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Will there be any AI?

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  • Will there be any AI?

    We know that there will be at least 7 human teams in the upcoming DG, enough to fill a standard map of whichever setting we would use.
    However, what are people's opinions on AI Civilizations, and of both regular and raging Barbarians?

    Personally, I think it would be best to either leave both the Barbs and the AI Civs out of it, and let us go at each-other with no interruptions, or give us access to both the Barbs and the AI so we can use some diplomatic manoevering to our advantage, and overlap some of our l33t single player skills with our l33t multi-player skills.

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    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war .... aw, forget that nonsense. Beer, please.


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      Barbs yes, AI no. Everyone can exploit the barbs if they want, and they do make it potentially more difficult in the early game for others. The benefits of being the first to meet "the only AI civ in the game" aren't as dramatic in Civ4 as they were in Civ3, but it's still there to be exploited. And if we play continents it would likely be that whichever continent the AI civ starts on, the other teams on that continent would have an advantage.


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        There will not be any AI in this game.

        Whether there is any NI in this game remains to be seen

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          AI, no

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              I think you will find almost universal agreement in that.
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                Originally posted by conmcb25

                I think you will find almost universal agreement in that.
                Indeed. No AI !

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