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Building a better Civ4

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  • Building a better Civ4

    It's going to happen..let's talk about what we want.

    1. Technology
    More techs, fewer dead-ends, no "speedbumps".
    Philosophy gives you a tech (I miss that).
    Multiple branches = multiple strategies = good.

    2. Units
    Needs small boats (carry 1, moves 2) and Dreadnoughts.
    Air power for fighter, bomber, and transport roles.

    3. Building!
    More stuff...few options during some ages now.

    4. AI
    People think the AI is tough now? Santiago (of the Spartans) would practically attack on sight in SMAC. The AIs new a more military agressive game in the beginning (they never seem to attack) and a better "bring down the leader" idea actually better done in Civ2.

    5. From SMAC - the Weapons Lab
    Allow units attributes...Infantry could be trained in Infiltration (+25% to cities), Paratrooping, Marine Invasion, Urban Pacification (supress Resistors and Unhappy people) etc. Maybe some could carry a Cruiser Missile, have a viewing range of 3 (forward observers), or enhaced Attack/Defense.

    6. Real Nukes
    I'm thinking Fission Ponds from SMAC - use a nuke - this city is reported missing!

    7. Keep Corruption
    But...allow smaller Palace-effects with Bureaucracy (2nd age), Constution(3rd Age), Media (4th Age)
    We are all beta testers...can't wait for the finished version.

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    It's not going to happen in the foreseeable future and before it does, we'll prolly see an expansion pack for the current game.

    Now about your ideas...
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      Sorry....nothing to say!


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        Originally posted by MonsterMan
        It's not going to happen in the foreseeable future and before it does, we'll prolly see an expansion pack for the current game.

        Now about your ideas...
        Bingo! Give that man a seegar!

        You'll get your new units, techs, and possibly a few new wonders mixed in for good measure, but as Monster said, you'll get them in the form of an expansion pack.

        I would be shocked to even hear rumors of an eventual release of Civ IV before Firaxis has had a chance to lay a few expansion packs on us first, just as Maxis has done with great success with their Sims franchise.
        ...gonna shoot me some lobster-backs


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          Originally posted by Minuteman
          Bingo! Give that man a seegar!
          Don't tempt me, I've been clean for 4 days

          What saddens me the most is that so many cry out for expansion packs without giving the editor a go. There are so many ways to be inventive.
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            well this isn't going anywhere, but it is important.

            They need to take a cue from RPG programmers. The game needs to be more open ended.

            I think it is terrible their only concern with this game was to make it simpler to give the ai a chance. Sure challenge is important, but not the only reason I stop playing a game. Civ2 was challenging enough for me, and I'm sure for many average gamers (maybe not for some of you guys- but for average gamers). I stopped playing civ2 because eventually I get tired of the same gameplay.

            Because even a great game like civ2, I end up doing the same things over and over. But of course putting in too many options may not work (ala ctp2). But that is because all the crap they put in wasn't well thought out.

            There should be many more things to do in this game. But there aren't. And it's a shame.