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    Hey all -- long time lurker, first time writer --

    The docs for this game are terrible -- is there anywhere one can download updated (through C3C) panels with lots of important data (units, improvements, wonders, etc)?


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    I've been going to the Civilopedia and occasionally to the editor when I want definitive information. It's not as conveneint as nicely laid out tables would be, but since I don't know where to find nicely laid out tables that I'm sure are reliable, I do what I know how to.


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      After a short trip to the files forum, I was able to come with this.

      Reference for C3C
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        Yeah, I am not in love with that format though. When Civ3 first came out, somebody did a bunch of great spreadsheets that I kept out while playing, brought to work, brought to be, brought to the... you get the picture.
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          Thanx for the replies, all! I downloaded the suggested file, and am certainly impressed with the speed that its author generated the update for C3C, but I am not really a fan of its format either. I really wish Firaxis would come out with posters/cards/etc.

          The Civilopedia is extremely vague, and I like to know the actual mechanics of the game. Maybe I should construct something from the CivEdit.