u want u can only make one thanks have great wars and what if wars to make for you all.

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    What units do you need? There's plenty of new units knocking around people's hard drives, there may be some that you want.
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      I am willing to create the maps for you but I need more info on the maps you'd like. What I need are long/lat max and min, size of the final map. Post those and as soon as exams are done, I'll see what I can do. A Florida (or anything in the new world will have to wait til I've completed the world map) map will take extra time. Please also note that there is a middle east map in the database area that I created last week for another scenario.
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