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  • Call to Power Democracy Game FAQ

    This is basically ripped from the CtP2DG. Thanks go to Locutus, MarkG and TKG (from the CtP2DG, Civ3DG and ACDG respectively)

    As the game progresses, I (or the moderator) will edit the post

    1. What is a Democracy Game?
    In the CtP Democracy Game (CtPDG), all members play the same game and the same civilisation. Many people decide commonly what we should do next. Nobody has the same power when paying single player vs. the AI.
    The name "Democracy Game" comes from the fact that the game is played a a democracy like a real nation. For example, nobody has the power to declare war to America, it needs a vote. If a majority of citizens want war with America, than war is declared.

    2. Who plays the game?
    Technically, this is a single player game. Only one player gets to play the game physically: the President. He is elected for a "term". Everyone can access his savegame. Nobody is allowed to "play ahead" on this savegame, meaning acting before the president actually does it on his own computer.
    But the President has to obey the Ministers (also elected every term) who give precise orders each turn. Each Minister is specialized in a specific field: military, economy, foreign policy, etc.
    The Ministers often consult the people via polls on what policy they should promote. When they poll the people, Ministers have to follow the poll, or risk losing all credibility.
    The people can also express their views whenever they want and start their own polls to force the Ministers to follow the policy they desire.

    3. What are the rules?
    A DG is a game, and thus it has rules. These rules are called the "Constitution". The Constitution can be modified by a vote. The rules of the Constitution (as well as other Laws) are enforces by the Court, a group of players who have been elected for this purpose. If the rules are broken, the Court can punish offenders as it sees fit (eg. impeachment).

    4. Can I form (political) parties?
    In a Democracy, you can't hinder people who think the same to unite. So if you want to, you can start your own policial party, or join existing ones. Just post the new party's goals and policies, and perhaps, if people agree to your policies people will join.

    5. How do I join this Democracy Game?
    You must register yourself in the CivGroups at the top of the CtPDG forum. If you don't do this, you won't be able to vote and other rights may also be restricted (the feature is currently still under development). Once you've done that, you're a Citizen of the CtPDG.

    6. Why would I join by entering the CivGroup if I can just post and vote as it is?
    Soon, the CtPDG will be read-only. Also, since some of the rules in the Constitution require that a certain portion of the population is involved in certain events, it's important to keep track of the size of the population. The CivGroup is the easiest way to do this.

    7. What do I have to do if I join?
    Technically, you don't have to do anything. However, as a citizen you are expected to vote in polls and express your opinions. Other features are the ability to run for a ministerial and presidential position.

    8. Do I have to own a copy of CtP to be able to play?
    The short answer: No. The longer answer: Without CtP, you can't run for President, and it will be difficult for you to run for Minister if you don't have the necessary knowledge. However, the Judiciary positions require no knowledge of the game.

    9. What settings is the game played on?
    We haven't decided. Feel free to begin a poll.

    10. Who moderates this forum?
    At time of writing, there is no specific moderator. If you wish to have a thread topped or closed or edited, PM MarkG or Ming (the adminstators of the ACS forums)
    Last edited by Frozzy; January 12, 2003, 17:05.

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    Kids, never use notepad when editing an FAQ


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      So one guy turns to another guy and says "T.A.I." His friends says "What?" He responds by saing "Think about it;)"


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        Think I should have read this before I answered on which mods to be used

        CptDG only a "singleplayer" game.

        Could we make it PBEM (the AIs are simply too stupid - even with the MedMod).
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          Bird, the problem with DGPBEM is the size, or lack of it, of our community.

          Maybe after this Democracy Game, we could change it to PBEM, however there are a lot of people here who are not familiar with a Democracy Game.

          If you want, you could make a poll, but thats up to you.

          Personally, I'd rather have 1 single player game THEN a PBEM.



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            I agree im new to this and would like to see how a pro plays the game. I can study the play and then learn to crush you all ahahahahahhahahaah cough cough splutter.


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              Yes, Demo games are great for getting strategies and tips...


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                There's not much to learn by beating the AI. It's a matter of taste: you can go for a fast kill, for a faster kill or the fastest kill

                Wait... I'm not a citizen. Should I get a visa or something?
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                  Why don't you become one?
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                    I echo JPPW, The Tourist , sentiments. You won't learn much by playing the a/i.

                    I am confused by why we need so many people to run one civilization? We each usually just run an entire civilization by ourselves without much effort. That is, we play the role of all ministers and president. I'm sure you have a good reason, I just haven't heard it stated yet.


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                      Quinns, you need elections and a lot of input in complex judge decisions.

                      Recently in the CtP2DG, we have all been debating the context and the meaning of the word "can". As stupid as it sounds, it is a actually a major wording flaw in the constitution which is interpreted two ways: They "are allowed to, but don't have to" and "That is what they must do".

                      Stupid? Well, it would be eliminated if we have more people.


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                        Originally posted by quinns
                        I am confused by why we need so many people to run one civilization?
                        That's the whole idea of a Democracy Game. Otherwise we'd call it Despotism Game

                        The idea is to get together with a group of different people with different ideas about how to approach the game and to try play the game together, making decisions democratically. This process of decision making is (supposed to be) both fun and educational (both in the sense that you might find some new tricks and tactics or ways of looking at the game, as well as in the sense that you might learn a thing or two about democracy itself). In addition to that, Democracy Games also offer plenty of room for role playing, story writing, debating, bickering, spamming and other forms of entertainment

                        Everyone gets a different thing out of Democracy Games. H Tower doesn't even own CtP2, yet he's a very important member of the CtP2-DG. He's really only there for the role-playing and decision making part of the game, while there's this Touissant guy (or whatever he's called), who doesn't even participate in the CtP2DG but who only lurks, to learn tricks and strategies to improve his own game. I myself am mostly participate for the community spirit, and to a lesser degree for the decision making and to find out how others approach the game in terms of strategy and tactics.

                        So to answer your original question of why we need so many people to play the game: because it's fun
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                          Originally posted by Locutus

                          That's the whole idea of a Democracy Game. Otherwise we'd call it Despotism Game

                          The idea is to get together with a group of different people with different ideas about how to approach the game and to try play the game together, making decisions democratically.
                          Believe it or not, I understood all this before, Locutus. But I still don't see why you need so MANY people. If 10 people are interested, go with that -- If 5, go with 5 -- If 3... okay I'll stop now.... But seriously, why do you NEED such a huge number of people to play this democracy game? It is still "fun" with fewer isn't it?


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                            Originally posted by Frozzy
                            Quinns, you need elections and a lot of input in complex judge decisions.
                            Thanks Frozzy. That makes sense. I'm just asking because I would hate to see this democracy game fail because we don't have hundreds of players participating. Seems like there is enough now to have two teams. Again, IMHO.


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                              Quinns, small countries have small govenments. NZ, for example, has 4 million people, and a 120 seat parliament. UK has over 600-odd, because it has 60 million people.

                              The bigger the community, the bigger the government, the fairer the decisions