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Who Has the Game Save? Part II

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  • So we are 'all systems go'?
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    • Great news

      Oh, and we need to close this thread and start a new one.


      • New Thread Started

        Let's Roll.


        • Sorry, there's a little something called school, which I have to tend to every so often.

          The save file has been fixed. RP can continue the game with the save that Gramphos put up (280 AD).
          Whoo hoo! Let's get this party rolling again!
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          • Re: patch 1.27

            Originally posted by Zayxus

            Long time ago I asked. (10-08-2003)
            The answer was:
            Zayxus, don't ever believe Panag again

            Yes, you can play 1.27f saves with 1.21f, AFAIK without a problem, though some bugs from 1.21 were solved in 1.27. However, don't use 1.14f
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            • The turn needs to be replayed by RP. It was a turn that we had already played and sent on that was edited by gramphos. Togas or Arnelos should be around to play it soon. We will play it exactly as we played it before and we expect the other teams to do likewise.


              • So, my fix did the trick? Then I guess I can focus on exams from now on and one week ahead.
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                • Originally posted by Gramphos
                  So, my fix did the trick? Then I guess I can focus on exams from now on and one week ahead.
                  OK but what I still don't understand is if it was simply a matter of playing the save with 1.14, why did we need Gramphos to fix it? Wouldn't simply replaying the turn, from the last OK save, with the correct vesrion have done it.

                  (Gramphos - not trying to downplay your contribution, which is MUCH appreciated, just trying to understand WHAT the problem was and WHY the fix was not simpler.)
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