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  • If we're going to get a spaceship victory, we're going to need to do some major overhauls with tech research. It's almost absymal as it is, although we still are in the lead.

    Summary coming up...
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    • Jumping Choya II

      Jumping Choya II, son of the last monarch and first communist ruler, came to power and promised to continue the destruction of the wretched Egyptians. He had his wife put up a hand-sewn banner on the wall that read "The only good Egyptian is a dead one" so he would never lose sight of his goal. Indeed, like his father, he would be remembered for his relentless, sometimes reckless, pursuit of conquering Egypt.

      Turn #0>1944
      Rome and Germany, the world's two most pitiful nations, sign a mutual protection pact in a scheme to protect eachother from annihilation.

      Turn #1>1946
      Vovanville trained Cossacks, and not being impressed with their abilities to adhere to the Russian Cossack Doctrine, Jumping Choya ordered the city to build barracks so future trainees would not be so disappointing. Iota built an Aqueduct so the town could finally grow, and it then began work on a Destroyer. Like those before him, J.C. believed in ruling the seas with the most modern warships.

      The Cossacks that had bravely attacked Thebes were brought back to Heliopolis to heal and prepare for upcoming battles. The Galleon at Moscow was upgraded to a Transport in order for more troops to be fitted on, and be moved across the sea faster. Preparations were being made to destroy Kahun and eliminate one of Egypt's saltpeter sources.

      Turn #2>1948
      New Lurkburg trained an Infantry division, and was set to gathering supplies for settlers to build Russian cities where Egyptian ones once stood. Zeta built a police station and began training a Cossack division. Eta trained an Infantry division, and began building a factory in order to increase industrial production.

      Cossacks captured a cannon when they defeated an enemy cavalry division. Seven Cossack and one Infantry division were on their way to Kahun from Moscow. Bismarck got crabby when he sited the Transport in German territorial waters, but J.C. smoothed out the situation by signing an agreement allowing passage in each other's territories (although it's doubtful that Germany will ever be able to take advantage of the deal).

      Cleopatra sent an envoy begging for peace, but they probably knew the answer they would get. The war continued.

      Turn #3>1950
      Delta trained a Cossack division, and J.C. was also displeased with the quality of these men. Construction on barracks promptly began.

      Egyptian defenders at Pompeii were heavily damaged (1 HP for each of the two riflemen), but there were no Cossack divisions nearby. Elephantine was also heavily bombarded, losing its bank, cathedral, and scores of citizens in just one season.

      The landing force was unloaded near Kahun, and promptly came under attack by two Egyptian cavalry divisions. Both were repulsed.

      Turn #4>1951
      Beta trained Cossacks and continued to train more. Epsilon trained Infantry and began work on a Destroyer. St. Lurking built a factory and began training Cossacks, while Vladivostok did the opposite.

      The English city of Gloucester rebelled and joined Russia, and despite hating the name of it, J.C. welcomed the extra rubber source it brought to the nation.

      As a consequence of the MPP with Germany, Rome declared war on Egypt.

      Two cannons were upgraded to artillery in preparations for another attack on Egypt. Meanwhile, the assault on Kahun was not going well at all. Five Cossack divisions were killed by the riflemen defending. The two surviving Cossack divisions and the Infantry division fled to the transport and were sent back towards Moscow.

      Turn #5>1952
      Mosfrog trained Infantry and started training Cossacks. New Lurkburg supplied settlers and began training Cossacks. Mu built a courthouse and began building barracks.

      Twelve cossack divisions, two infantry divisions, and two artillery divisions were moving towards Elephantine. And not a moment too soon, either; the city where the attack force was based, Heliopolis, defected to the Egyptians! Two Infantry divisions and three Cossack divisions that were left behind were lost, however. (JEEZ! Imagine the fix we would have been in if we lost 12 more cossacks!) The attack force marched on to its destination.

      Turn #6>1953
      Lurkburg trained Cossacks, and began constructing a factory. Vovanville built the barracks, and J.C. once again permitted them to train Cossacks. Odessa trained a Cossack division and started training more.

      Choyaburg was founded north-east of Kharkov, bringing yet another rubber resource within Russia's borders.

      Once again, England wimped out against the Egyptians, signing a peace treaty with them.

      Turn #7>1954
      Alpha trained cossacks and kept doing so.

      Russian scientists came up with a method for scientific experiments (therefore calling it the Scientific Method). They begin forming an Atomic Theory.

      Once founded, Choyaburg was immediately surrounded by three cavalry divisions. Most of Russia's Cossack's were in enemy territory, preparing to attack Elephantine. Jumping Choya called on the aging Knights to rid Choyaburg of the enemy cavalry! All three Knight divisions braved the gunfire and won their battles.

      Seven Cossack divisions assaulted Elephantine after artillery bombardment softened up some of the defenders. While some divisions were hurt in the attack, none were lost. The city was razed, despite having Magellan's Voyage in it, because it would be difficult to hold the city, keep it from reverting, and continue to press the advance. 'Tis a shame.

      Six Cossack divisions and one Infantry division were once again loaded on a Transport to make another run at Kahun. This left the Russo-English border somewhat low on troops, but Egypt was the country Russia was currently at war with.

      Turn #8>1955
      Heliopolis was recaptured; the cossacks had no trouble overwhelming the single rifle division there. Troops were brought in to heal for the next advance.

      The Transport unloaded its cargo once again, this time hoping for a more positive result. Two cavalry divisions once again attacked, and they were not succesful.

      Excelsior built a factory and began work on barracks. Kahun was captured and razed without trouble, but the saltpeter source was still within Egypt's borders. In addition, there is another source near Corinth.

      Turn #10>1957
      Sevastopol trained Infantry and began work on a library.

      Turn #11>1958
      Alexandria built barracks, therefore providing a place for troops to upgrade close to the front lines. Construction on a library was begun, since actually training troops there would take forever. St. Lurking trained Cossacks and began training more. New Excelsior did the same. Theta built a harbor and began training Infantry. Minsk trained Cossacks and began building barracks so the next group would be up to code. Tblisi trained Infantry and began stockpiling supplies for settlers.

      Having sufficiently worn down Pompeii, Russian Destroyers began moving down to Pi-Ramesses. Twelve Cossack, three artillery, and two Infantry divisions began their stroll to Giza.

      Turn #12>1959
      Buto built a courthouse and started training Cossacks. New Lurkburg trained Cossacks and began building a factory. Zeta trained Cossacks and began building barracks. Sverdlosk built an aqueduct and began training Infantry.

      Turn #13>1960
      Excelsior built barracks and began training Cossacks. St Petersburg trained the same, and kept on training them. With a steady stream of Cossacks coming from the cities, Jumping Choya was convinced that Egypt is doomed. Cleopatra probably thought the same.

      The Battle of Giza began. As soon as the artillery fire ceased, ten Cossack divisions attacked, with only one being eliminated (I love that retreat ability!). The city was burnt down, adding three slave divisions and two Catapult divisions to Russia. The saltpeter source is now outside of Egypt, but there is still one left.

      Turn #14>1961
      Beta trained Cossacks and began work on a factory, Kappa built a courthouse and began work on a library, Yakutsk built a courthouse and began training Infantry, and Mosfrog trained cossacks and would continue to do so.

      Four artillery and two Infantry divisions began moving towards Memphis; cossacks would catch up later after healing at Heliopolis.

      Turn #15>1962
      Rioting at Heliopolis was subdued when more entertainers were hired.

      Vovanville trained Cossacks and began building a Destroyer. Mu built barracks and began training Infantry.

      Turn #16>1963
      Iota built a shiny new Destroyer, and began building barracks. Having wreaked enough havoc at Pi-Ramesses, destroyers began moving down towards Argos.

      Turn #17>1964
      Zeta built barracks and began training Infantry. Kharkov built a Temple and began supplying settlers.

      Ten cossack, four artillery, and two infantry divisions are now outside Memphis. The artillery bombard the city.

      Turn #18>1965
      Delta and St. Lurking trained cossacks and started training more, Epsilon built a destroyer and began building a factory so the next one could be built faster. Minsk built barracks and began training cossacks.

      Memphis was captured and razed, with only one cossack division being lost.

      Turn #19>1966
      Alpha trained cossacks and Tblisi made settlers. Both were told to keep doing what they were doing. Moving the settler by rail, Grozny was founded on the rubble that was once Giza.

      In a battle hardly worth mentioning, Pi-Ramesses was captured. The only noteworthy thing about it was that the city was not razed. The Stack of Death, as Egyptian generals call it, begins moving towards Pompeii.

      Turn #20>1967
      Excelsior trained a cossack division and began training infantry. Buto trained cossacks and began building barracks.

      Jumping Choya stifles a yawn when he is told that Pompeii has been captured. He is pleased with the progress of the war.

      Brave adventurer that he is, Jumping Choya II elects to replace a lightbulb in his palace room by himself. Tragically, one leg of the stool he was standing on had been eaten by termites, and broke when he stood upon it. He hit his head on a bedpost on the way down, and fell into a comma.

      Jumping Choya II would not succumb to the mightiest of Egyptian armies, but to a termite-eaten stool. The last words he murmured were, "Have at 'em, turkeys! The seeds are fresh!"
      The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist.


      • Notes

        Egypt still throws cavalry at us like they grow on trees, but with infantry there's nothing to worry about. Besides, the last big city they have looks to be Rome. I suppose they're slowing down, and if we destroy that last link to Saltpeter at Corinth (I was dumb and forgot to do it), we'll have nothing to worry about. In any case, Egypt is broken. They're through.

        Now, tech research is going pretty slow...I elect that we switch to Democracy to give it a shot in the arm once the war is done. But that's up to my successor.

        I've been building factories in anticipation of tanks and other goodies. The factories will probably be done by that time. Cleaning up pollution will be a minor nuisance, but I think the production benefits are worth it.

        Other than that, I have no more suggestions.

        Here's the save game:
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        The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist.


        • The reign of the Lurkovites - L. Czar

          From the ancient city of Lurkburg, a group of old noblemen who had lived on the same land for 1,500 years began a plot to take control of the Russian Communism. They were Lurkovites and their leader, a young fellow called "Lurkczar" or just L. Czar for short became the next ruler of Russia.

          He reigned supreme for many years and most saw his reign as profitable and good. L. Czar worried constantly about the ongoing war with Egypt and falling production levels throughout the land. Even in the capital city corruption was running rampant. L. Czar was determined to stamp out corruption, but his first objective was the subjugation of the remnants of the Egyptian nation.

          In 1967 the Russian people were leaders in technology and military might. Indeed, when L. Czar took the throne he found little to change. He awoke some stationary ironclads to do some active patroling and maybe a little costal bombardment. The rather small city of Kharkov saw it's cultural influence expand. Apparently, the Kharkovites have a grand theatre troupe that entertains far and wide. L. Czar deems this as another reason that Russia is the "most culturally supreme nation in the world."

          The next year, 1968, brought a decree from L. Czar. He ordered all the Royal Ditchdiggers, who had finished their projects, toward Yakustsk to improve the forested terrain. This will allow Yakustsk to grow into a city. He also ordered Yakustsk to switch production to an aqueduct to facilitate it's growth. L. Czar awoke the feared "Russian stack of death" toward Antium. Antium is an Egyptian city on the east coast of the old "Egyptian" continent.

          The year of 1969, especially the summer of '69, brought no exciting news to the palace. Russian armies marched here and there. The "stack of death" moved 30 miles closer to Antium (1 square). L. Czar was notified of a couple divistions of infantry were now trained. L. Czar sent them to the harbor to be loaded onto a transport for ferry to the Egyptian front.

          1970 was another year of boredom for L. Czar. One noteworthy battle was reported in Russia. Apparently, late last year three divisions of Egyptian cavalry evaded Russian dectection. The Egyptians hit hard and captured 6 divisions of Royal Ditchdiggers working outside Choyaburg. The Egyptians summarily hanged all Russians they captured. When L. Czar heard of this atrocity he ordered all offensive units in Choyaburg to attack. The brave Russian knights, who had upheld their code of chivalry for 950 years took to the battlefield again. Two groups of knights slaughtered two divistion of Egyptian cavalry. The remaining Egyptians were rounded up by Russian cossacks and put before a Russian firing squad.
          L. Czar's troops reported they were in postion outside Antium for a strike early next year. L. Czar was also secretly notified that his secret plan of secretly invading a large island postioned in the sea between Amazonia and Egpyt was secretly ready. L. Czar secretly gave the order to attack in Feb. of '71. All was ready for the "year of fire and death." Secretly, L. Czar grinned.

          1971 The Year of Fire
          The Battle of Antium
          Russian artillery open fire on January 31, 1971 killing many of the defenders of Antium. After the artillery fire was exhausted, the two battleships near Antium open fire on the city. The defenders were seen madly running about and dying by the hundreds. When the Russian offensive field cossacks were ready to attack, the defending riflemen had a total of 3 HP between the two divisions. The city of Antium surrendered, not a single Russian casualty was reported!
          The Secret Battle of Edfu
          "A day that will live in the secret logs of my genereals," L. Czar proclaimed to his secret council. In late January, word reached the secret general of the secret force that had occupied the hills ouside of the Egptian city of Edfu on a large island. "The Czar says to attack my secretness," said the messenger. The antiquated cannons lobbed 18 lb. shells into the city. The shells destroyed houses and civilian casualties were reported in the thousands. One unit of the population was killed or fled the city. Another antiquated unit, and ironclad, patrolling the sea nearby bombarded the city with shells. The spearman defenders were severly wonded (lost 3 HP's). The other divistion of spearman defenders fought bravely against a Russian cossack divistion. In fact, the cossacks came within two points of being destroyed by the spearman, but prevailed in the end. Russian forces took the city and immediately set to burning everything. The corpses of the Egyptians are thown onto the pyre. Every remnant of Egyptian culture is burned or destroyed. Three units of Egyptian slaves are taken. The men and boys are indoctrinated into the Royal Ditchdigger Corps. The women and young girls are sold to the despicable Roman sex traders. The Egyptian army salts the fields so nothing can grow and moves onward. The secret destruction of this island will be L. Czar great acheivement.
          Later in '71 the resistance in Antium ends due to the efforts of 3 divisions of garrisoning cossacks.

          1972 was a year of recovery for the Russian empire. A new town, called Dnepropetrovsk was founded in old Egyptian lands. It is located near some furs. Furs are now a domestic product of Russia! Dnepropetrovsk also allowed our observation area of the Egyptian border to be complete. We should see any approaching Egyptian units. Egyptian slaves are sent to work ouside of Alexandria to improve the land. The whipped and rushed Egyptians are forced to complete a temple in the captured city of Antium. This will hopefully prevent any Egyptian subversion of the newly captured city. Yakutsk completes it's aqueduct. It can now grow beyond size 6. The grand old city of Smolensk produces a factory to improve production capibilities.

          1973 saw, or rather not saw, news of the Secret Army of Russia move again toward the city of Lisht. Many small infrastructure projects were completed. Moscow finally produced a factory.

          1974 was a year of military manuvers. L. Czar is pleased to hear that the Secret Army had arrived at the gates of Lisht. The "stack of death" marches toward the Egyptian city of Argos. A notable completion was Choyaburg's new library. This will help educate the leftover Egyptians to the greatness of Mother Russia. Our culture will overcome their treacherous tendencies. The few Egyptians that escaped death and slavery will become loyal Russians. L. Czar glows when told of this plan. "Afterall, people are people, as long as they trust in the great Russian government," announced L. Czar.

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          • So what's going on? Lurking, it looks like the rest of your summary and the save file got erased because of the server problems. You'll need to repost. Fsck, are you back yet? Vovansim? Where is everybody?


            • server problems result in Lurking's effort being erased

              Grr. I spent many minutes typing that summary. Well, in the mean time here is my saved game. I think it's Vovanism's turn if he's around.
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              "Dog of a Saxon! Take thy lance, and prepare for the death thou hast drawn upon thee!" -Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert in novel 'Ivanhoe'


              • Where are Vovansim and Fsck? We aren't just going to let the Russian people die are we? We need leaders!

                Lurking, do you want to just go ahead pass the turn on to Jumping Choya? Half our players seem to be missing in action; I hope he's still around.

                EDIT: Hmmm, looking back, it seems to be my turn next. What do you want to do?


                • Game dead?

                  Hey Excelsior,
                  Frankly, I don't really feel like finishing this game. I know we were very close to the end, but I'm not excited about it anymore. The server crashing and winter holidays sorta killed our game.

                  I'm really into Final Fantasy X for PS2 right now. I haven't played Civ 3 in a week (GASP!). So, I suggest we kill this game. I have no opposition if you want to recruit leaders to finish it off. In fact, I'll probably still read the tales of the Russian people if you continue the game (I'm so productive at work So, that's where I'm coming from.

                  Good Luck!
                  "Dog of a Saxon! Take thy lance, and prepare for the death thou hast drawn upon thee!" -Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert in novel 'Ivanhoe'


                  • I'm rather over this game, too...having the last few centuries of our written history wacked just didn't help, either. I'm ready to call it quits.
                    The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist.


                    • OK, that's fine with me. If either Fsck or Vovansim want to continue, I'll play too, but it now seems that I'm going to be very busy for at least the next week. See you all around...


                      • it was a nice story guys thnx for the ride


                        • Timeline, stop reviving really old threads pleeeze
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                          • Sorry, I was linked to this one by someone els so I had no idea it was on the bottom. Just wanted to express my thanx, that's all.


                            • Originally posted by Timeline
                              it was a nice story guys thnx for the ride
                              You're welcome.

                              And yes, I am the same Excelsior. I discovered when I tried to post this that for some reason my account has been disabled. I haven't even posted here in two months... Now who do I see to get this fixed?