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    I believe diplomacy should also apply to internal power politics. You should have to designate a governer for each city you found, at the begining you could have a list of all governers in your civilisation, as you annex civilisations thier governers become available for you to appoint. Each governer could have a personal opinion and loylalty rating towards you depending on how you have treated them and thier city in the past. Then depending on your government model and civilisation size you should have to divide your civilivisation into various regions (like states), promoting a city governer to take charge of a particular region. Each governer would then become accessable in a diplomacy window like rival leaders. Your governers could then make requests of you such as, 'our farms are suffering please send engineers,' or, 'our region demands action against the neighboring civiisation which is choking our reasources, why have you made peace with them?,' thus reflecting that within a civilisation there are conflicts of interest. Neglecting a region could lead to loss of support there and possibly an independence movement (with the governer as the prospective civilisations leader). Taking this a step further foriegn leaders could negotiate with unloyal governers to speak thier interests into a foriegn government, or promise to ally with the region if they started a civil war of independence, increasing the chances of the region joing the foriegn power afterwards.

    On the positive side your effeciency would be improved by this method.


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      Good point, civbuilder. I think there should be some kind of local public opinion involved to counteract the sheer power of civs with sprawling territory. Although I don't know if "governors" would be the best way to model that.

      It would be really great to see independence movements, internal political struggle, and ethnic tensions in Civ3.


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        That is a good idea. I'd go further into it with Espionage being required to know what your governors loyalty AND people's moods truly are.

        I also had a "black mark" suggestion that had various comparisons. You vs. other rulers, other rulers vs. other rulers, you vs. other peoples, other rulers vs. your people, you vs. your people, and your people vs. other peoples. Black marks represent diplomatic penalties incurred vs. other groups. Bloody daggers are atrocities committed. Olive branches result from diplomatic gifts, military aid, medical aid, funding, similar ideologies, etc. These will vary between even similar groups. FE, genocide vs. a people would incur several bloody daggers, although it may only incur a few black marks with the rulers; medicine may give several olive branches vs. the people, while giving only one or two with the rulers (or depending on who you're dealing with, a black mark or two!). And of course their enemies will receive the opposite effect! Effects last longer the better historical records become. And you'll need an efficient spy network to keep tabs on all of it.

        How complex is that?
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          Internet espionage:A spy can steal blueprints from your labs PC's or destry research this way.Also disrupt your satelites functions


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            Why would internet espianage affect satalite communications? Since when have all satalites been connected to the internet - i always thought that most of the internet was connected by on-ground phone cables and fibre optic lines. But that aside maybe there should be some provision of the effect of the internet and its effect on international relations. I'd like to see some way of declaring an international internet regulator to deter internet espianage, i like the thought of a SMAC style council where 'create an authotritary body' is a suggestion, if passed then there should be a vote where the two most scientifically advanced are the candidates and one is elected to be the international authority. The role of this nation and the effect of such a responsibility would boast reasearch and diplomatic relations, possibly at a cost to the nation per turn - paying for the privilige and having to spend money to maintain the service which would then stop internet espianage being conducted by any other nations (how a spy could conduct this is something which should really be discused on the units thread) of course you could still do it - would this carry some sort of a diplomatic penalty? Possibly you could be banned from standing for the post again?


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              i think according to the difficulty level some opt's have to be disabled at lower settings and enabled at higher levels to give the eity fullc ontrol of what happens and the beginner only the most important options
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