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A draft guide, for anyone who wants to read it

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    Thanks for a great effort. To my eye, the material was close to uniformly perfect. But it was the crisp, accurate quality of the writing that will keep this on the must read list for players of all levels.
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      I just took a quick look... I'll print it out over night, and read in in depth tomorrow.

      Great job, vulture!!

      How do I put that link into Must Read?

      Also, can I suggest that this become an AU project? Let's assign 'editors' to certain existing and to be written sections, for both error trapping and further content input.

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        Thanks Vulture, that is a great read, and very helpful.

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          Originally posted by Mountain Sage
          MS weeps. He had just finished his first chapter about the early game when somebody else came and did it better. Sniff...

          Well, there are other chapters in being.

          Vulture, what about helping me with the 'Guidebook'?
          I could send you my first chapter about the early game, so you can incorporate it.

          Thes chapters about game strategies, levels of play and wonders are also finished, btw.
          I'm starting on the chapter about specific civs.
          Let me know.

          any interest or suggestions?
          you can send me an E-mail anytime.
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            This is great. I would love to see this taken to the next level with full community editing/involvement (not to say that it isn't amazing in its current form).

            -- Woog