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    Here be information and links to threads that are important or of particular interest. Feel free to add to the topics and threads.

    Team EMail:
    pw: grogs'mountainshack
    Changed Nov 26, 2006: SheepShouldBeMined

    Save Password: grogwant2tanks
    PW for 4000BC: sto483rm

    Administrative Issues
    The Save Has Arrived notification thread
    Email Addresses (for the save)
    Absence/Availability Announcements

    War: The Spartan Academy
    Spartan Academy: General Discussions

    Economy: Smith's College
    Smith's College - General Discussions

    Diplomacy: The State Department
    Bismarck's College
    Vox Diplomacy

    Intelligence: The KGB
    KGB: opponents initial choices discussion
    KGB Update: May 4, 2006
    Examine Vox:
    KGB: A History of Vox

    The Turns
    Turn 1, 4000BC
    Turn 2, 3960BC
    Turn 3, 3920BC
    Turn 4, 3880BC
    Turn 5, 3840BC
    Turn 6, 3800BC
    Turn 7, 3760BC
    Turn 8, 3720BC
    Turn 9, 3680BC
    Turn 10, 3640BC
    Turn 11, 3600BC
    Turn 12, 3560BC
    Turn 13, 3520BC
    Turn 14, 3480BC
    Turn 15, 3440BC
    Turn 16, 3400BC
    Turn 17, 3360BC
    Turn 18, 3320BC
    Turn 19, 3280BC War with Vox
    Turn 20, 3240BC
    Turn 76, 1000BC Assault on The Voice
    Turn y, zBC

    General Information
    About Gathering Storm (for new and old)

    Historically Interesting Threads
    Our Start
    Game Rules Internal Discussion
    Civ Choice
    Early discussions
    Poll: Meditation, Polytheism or neither? Religion or not?
    Vox is the first neighbour and have discovered Hinduism. What to do?
    Poll: War vs Vox to stop Hinduism from spreading?
    Seperate Discussion: Do we kill the Vox scout?
    Turn 19, 3280BC. The die is cast.

    Game Mechanics
    War and the Spread of Religion
    Blake examines the code
    In game test and discussion of Faux War
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    please ask if you want an earlier version.

    For simming our civ
    as of end T1, 4000BC
    as of end T2, 3960BC
    as of end T3, 3920BC (has same name as T2 because I glitched; this attachment is updated)
    as of end T4, 3880BC
    as of end T5, 3840BC
    as of end T6, 3800BC with info from hut map
    as of end T7, 3760BC with wine tile
    as of end T16, 3400BC with London as Buddhist Holy City
    Attached Files
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      Great summary thread, NYE. Thanks!

      grog want tank...Grog Want Tank... GROG WANT TANK!

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        Some email administrivia:

        In our Gmail account, I created contacts for each team.
        (except for Vox, who hasn't provided an email address yet)

        Let's please conduct any diplomacy from that channel, so that everyone can access it, there are no PM issues, etc.

        I also created a Group called 'Save to The Horde' for forwarding the save, which has The Horde's email address and snoopy's. (I'll add Aeson's if he wants.) So turn players have merely to start typing in 'Save'... in Gmail, it will autofill, and they know the correct addresses have been included.

        The only other wrinkle is future diplomacy with Sarantium, who had two members insist in email inclusion for the saves, despite having a central email address. If this practice is also desired for diplomacy, we can create a Group for them at the appropriate time.


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          Strategic Overview 1


          Presently our plan is to expand to a tight core of four cities:

          This city layout secures ALL of our floodplains for immediate workage, without the need of any culture beyond that of EotS's palace. It includes a minimal road network allowing defenders to move between our cities quickly.

          The cities of Wines and FP2 are nearly identical, in that both work 4 floodplains. Wines is to be founded first since it has bonus city tile commerce and is strategically important. However we need to found FP2 to unlock a 4th floodplain tile for Wines.

          Furs is a city founded to secure the +1 happiness from the furs and also work the mined copper and gain the free commerce from the furs + river city site. It will likely never grow above size 4. None the less it is an important city to bring in that critical happiness and it has tertiary benefits like shielding EotS from barbarians.

          This planned core will provide everything we need to quickly research to Construction and construct an army of catapults for the clean elimination of Vox.
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            Strategic Overview 2

            Micro Strategy:

            EotS build order and configuration:

            EotS is to be terraformed with 3 mines and will work the 3 mines and 2 floodplains, for 12hpt with 0 food surplus, eventually the floodplains will be cottage'd. EotS will not be whipped in the immediate future, as whipping is less productive and less flexible than the mines.

            EotS major builds: (military units will be inserted between builds as required)
            Worker - to pre-improve Wines.
            Settler - Wines
            Worker - to pre-improve FP2.
            Settler - FP2
            Settler - Furs

            There is contention on the order of our 3rd worker and 2nd settler. It depends largely on how many skirmishers we train (whether or not our two existing workers can keep up with city growth).

            Wines / FP2:
            These cities are identical and will use largely identical builds. Both cities will have a single farmed floodplain improved in advance. They will work 3 additional floodplains, which will be cottaged ASAP.

            Build Order:
            The build order for a quad-floodplain city is very simple, max food, grow to size 4, whip granary.
            While growing the cities will invest hammers into a skirmisher, the skirmisher can be poprushed in an emergency but it is best not to as this significantly delays the development of the city.

            Furs requires no terrain improvement beyond that which is already needed - the mined copper.
            It will work the mined copper and grow very slowly to size 2.

            Build Order:
            Undetermined. Since Furs has no development future it will simply train whatever we need, most likely this will be militiary units, possibly proceeded by a barracks.

            Empire Worker Actions:

            Our first worker will work in the south-west, chopping, cottaging a floodplain or two and connecting resources.

            Our second and third workers will work their way approximately counter-clockwise around the floodplain belt, building cottages together.
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              You guys are amazing. Nice work.


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                and again...



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                  C'est Magnifique!