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Modifying terrain with an eye towars resources...

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  • Modifying terrain with an eye towars resources...

    Can anybody shed some light onto whether or not resources are allocated to various terrain sqaures at the start of the game, or as they become visible due to tech advances?

    I know that, for instance, the Game resource initially appears in forested terrain. If you clear the forest, the game resource remains...
    Dyes are found in jungles, but also remain when the jungle is cleared....

    But these examples are not strategic resources...

    Is it in my best interest to leave jungles intact in hopes of unseen rubber, etc.... or should I manage my territory at will, secure in the confidence that if the original terrain might yield a special bounty, the modified region might still remeber its origins, and reveal its (previously unseen) wealth....

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    I was told clear the jungle since the resource shows anyway in my other thread about worker management. I am not sure as I asked the exact same question.


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      Strategic resources will appear as the appropriate tech is discovered, regardless of what you've done to the tile.

      Clear away.
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        That's what I thought, but I haven't been sure...


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