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  • Thank you m'lord, preferences pmed.
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    • argh. i have a problem with the map : seems like whenever i add those starting units (4 settlers + 3 workers) somehow all UU's are enabled to all civs #% before adding them, all is fine.

      I'll go and investigate. Otherwise i would have sent it out already without this problem. I hope i'll solve it quickly. Must have done something wrong (like i said, i'm not the most experienced map makes around, so bare with me )


      • ah, everything works now (i hope)

        3950 bc sent to Andydog of Kiwis


        • General Info: all civ attributes and leader names were set according to the PM sent me by Andydog.

          Passwords you PM'ed me were set at 4000 BC, so the 4000 BC turn is skipped and you begin the game at 3950 BC.

          Everyone should have 3 traits and thus 3 starting techs + ability to build only one UU of their choise. Please check this in 1st turn. (e.g. people that have BW should NOT be able to build Hoplites )

          Everyone ended up choosing a different UU, so i based the civs according to the UU to avoid plenty of extra work in the editor. e.g. Krill chose the Cossack, thus his city names will be based on Russian names, even his civ name is Rome. (Mad Pleb Krill of Romans) Just rename the cities to whatever each one wishes, if you dislike the original names.

          There IS huts on the map - placed by RNG - each player has similar amount of huts in his island or small islands next to it.

          Yes, there is some amount of small islands next to most of the continents, they were drawn there by RNG and i left them there. They are of no importance but give the map bit more 'realism'

          Starting positions were selected by RNG, i just checked that they were either next to coast or maximum of 2 tiles from the coast. Same thing for rivers. I also checked that nobody has very bad or very good starting position. Some may seem bad, but better land e.g. wheat is only few tiles away. Or some may seem very good, but in balance, your surrounding terrain is not as good.

          Map was mostly drawn by RNG, i just made sure all 5 continents were separated by at least 3 ocean tiles and had roughly the same potential.
          Also made sure that everyone has one of each strat resource and 3 lux, roughly same amount.

          /edit: i just cant type a sentence without 5 typos


          • conqueror, i wanted to thank you one more time for your efforts, i'm sure this is a great map and i'll probably regret having withdrawn!

            to all others: i recommend you all start a new thread for the tracker information. this one is not accurate - neither the title, nor the thread starter
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            • Conqueror, what can I say! You're a legend!

              Welcome Khannal, thanks for joining us and don't worry about your playing level for single player, pbem is a whole different kettle of fish!

              The new tracker thread has been started here.

              And now let out Edens take shape!


              • Nice!
                The Best Multiplayer Game Ever