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    Very nice!

    Just curious, did you get a golden age? It sounded like your Chariots didn't win very much, if at all...
    "Nuke em all, let god sort it out!"


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      I had my Golden Age prior to the First Latin War, after I built the Pyramids in Thebes.

      In all 4 games I've played as the Egyptians, I've managed to both build the Pyramids and immediately trigger a Golden Age.

      I wonder if it is in some way hard coded, Egypt + Pyramids = Automatic Golden Age?

      Egypt is, so far, my favorite Civ. Industrious and Religious rocks.

      I might try a Civ that is Scientific and Religious next.

      Expansionistic, IMHO, sucks. Too dependent on Map setup. I tried the Americans a couple of times, and all that did was enamor me with the Industrious trait. With Air Superiority broken, I changed their Civ Specific Unit to a Nuclear Carrier, Movement +2 and +2 Air Unit carrying capacity. That was OK, but when you have to modify a Civ to make it enjoyable you know something is not right.

      Then I discovered Egypt. And my darling Cleopatra, of course. The rest is history.

      Now to wrap up...


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        Wrap up?! S#!+, where am I gonna get my inspiration?
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          Ecological Disaster

          With Egypt out of the War, I turned over the administration of Russia to our capable governors.

          Normally I prefer a hands-on approach to city management, but the Rus cities lay too far from the center of Egyptian power at Thebes and Corruption ruled, rather than the Eternal Queen.

          After financing the completion of several civic buildings aimed at controlling corruption, I was dismayed to find that our efforts had little or no effect on the amount of waste in our Russian territories.

          I considered for awhile moving our seat of government to Russia, but decided against it. First, it would take 2 centuries to complete the task. Second, Corruption would rear it's ugly head upon our native continent of Egypt. Third, the Russian Winter could not possibly be colder than the stare I received from the Eternal Queen when I mentioned moving the Palace away from sunny Egypt to the Russian Steppes.

          With that, I installed a few governors and was done with it. What harm could they do? Even if they were to build one of the Queen's "Privateers", it would take over 40 years to complete. I certainly wasn't going to lose any sleep over it.

          Far more troubling was the ecological disaster unfolding around me. The ozone layer had been depleted by the industrialization of the globe, and the incident of skin cancer in Egypt was disturbingly high.

          Of greater concern was the continued loss of farmland around our cities. Each season, reports would come in that another stretch of land had been blighted by UV rays, and I had to send in Worker teams to re-irrigate the land. But invariably the land was no longer as productive as it once was.

          This was in addition to the revolting piles of orange pollution that would precipitate out of thin air and cover the landscape. Our Workers were cleaning up 3 to 4 orange pollution piles a year.

          Pollution was out of control, and I turned to our scientists for an answer. We had just crossed into a new Era, surely there was something we could do before we drowned in our own filth?

          After much discussion, we decided that less automobiles on the roads would achieve the fastest reduction in pollution in the shortest amount of time. Mass Transit systems in each of our cities were in order.

          Our scientists set to the task.

          Meanwhile, WWI continued to rage far from Egypt's shores. India was fighting a losing war against China. As India lost city after city, Gandhi became increasingly panicked- he must have cried to me for an alliance 4 or 5 times. I rebuffed him each time, Egypt was no longer interested in the affairs of the rest of the world.

          Catherine of Rus never recovered from her defeat at the hands of Egyptian forces. I'm told her final days were spent holding court in her pathetic little city, convinced that Russia remained a world power. Her insanity culminated in a declaration of war against China, which by this time had occupied most of India, including all the lands immediately surrounding her city of Sevastopol. I'm told that in the end, at her public execution, she was stark raving mad- screaming that surely her army would appear at the gates of Beijing and raze the city to the ground, even as the gaoler put the noose around her neck.

          I sent Mao 3 cases of the finest Egyptian wine. As a thank you.

          Not long after Russia's destruction, India was wiped out. They had long been kicked off their home continent, and had sought refuge on an island in the South Seas. Unfortunately for them, Japan proved to be an unruly neighbor- declaring war and capturing the last two Indian cities in a matter of weeks.
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            Egypt Ascendant

            Pollution remained a problem.

            Though Egyptian cities now boasted both Mass Transit systems and the new Recycling plants, our lands suffered continuous UV assault.

            Egyptian pollution was near zero. But French, Chinese, Japanese, and English pollution continued unabated.

            It was time for Egypt to once again become involved in world affairs. Mindful of the condition of the Russian countryside when we first liberated the peasantry there, I reviewed the pollution situation on the other continents.

            It was as I suspected. The warring powers were devoting too much of their industy to the production of war machines, and not enough to the preservation of the ecosystem.

            World War One, by this time, had degenerated into a three way free for all, with Japan/China/France+England unable to make significant gains again the other, roughly equal, powers.

            Desperate for a solution to the problem of Global Warming, I called for the world's first summit on Ecological Accords at Thebes. To my surprise, all of the other world leaders agreed to attend. And then they agreed to agree, in return for the secrets of the Mass Transit system and the Recycling plant, they would lay down their arms, accept peace, and take care of the Environment.

            Increasingly, what Egypt wanted, Egypt got. Egyptian culture was becoming the culture of the world- the other nations could no more stand against the tide of popular opinion than a reed before the Nile's spring flood.

            In time, our analysts agreed, there would be only one culture, the Egyptian culture. One nation, the Egyptian nation. One people, the Children of the Nile.

            (Cultural Victory)


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              It was a bright Spring morning. The sun glinted off the Nile, as the Eternal Queen and I shared breakfast at my villa on my veranda that overlooked that mighty River.

              We talked of many things that morning, great and small. But gradually the talk faded, as I grew increasingly pensive. The day to day running of the Empire, which once gave me strength, now felt like a chore.

              Finally, the Queen clasped my hands in hers, and with her eyes boring into mine, she spoke.

              Queen Cleopatra (intense): What troubles you, Imhotep?

              Me (shaking my head): Nothing, my Queen.

              Queen Cleopatra (still intense): Nonsense, Imhotep. Any fool can see that you no longer enjoy yourself.

              Me (abashed): I have no wish to burden your Grace with my problems. Nor do I wish to imply that I do not enjoy the pleasure of your company.

              Queen Cleopatra (gently): Imhotep, this has been, what, your third reincarnation with me on Regent level? Clearly, it no longers poses a challenge for you. My dear Imhotep, you thrive on a challenge. Perhaps now is the time to attempt Monarch?

              Me (alarmed): My Queen, who would take care of running the Empire? Who would take care of you?

              Queen Cleopatra (mildly rebuking): Imhotep, you treat me as a child, yet I am almost 6000 years old. Though truth be known, it has been your wise governance that has allowed me to ignore the workings of my realm and indulge my passions. But now the path is clear to me. You must move on, and I must assume control of Egypt. You have placed us in an enviable position of world power. I would be hard pressed to ruin that. (With that, she gave a wan smile).

              Me (cautiously excited): What will I do without you, my Queen? And for that matter, what would I do without you? Thank you.

              Queen Cleopatra (gently): I have no doubt you will take care of the new Me in the new World you will find yourself in. Goodbye, Imhotep, I thank you for your exemplary service. And know that you will always have a home here, by my side.

              What more could I say? I rose and prepared to load a new game. My pulse quickened at the prospects of new lands to explore, new challenges to overcome. I strode from the veranda, a smile spreading across my face.

              THE END.
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                What can I say? Great story! I sincerely hope you write down your next games too. And maybe you can add some screenies then - this would make the reading experience even more enoyable.


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                  Excellent story, HF-O! I'm looking forward to your adventures with the Monarch Queen!


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                    Definitely keep writing if you can, I know every once in a while in my current game I just want to play, not take notes. But its fun anyway. Next story add screenshots if you can, they make it a good deal more fun. Its cool to see visuals of other peoples conquests! Or defeats. Congrats on a job well done! BTW, how did you get everyone to declare peace and except the pollution measures? Or did you just make that up for the story?
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                      very very nice story Hawaii! =)

                      I give a big thumbs up!!



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                        As always, thanks for the kind comments!

                        Barfus, the "I got the Leaders to accept peace" thing was dramatic license.

                        I was revving up to launch as sneak attack on Japan when I achieved a Cultural Victory.

                        I translated my victory into the story, so it would make a little sense.

                        Sorry for any confusion...


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                          well, i thought that was a tremendously good story. lets have another!


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                            I figured it was license. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't some hidden feature of the UN I hadnt been using. Again, great story. Definitely do another.
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                            I cant think of anything else intelligent...except, check out my alternate history page:
                            Roma Invicta


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                              HF-O, man, you really know how to make a good story!! I only got to read this one once it was finished, and I'm glad it happened like that...wouldn't have wanted to be waiting for those sequels

                              great ending too! you almost hade me go all emotional there for a moment

                              good luck on your next games, feel free to post more about 'em !!
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                              what the ...?!? that was only luck!!


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                                One word: "Bravo!"