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    sorry I didn't see your thread sooner.
    Shipchaining in civ3 is exactly the same as in civ2, but the command is slightly different:
    1) Ship A with units onboard sails on top of ship B (empty)
    2) You click and wake up all units
    3) You press 'L' and send every unit to the ship at the bottom of the list (you can check that the ship has movement left)
    4) You sail the ship (B) that has movement left (you can check that all units are onboard; if not, you can wake up all units and press 'L' again)

    Some more micromanagement: this is civ, my friends!

    (La Fayette, relaxing after transportation of 100 units along a chain of 12 ships, and dreaming about automation)
    Aux bords mystérieux du monde occidental


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      I think they should add new unit command "Load all units on" - when new ship in a chain starts moving.

      - or completely remove this practice from thea game.


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        I have used a ship chain once. I had one galley on each side of the ocean and I waited till I got one to survive in the middle. Then I chained a setter and spearman across to be the first on the large island/small continent.

        Even that felt like an exploit so I havn't tried it again.


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          Originally posted by Dida
          it take the USA 2 months to calm down and plan out the attack. The transportation part take less than a week.
          This is VERY important! The planning time has to be considered as part of the time it takes for the move, and is an issue that most 'strategic' game players (ala civvers) don't seem to appreciate.