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    Hey all, this is my new story. if you have read my other one, this follows the same empire, Germany, in the same game. Only the thing is, this story never happened... im making just about every bit of it up. The only parts that aren't made up is the history, which i have not really gotten into because this story is actually set about 80-100 years in the future of where i actually am in the game! Hope you enjoy.

    Chapter 1
    The War Begins...

    Bismark sighed as he read the latest reports. A massive build up of Celtic infantry, artillery and tanks were poised on Germany’s western border. Portuguese forces, including their modern tanks, though still vastly inferior to German ones, infantry and rocket artillery where ready to assault the eastern border. The Central Sea, Germany’s northern border, had divulged a massive Spanish armada laden with landing craft. In years since the end of the Age of War, a brutal age over 200 years of constant power struggles, intense conflicts, and violent revolutions, Germany was the only remaining Democratic power. Every other country was either Fascist or Communist, with the latter contained to the Zulu. Carthage, the last nation other than Germany to ever have elections, even though they were only a republic, was long since carved up and divided between Persia and Arabia. The United Nations had finally ended the Age of War, seemingly bringing all the nations to bargaining tables, instead of battle fields. 50 years of peace had broken out over the world, and Germany continued to flourish. Since the conquest of the Netherlands, and the short wars with Portugal, Celtica, Arabia, and Babylon, Germany was the richest and most advanced nation in the world. All this did was too illicit even more jealousy from the world who already resented Germany for its size. Finally that jealousy would manifest itself. “Get me Henry, Brennus, and Isabella on the video conferencing ASAP,” he managed to his secretary. “Yes sir.”
    The conference was scheduled for noon, Berlin time, an hour away. “Good,” the German Chancellor thought to himself, “That gives me time to talk with Frederick.”

    The military advisor to the German Empire strode into Bismark’s presence in less than 20 minutes. “Welcome Frederick, I assume you have been briefed on the situation...”

    Frederick saluted and spoke, “Yes sir, we are in quite a spot sir, have you met with any of the respected leaders?”

    Bismark solemnly shook his head, “No, the meeting is scheduled for 12 though.”

    “Then all we have to do is tell them to withdraw or face annihilation, it’s that simple.”

    Bismark frowned, “No it isn’t, the world is jealous of Germany’s glory, But right now, these three are the only ones who have made any actions. They want to end German prosperity,” Bismark hesitated on the next words, “if not the entire German race.”

    “Should we strike pre...” Frederick was cut off by the intercom on Bismark’s desk.

    “Sir, I know im not supposed to bother you during a conference, but we have an urgent video conference request from Cleopatra.” The secretary blurted, obviously hoping that the fact it was from Cleopatra would keep her from feeling the Chancellor’s wrath.

    “Fine, set up the connection.” Bismark sighed.... what news would he hear now?

    In moments the soft face of Cleopatra filled the screen on the opposite wall. “Greetings Cleopatra. How are things in Egypt?” Bismark asked, trying to sound as casual as possible, the truth was that Bismark knew how bad things were in Egypt. They had been all but conquered by Persia during the Age of War, and they had never recovered, even with German aid.

    “No time for pleasantries Bismark.” Her frankness surprised and almost startled Bismark. “I am sure that you are aware of the armies of Portugal, the Celts, and Spain encroaching on your land?” Bismark simply nodded. “Well, you are going to come under attack at noon today, if you aren’t near a clock, that is in less than thirty minutes.” Bismark was obviously rattled. “But I have worse news than that, it is not only those three who will be attacking you. EVERY nation of the world will declare war on you at noon today!”

    Bismark’s head fell forward, as his heart sank, finally he brought himself to speak, “You too, Cleopatra?”

    “That was the original plan, yes. But I am not going to turn my back on you, my army will land on your shores but we will aid you in your defense.”

    “Hmm... what about your borders with Persia and Babylon, won’t they attack you when the realize that you aren’t on their team?”

    “They would if they would have an army here. Bismark, every nation is throwing everything they have at you. The only troops left behind are the bare minimums for a defense. I will leave a small army of about 100,000 men here in Egypt, under cover of course, and will attack Persia at 2 this evening. Egypt wishes to reclaim her glory.”

    Bismark thought about it, and realized that this plan may work, “I assume Persia is behind this.”

    “As usual, you assume right. They can’t stand to share the spotlight, let alone be upstaged by, as Xerxes said, ‘a band of barbaric neanderthals.’ ”

    “Humph... figures. Ok, is there anything Germany can do to aid you? I know, you still have only Jet fighters and Jet bombers... How would you like to know the secrets of stealth technology?”

    Cleopatra was apparently at a loss for words, “That is quite generous of you. Thank you.” With that, the screen went blank.

    Bismark smiled despite the situation, finally turning to Frederick. “Okay, get our entire navy ready to intercept enemy invasion forces in all waters. Get our planes ready to pound the main three ground attackers. And get our entire supply of cruise missiles ready to fire....” Bismark had hoped he would never have to give the following order, “and clear for the launch of our nuclear stockpile.”

    Frederick sighed, “Yes sir. For the Fatherland.” Frederick hurried from the room.

    At precisely 12 o’clock, a three-way split image lit up the video conference screen. Brennus, Henry, and Isabella each had their own piece of the split scree, and smiled condescendingly at Bismark. Bismark trembled from barely contained rage. “Why?” he stammered, glaring at his enemies.

    “Bismark, you have gathered quite an empire over the years, and we think it is time that we have a share of it.” Henry, the leader of Portugal said.

    Brennus, the ‘president’ of the Celts, spoke, “We will refuse to sit by any longer while you try to swallow up the entire continent through your out-dated, capitalistic ways.”

    Isabella, Queen of Spain spoke up, “In short Bismark, Fu*k you and your Empire.” This brought a chorus of laughs from the other leaders.

    “Look at this Bismark.” Henry began rolling a live video of his army already shelling, bombing, and attacking the German border. An aid appeared next to Bismark and whispered in his ear. A smile crossed Bismark’s face despite the situation.

    “I suggest you continue to watch, you *******.” Bismark said, sneering. As he finished his sound, the faint whistling of falling bombs could be heard on Henry’s live feed. The world for many of the soldiers beyond the main focus ended as thousands of 500 pound bombs fell on them from unseen and unheard German stealth bombers. Henry watched in horror, and it was soon apparent that Brennus and Isabella received similar news. Bismark stood with a flourish and spoke to his enemies, “YOU ARROGANT FOOLS! YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN DEFEAT GERMANY? GERMANY WILL ALWAYS BE! UNTIL THE END OF TIME GERMANY WILL STAND!” The screen went dark and shattered into a million pieces when Bismark threw the closest thing in reach, a 2 pound paper-weight, at the screen.

    Frederick returned to Bismark’s office about an hour after the video conversation. “Sir, despite or best efforts Portugal has captured Lourenco Marques and are headed towards Leiria. The Celts have taken New Hamburg. Spain has bombarded much of New Konigsberg into oblivion. Our navy has been all but destroyed. Arabic forces have landed outside of Eindhoven. The Zulu have landed just north of them at Delft. Persia has taken Coventry, and are assaulting New Heidelberg, Cacela, and Norwich. A combined Babylonian-Sumerian force has landed and is attacking Reading and Salzburg. The Egyptian relief force, however, has landed at Munich, under the guise that they are attacking the city. Also, the small army that Egypt kept in their homeland is gearing up for their attack on Persia. Our tanks and artillery are still not yet in position to counter the onslaught.”

    Bismark’s head hung so low Frederick wouldn’t have been surprised if it was resting on the great mahogany desk. “This is going to be a rough war.” He finally stammered.
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    I wouldn't trust the Egyptians. Bismark just parted the sea to let them come the way they shouldn't have. But Bismark is pretty tough, especially when dueling monitors so he might somehow hold out. Sounds like he has a lot of stealth bombers. Okay, let the fight go on!
    Here is an interesting scenario to check out. The Vietnam war is cool.


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      i made Egypt help Germany because through out history they have been close nations. I even gave them the tech Replacable Parts, so the could build infantry and artillery, so that they could stop Persia from rolling over them.
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        i probably wont post another chapter for a while. im having a serious case of writers block, plus im getting sick. But trust me.. i will complete this story.. eventually.
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          that be a shame old chap

          hope you get some time to play a bit of civ and wash that block away
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            hey guys... just letting you know this story is NOT dead! In fact.. ive got the general point of ch 2 worked out in my head.... but ive been SOOO busy this week... ive had to go straight to work from school.... then what 2-3 hours i get at home, ive spent helping my gf on a term paper shes working on... look for ch2 to be up possibly this weekend.. definatley by mid- next week! l8er all.
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              Chapter 2

              i know, i know... slightly overdue... been busy, plus my internet has been messing up. but better late than never right? well... i FINALY present chapter 2....

              Chapter 2

              Planning, History, and More Planning...
              The first week of the war was sheer hell for Germany. The Portuguese, had captured Leiria, and with it the Hoover Dam, and pushed to Cologne and Brandenburg, but for the moment the cities were holding firm. The Spanish armada had reduced much New Konigsberg to rubble, but when they tried to capture the city, Germany jets sank most of the lading craft, with mobile infantry and TOW infantry finishing off what landed. However, the Spanish fleet sank the entire German Central Sea Armada. The Celts had pushed to the land bridge separating the Celts from Germany and were besieging Frankfurt, which was strategically important due to its canal, linking the Western Ocean to the Central Sea. Arabia, supported by the Zulu, had a ever growing foothold in the former Netherlands, and Persia had a foothold in ancient England. The massive naval landing by Persia was unprecedented, over 1 million men were in landing craft, making their way for Germany. Bismark, realizing that the Persians were the greatest threat, ordered half of Germany’s Eastern Coast Luftwaffe to attack the crafts. Despite gallant attacks and dogfights, 3/4 of the invasion force landed. Within hours, Persian marines had seized Coventry and New Heidelberg. A combined Babylonian-Sumerian landing had captured Reading and was moving North towards Salzburg. Egypt, now Germany’s ally, moved its forces that were in Munich south to aid in the defense against the Babylonians and Sumerians. By the end of the first day, the whole world knew of Egypt’s true loyalties. Emperor Xerxes or Persia went into a murderous rage when he heard the Egypt had attacked Persia and liberated Thebes.

              Bismark awoke on the 8th day of the conflict to an urgent conferencing request from Cleopatra. “Good morning Cleopatra.”

              “Bismark, it may be 5am in Berlin, but it is still 11:30 in the evening here in Pi-Ramesses.”

              “Oh yeas, of course. And that reminds me... when do you plan on moving your capital back to Thebes? Im sure the people would love it, especially after being in tyrannical Persian hands for 17 years.”

              “Yes, it would be a boost to moral, but it has to wait until after the war. We can’t afford to move the entire cabinet there and then the city fall again. What have you heard from the fronts?”

              “Well... The Portuguese are attacking Brandenburg with renewed ferocity. They seem to be concentrating more on it than Cologne. We have some of our Leopard Tanks ready to counter-attack, they will be supported by jet fighters and some elite marine forces. Our stealth fighters sank a Spanish aircraft carrier, the ‘Toledo’, at about 3 this morning, significantly reducing their air power in the north. The Celts are bottlenecked at Frankfurt and are under constant shelling. Hengest’s 4th Army is preparing to attack them in a few hours. The Arab-Zulu armies are making a bit of progress, but that can be expected, it is a massive front and we only have Richtofen’s 7th spread out trying to slow them. The Sumerians and Babylonians have been halted about 90 miles south of Salzburg but are attempting to break out...” Bismark sighed, hating the words he was about to say. “And Persia... well, they have defeated the 23rd Leopard tank detachment at London, the ancient English capital is theirs.”

              “Bismark, I have more news about Persia. We intercepted a communique a few hours ago from the Persian Supreme General, in Coventry, directly to Emperor Xerxes. They plan to send 200,000 men back home..” Cleopatra aged 20 years in seconds, “.. To fight against Egypt.”

              “Like hell they will! They’ll never make it! Even though most of our surface navy has been destroyed, we still have a huge nuclear submarine fleet, and we doubled their presence behind the Persian beaches just 2 days ago. Also...” Bismark pushed a button on his desk and an aid appeared in the doorway “ Get a hold of Supreme General Rommel, tell him to double our jet fighters we have strafing Persian ships. In fact, add another Stealth bomber squadron as well.”

              “Thank you so much.” Cleopatra appeared truly relieved.

              “Cleopatra? Are you only going to re-establish Egypt’s former lands or will you annex parts o Persia?”

              “You act like the war is already won. This is going to be a truly epic and horrific war. This will decide the fate of the world for years to come. It will end with either collapsed German and Egyptian Empires, or with the world ruled by us only.”

              “I do not wish to conquer the world. I merely want to show that Germany will not be defeated... ever.”

              “Do you not realize that even if we win they will rebuild! They will! And when they are powerful again, they will attack again!”

              Bismark sighed heavily and nodded. “Yes, im certain of that too. But I am also aware of the strained relations in their alliance. Persia disagrees with Arabis, Sumeria is at odds with Zululand and Babylon, and by damn, they are strong enough to take them... hell, they already did once, remember? Back in the 70s and 80s? Sumeria invaded the Zulu and easily crushed their pathetic defenses. Then moved south, into Babylon. Babylon lasted what? 4 years?”

              Cleopatra nodded. “Yes, and Persia had completely pushed Egypt off the continent 50 years earlier. But we did’t make it easy for them.”

              Bismark laughed for what seemed the first time in eternity. “Indeed you did. Then Persia attack our colonies in the unclaimed lands of the ancient Ottoman Empire. Morons... We invaded and liberated all Egypt, and handed it back over to you. 7 years of combat for Egypt. After liberating Egypt, we... well, there is no nice way to put this,.. We invaded Sumeria, and reinstated the Babylonian and Zulu governments.”

              “As democracies.” Cleopatra added.

              “Yes, but the people were so used to totalitarianism, that the governments fell in less than a year, with the help of Persia of course. And Germany was again left as the last Democracy. Then you came to power.”

              Cleopatra smiled and nodded. “Yep, 1989 was a good year. Fascism fell in Egypt and the Egyptian Democracy was born. Then Persia invaded again and pushed all the way back to Thebes. I was about to leave the..” A buzz in the background interrupted her. “Hold on Bismark.”

              “Take your time.” Bismark said, dismissively waving his hand. A buzzer soon interrupted him as well. It was his secretary. “Yes? What is it?”

              “Supreme commander Rommel to see you sir.” came the sweet voice of the red haired secretary, obviously of English descent.

              “Send him in.” Seconds later, the impressive figure of Erwin Rommel filled the doorway and crisply saluted the German Chancellor.

              “Sir, I have bad news.”

              “Like I expected anything else.”

              “Celtic bombers destroyed the harbor openings in the Frankfurt canal, several ships are moored and are sitting ducks, we’ve already lost a cruiser. And Portuguese stealth bombers hit the military academy in Stuttgart.” Rommel suddenly didn’t seem very at-ease with what he had to say next. “And sir, Brandenburg has fallen, Horsa’s 5th army was forced to retreat south to Cologne. However, some marines have been left behind to lead a guerilla war in the city and hopefully disrupt their supply lines and facilitate our counter attack at the city. The Arabs and Zulu seem to be reorganizing themselves right now. But they expected to make a move for Amsterdam in a day or so.”

              Bismark was silent for a moment, contemplating all the moves that needed to be made. “Hmm.. Sounds like we are about ready to implement Operation: Eagle. What do you think?”

              Rommel nodded. “Yes sir. I agree.”
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                Ah, rob, I see you have yet another good story in the works! Any more goods forthcoming on this one?

                And rob, no need to worry about being late. Write at your leisure. It's all about having fun. If we get another update, we'd be glad, if not, that's ok, I can certainly understand writers' block all too well.
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                  thanks much vovan. this is gonna be a long story hopefully. im beginning chapter 3 now... once i get started on this story.. it wont let me go! lol. well l8er all
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                    thanks mate
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                      Chapter 3

                      hey all... after much struggling, i have overcome a severe case of writers block and i now present chapter 3 of Germany Falling...

                      Chapter 3

                      OPERATION: EAGLE

                      “We are locked on. Target confirmed. Preparing to drop.” The pilot of the stealth bomber went though the normal list of commands and sequences required to drop several tons of high explosives on his enemy. He looked out over the horizon and saw only inky blackness except for the few fires the Portuguese left unattended. Looking side-to-side he couldn’t even see his fellow bombers, yet he knew they were there. The low-profile design of the plane and the pitch black color made it virtually invisible a night. He was on the point of this areal spear, consisting of 100 bombers preparing to strike the Portuguese HQ in Leiria. It had been less than 5 hours since the fall of Brandenburg and the order had come. Ever German pilot in the Luftwaffe had been training for days for this, the largest areal attack in history. Every bomber in Germany’s arsenal was called into action, even the old prop bombers such as the Junkers 88 and Stukas. But Portugal wasn’t the only target. Every front line would be hit and every enemy capital would be bombed. Stealths based in Egypt would hit the Sumerian, Zulu, Arab, Babylonian, and Persian capitals. Others in Germany would hit the Celtic, Spanish, and Portuguese capitals. And still more bombers would hit their armies’ main bases of operation. For this pilot, he was sent to bomb the Portuguese base.

                      “Dropping in 5.... 4... 3... 2... bombs away.”

                      The Vengeance guided bombs fell by the dozens from the bottom of the plane. Each one falling over 50 feet before the guidance system would kick in. Over 3 tons of modern conventional weaponry screeched towards the unsuspecting invaders. In the time from the drop and the hit the planes had enough time to turn around and begin heading home, however their orders had them stay and confirm the hits. The seconds passed like hours until finally.... the entire Portuguese base disappeared in a white-hot flash. A few bombers had been ordered to hit secondary targets such as the barracks, the rail station, and the airfield, all of which went up in the same manner as the main base only seconds later.

                      “Direct hit! We have confirmation! All intended targets destroyed!” The pilot was so filled with pride and adrenaline that he never saw the tracer following behind the anti-air missile that was streaking towards his plane. The plane was hit perfectly in the underside, blowing a whole all the way through, ripping the entire rear of the plane away, sending the remains towards the earth. The fire spread quickly through the cockpit, searing pain was racing through the pilots body, with only one thing running through his mind... survive. After a second of instinctual thrashing around his training kicked in. He reached to his side and hit the eject button with all his might. He was torn away from the twisted wreckage so quickly that even the fire on his pants leg was put out. He knew he was hurt, and that walking would be a terrible experience, but he was alive... he thanked God that he was still alive.

                      As the pilot fell to earth, slowed by the auto-deployed parachute, he finally began taking in the scene around him. His fellow bombers were being decimated just as he was. AA missiles flew through the air, sometimes hitting an already free falling plane. He could see other pilots hanging in the air by parachutes. At least 20 in the same situation as he. He was almost entranced by the horrific spectacle that was modern warfare. As the trees came into few below him he was jarred back to reality. “Dammit, im still in Portuguese occupied territory aren’t I?” he thought. He hit the tree branch hard sending more pain into his already burned legs. The seat caught on the branch and he sat there almost as if the seat was made for the tree. But it wasn’t, slowly his weight bent and buckled the small branch and again he fell, quickly this time as the parachute was resting in the tree top. He didn’t have far to fall however. The ropes holding the seat to the chute quickly went tight and he swayed in the air hanging from the tree like a pendulum. He realized he was still at least 20 feet in the air. He made a hard call and he released his seat belt. He hit the earth hard on his right knee, twisting it sideways. Walking would be almost impossible now. He cried out to the night in pain and in anger. And then he blacked out.

                      He came around in a very uncomfortable position. His head was on his severely twisted knee, with the bottom portion of that leg bent out at a perfect right angle away from him, his left arm was tucked tightly under him, and as he came fully aware, he realized how tightly. A searing pain shot up his arm and into his neck, he was pinching off some nerves. He flung himself back and lay there in the grass staring at the sky. It was daytime, at least 10 in the morning, but he didn’t care. He only wanted to be home.

                      Suddenly he heard gunfire. It came from his right and was growing in number and intensity every second. He grabbed his pistol from his hip and pulled back the slide, ready to fire if the enemy found him. As he looked around though, taking in his surroundings he noticed he lucked out on where he landed. He was in the center of a small clearing not 10 feet wide surrounded by tall shrubs and trees. He moved slowly, ever so slowly to th closest edge and spread the bushes so he could see.

                      He saw black, flaming metal, bodies and more flaming metal. The crew of a stealth didn’t make it out in time and were hanging out the shattered canopy of what remained of the plane. Then he saw the source of the gunfire. Some German pilots were taking cover behind a large tree across the road and were being shot at by some Portuguese troops farther up the road. From what he could see, there where 5 pilots and only 2 Portuguese. However the Portuguese had them pinned down with their automatic rifles, compared to only the handguns of the Germans. The pilot raised his pistol and aimed at the head of one of the Portuguese. The bullet slammed into the tree next to the enemy sending splinters flying and the Portuguese into cover. The surprised German pilots snapped their heads in his direction and instantly recognized him as their own. The pilot continued to fire every few seconds, keeping the enemy pinned while another 3 Germans moved through the woods to outflank them. 3 bullets... 2 bullets... 1 bullet... he was empty. He began reloading but the Portuguese knew he was empty and popped up to press their advantage. However, the 2 Germans who remained behind the tree still had fresh clips and both fired in unison. One enemy was thrown back 3 feet as several rounds slammed into his chest. The Germans continued firing, allowing time for their comrades to out flank the enemy. After a few more rounds it was done, the ‘missing’ 3 Germans reappeared on the last Portuguese soldier’s right and fired at virtually point blank range into his side, neck and head. The skirmish was won and the Germans would live for a little while longer. The 5 other pilots ran over to look over their wounded friend after scavenging what weapons and ammo they could from the dead enemies.
                      The pilot recognized them immediately. Heinrich, Walther, Johann, Christoph, and Hermann. All buddies from the academy, all close friends, all still alive. Johann spoke, “Wilhelm! What the hell happened to you!? You look like you survived a plane crash! Or perhaps didn’t!” He could always find some humor in any situation. Hermann knelt close. “Wilhelm, almost every plane was lost. I’ve been listening to radio chatter all morning... it’s the same thing all over the world. Everyone knew of Operation: Eagle. Someone leaked the information out to the enemy. The Operation is a complete failure. The worst military disaster in German history. We have lost control of the skies, and our enemies know it. But for us it’s even worse. We are still in Leiria. The Portuguese are looking for survivors and are executing any they find. We have to move... can you walk?”

                      Wilhelm was in a state of shock nothing compared to. The mission was a failure. He was behind enemy lines, wounded, and dazed, he doubted he would live to see the next day. “I don’t know... someone help me...” Walther and Heinrich came on either side of him and lifted him up. The world began to spin. “Put me down! I’m dizz... diz..di..” Wilhelm fell from his friends’ arms face first into the soft dirt. Unconsciousness slowly creeping back onto him. His last conscious thoughts were of his beautiful wife, Brittany, back home in Munich, and his four kids. Tears formed in his eyes as he thought about leaving them forever. How he loved them. He would have given anything to be in his wife’s arms again. Anything. Her soft face filled his mind’s eye as he again succumbed to unconsciousness.
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                        where is everyone? over a week and no comments? c'mon ppl....
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                          rob- I know, it's sad and discouraging when no one writes in- the stories section is a vast wasteland nowadays.

                          the main benefit in writing is to pleasure yourself and improve/craft your style.

                          However it does help when people give feedback because it makes people feel wanted.

                          I would make comments now, but I don't really have time to read the tale yet, but I'll bump this for you and wish you the best of luck.

                          And by the way, if you didn't notice, your first tale was nominated in the Stories Contest thread, so obviously someone appreciates your work!
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                            indeed we do Rob, indeed we do.

                            and we want more....

                            you have a thirsty audience matey

                            "on behalf of all the lurkers, bring it on !!!!"

                            I enjoy your style
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                              Good story, nice buildup. Interesting to see how Operation Eagle was compromised...

                              Quote:"He who has not learned to obey cannot be a great leader."