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Spaceship to AC victory- hardest route?

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    Russia put the first animal into space, and also launched the first sattelite into orbit. America only then started winning the space race.
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      I have to say that Russia kicked America's arse in the space race, whatever all the propoganda says. America's achievements: first man on the moon. Russia's achievements: First satelite, first man in space, first woman in space, first dog in space ffs. The fact is that America turned their loss into a victory by making such a big deal about the whole moon thing. "Wow, its a big rock and I'm standing on it. Look, I can jump really high, how cool am I? Ok, I'm bored now. Can we go home?"

      So, in conclusion: Yuri Gagarin>Neil Armstrong.
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        During the space race, the Russians had one key advantage: they could do a half-arsed job.

        The U.S. would have sent the first man into space, but NASA wanted to do more test flights on chimps to see the side effects of space on a humans body. That way, they would know space was safe to send humans into. In a dozen other cases, the US space program was slowed down due to safety checks.

        The Russians didn't have this problem. If they killed an cosmonaut, they could simply turn him into a martyr and a hero.


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          And they say Communism doesn't work!

          Hurrah for Despotic regimes!


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            [QUOTE] Originally posted by CygnusZ

            Oh c'mon... America also won the Space Race because it has a fine scientific backbone. After all, you can't buy science improvements .

            Maybe because after WW2 they 'bought' all the best German scientists to help them develop the rocket technology which eventually got them into space!
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              Yes, but they fled to the United States.

              Besdies, it's not like Russian scientists could accomplish all those space age wonders. It was the Russian use of German scientists that enabled their sucessful space program.


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                I heard that KGB documents or some Soviet documents anyways, confirmed that the Rosenburgs (sp?) were in fact spies. But that might not be true.
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