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Do you use the Palace Jump Exploit?

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  • Do you use the Palace Jump Exploit?

    Lets get a headcount..
    Yes, it's an exploit and I use it.
    Yes, it's not an exploit.
    No, it's and exploit and cheating.
    No, other reason.
    What is a Palace Jump?

    The poll is expired.

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    I have the stupidest reason why I don't use the palace jump exploit/ stupid that I'm embarrased to post why.

    It is a viable strategy to build up your kingdom in stages...especially if you conquered a foreign land.
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      No I don't allow myself that one. I have no problem with others using so no need to defend it.


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        No, but I hardly ever move my palace (I sometimes rebuild on deity where I need all the help I can get ). It's an emotional thing though.

        So,no, never use the palace jump exploit.
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          What is the exploit? I don't even know what it is. But if its what I think it is:

          Inform the commander that Lord Vader's
          shuttle has arrived.

          Yes, sir.

          Lord Vader, this is an unexpected pleasure.
          We're honored by your presence.

          You may dispense with the pleasantries,
          Commander. I'm here to put you back on

          I assure you, Lord Vader, my men are working
          as fast as they can.

          Perhaps I can find new ways to
          motivate them.

          I tell you, this station will be operational
          as planned.

          The Emperor does not share your
          optimistic appraisal of the situation.

          But he asks the impossible. I need more men.

          Then perhaps you can tell him when he

          JERJERROD (aghast)
          The Emperor's coming here?

          That is correct, Commander. And he is most
          displeased with your apparent lack of

          We shall double our efforts.


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            I have never used it, but that is because I've never had cause to. I don't think it's an exploit because there is a lot of micromanagement involved and you have to give up the city to jump your capitol.


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              it's an exploit. flat out.

              it takes 100+ turns to build a palace in a mildly corrupt city, and you cant chop / disband to speed it up.

              it's SUPPOSED to take EFFORT to move the palace. disbanding a city to get a free move is EXPLOITING THE RULES OF THE GAME.

              1. you should not be able to disband your capital (IMHO)
              2. the whole "free replacement palace" is CRAP. in civ2 you had to rebuild it, and it was awesome. if DC were captured tonight, i'm sure thered be a bit of time before it jumped all the way to NY or somewhere.
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                I agree it should not be possible to move the palace. I like it when you lose if you lose your capitol. Just give it an extra defensive bonus.


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                  Yes, it's a banana and I exploit it.
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                    It's not unheard of from countries to relocate their capital. In fact, it happens frequently.

                    I can recall Brasil building Brasilia to move the capital there in 1960 IIRC.

                    USA moved it's capital a few times.
                    West Germany from Bonn to Berlin.
                    China has moved it's capital on many occassions through the ages.
                    Japan moved it's capital.
                    Israel has attempted to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but I don't think that really happened yet (not internationally recognized)

                    I'm sure there are other examples, that's just off the top of my head.

                    So, I don't mind the possibility in the game...but I do like the cost being high to do it. You can always rush with a MGL if it's that important.
                    Haven't been here for ages....


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                      I've never worked out what this strategy is. Please explain!

                      It's true, though, that in real life it doesn't take decades to move a capital. In addition to Shogun Gunner's examples, the Romans moved their capital from Rome to New Rome (Constantinople) in 330, and Peter the Great moved the Russian capital to St Petersburg in the early eighteenth century. In both cases these were brand new cities, which under Civ3 rules would never have been able to build a palace in under a couple of centuries.


                      • #12
                        1. I never feel a need to abandon such a well-developed core.
                        2. I'm not willing to work that hard to be able to predict/force where it jumps to.
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                          Like Ducki. Never felt the need to leave behind all that hard work put into getting everything in the core right the first time

                          That goes for moving the palace at all - even before exploits
                          I'm sure the big players know some way to move it AND get some good from it...but I'm yet to use it
                          It's all my territory really, they just squat on it...!
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                            some dork made a forumla which tells you where the capital jumps to. all i remember is that bigger = better, but im sure distance, culture, etc, all have an impact.

                            when civ becomes entirely mathematics, you've lost touch with the game.
                            "I've lived too long with pain. I won't know who I am without it. We have to leave this place, I am almost happy here."
                            - Ender, from Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card


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                              Shogun Gunner we are only talking about the game. Moving the capitol is very expensive in real life. You need to aquire land, clear it of structures and build new government buildings.

                              Here they really get it for next to nothing and they had planned to do it all along. Moving the capitol under war condition is a different matter, since it does not reward you, you only get to survive.

                              I like it in games like Disciples II if your capitol falls, its lights out.