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Formula for city tile shields

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  • Formula for city tile shields

    I decided to test what affects city tile shield production, to figure out why some city centers produce more shields than others. Here's what I found.

    Shields from unimproved terrain
    +Shields from bonus resources
    +1 if city size >= 7
    +1 if industrious and size >= 7
    +1 if city size >= 13
    +1 if shields==0 so far
    +1 if in golden age/mobilization

    The interesting part is you only get the 0-shield-terrain bonus if the city is size 6 or less. Building on shielded grassland is not any worse than building on regular grassland after you reach size 7!

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    Re: Formula for city tile shields

    Originally posted by DaveMcW
    +1 if industrious and size >= 7
    I only get this in size >= 13.
    That's in PTW 1.14f. I heard a rumour that this is new in PTW though.


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      I thought it was both +1 in > 6 and +1 > 12 for Industrious. That's what the Industrious trait makes it sound like...

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        The Industrious bonus was pushed back to Metros in PTW.
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          So Dave, I'm being lazy here...with this information what is the best terrain to found a city on according to shields?


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            I believe founding a city on a hill with coal would give your best city-tile shields, especially if you're industrious and it grows into a metro.

            But, it's often a crapshoot, as most of us are long done building once we find coal, heh. Though I've been known to dismantle cities and build a new iron works town, heh.


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              Is there any rule for the food in the city tile? Or the city gets 2 Food always from the tile, where the city itself is?

              I made a few tests. If there is a food-bonus (Cattle or Wheat) on the tile, the city doesn't benefits from that. It still shows only 2 food on that tile.

              Please help! Thanx

              -- cumi --


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                yeah, hills with coal, but take out all resources excluding luxuries (since we usually don't get to see them till after REXing) and what are we left with? hills? grasslands + shield?


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                  food on the city tile is always 2 unless in a golden age (I think).


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                    Originally posted by badams52
                    unless in a golden age (I think).

                    Does anyone know what the Palace commerce bonus is (or whether it exists)? I've seen 0-3 and odd things like the tiles in the city window showing different commerce than the total below (without other improvements obviously).


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                      What's about the french in PTW?
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