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    Dear GS team

    I would like to stand down from regular turn player very soon due to RL issues.

    I am happy to help train a new turn player, and to be a substitute whenever the new turn player needs a break.

    I know we are in the midst of a war, so I am willing to continue playing for another month (until, say June 15) to allow smooth transition to a new turn player.

    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the turn player job.


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    Is anyone still playing CIV?

    I am sorry, guys. I can't do this.

    I am playing turns for the C3C ISDG and we are at the end game of a five year effort. My time is taken.

    I really hope someone can step forward to help Godel and the team out.
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      Perhaps you can lean on some of the regulars who aren't posting much, NYE?
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        OK. I'll do it. But Having looked at the empire, and the scores, I don;t think anyone can win this anymore, though I will give it my best shot.
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          Thanks Krill. If you need any help getting started, let me know. I can hold fort for a couple of weeks and can guide you through if needed.


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            I can take over from next save. I have the vanilla disk with me, and as I finished exams I have a free couple of weeks before I start my summer job so I have the free time to plan and plot etc.
            You just wasted six ... no, seven ... seconds of your life reading this sentence.


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              The save has just arrived. By "next save" do you mean this one, or the one after this? I am happy either way.

              If you play this save I should give you an outline of where I was heading so that there is some continuity. (Not saying that you need to continue with what I was doing; it is always good to reassess!)


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                Hi Krill

                I have just played the save and started the next turn thread. I have left some explanation in that thread as well. If you have any question, feel free to ask.

                I will be online and hope to contribute regularly, but I am moving city in the next month and may not have access to internet at home for some time. (I can't play at work.) Thaks for helping the team out



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                  Hi Kril

                  The next save is here. Are you able to play this one?