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    Really cool retelling, Lazarus. Bravo, bravo.
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      I've just read that a movie version of Thermopylae is being planned. IIRC, it'll be directed by Michael Mann, so it should be worth watching. I expect all of you who read this to be on the lookout for historical inaccuracies.
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        Yes. It is based on the Gates of Fire novel by Steven Pressfield. I read Bruce Willis wants a part.


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          I just finished reading this story. Well done.

          I bet after the dude and some others hid in that gruesome pile of splattered bodies, whenever another fell from the cliff after that, the pile must have seemed to get up and move over to avoid having more people land on them. And what if some persians fell as well and survived? They must have had their own little rumble down below to sort things out.

          I like Michael Mann's goods so I hope he makes that movie.
          Here is an interesting scenario to check out. The Vietnam war is cool.


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            Unbelievable. The writing talent I constantly find in these stories is amazing.

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              Well, what can I say?

              I come from Greece, and this is one of the best recited stories I have heard for our history.

              I just loved it. I hope you have the time to also write for the naval battle of Salamina (is it Salamis in English?) as you definitely have the skill and talent.

              Keep up the good work man!

              PS. Maybe you could include some Greek dialog in as well, just for taste. I could help you if you wanted with the translation. Just a thought...
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                I just read this... fantastic.

                I had the same reaction to Gates of Fire.... Laz, great great job at portraying the dirt, muck, and comradeship that grunts face!!
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                  Wow! Outstanding story!!! I loved the way you depicted the battles! Totally different then I'd ever imagined. Also loved the way the "hero" of the story was such a regular guy. Absolutely drew me in!


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                    Since we seem to be bumping up some classic stories, I decided to include this one.

                    "A soldier's arms" is Laz's best work IMHO, retelling the battle of Thermopylae in true-to-life detail. Infinitely more realistic than the published versions of this historic battle, this is one of my personal favorites.

                    If you haven't read this, I definitely recommend it - if not for the superb quality of writing, then for the historical aspect of the story.

                    An excellent piece.


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                      Wohoo, our prayers have been heard! The guitar dude is back! Will you write for us, will you write for us?
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                        I expect all of you who read this to be on the lookout for historical inaccuracies.
                        Well Greco-Roman wine was a lot different than modern wine, really thick gummy and sticky (with a higher alcohol content). Not easy stuff to "gulp."

                        That's all I saw.
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                          I just read this, my first foray into this forum.

                          Absolutely incredible, Laz. I am speechless.
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                            Well you see you dont know what you have been missing Guynemer, this is a fantastic piece by Laz and you will find hundreds of other superb stories archived here.

                            If you change the forum display setting to the beginning theres pages and pages of stories here going right back to the release of Vanilla civ 3
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