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RIP Faded Glory :(

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    Fair enough, FlameFlash. I understand that. But I, for one, would want to know if he really passed away, or not.

    Troll has done a much better job than I with this... Please visit here...
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      I'd recommend that we don't question these news... a good person has passed away.

      And yes, everyone go to the thread that Quinns links to.
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        I can't say it didn't cross my mind and I'm pretty sure that it crossed Faded Glory's mind sometimes in the past but I don't think he would ever come up with a joke like that because unlike he presented his self in his posts he valued a lot his co-posters in this forum to trick them like this. I hope I'm wrong.

        We had about the same age...


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          If Faded Glory a/ka Saddam is gone, then I'm truly saddened. He taught me how to play the game. He may have been outrageous, but eveyone, including me, always wanted to know what he would post next

          Farewell Saddam we hardley knew ye

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