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  • Transfer Units??

    Does anyone know how you can (or if its possible to) transfer units to another civ. Problem: I want to help out my allied civ from invasion, but I dont want to become involved in the war myself. I also dont want to give my ally the tech it needs to defend itself, so i was wondering if theres any way to transfer units to them? That why they could have the UNITS they need, just not the tech to create them, and I stay out of the war. If anyone has any idea I'd appreciate it. If its not anywhere near possible I'd like to know too.

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    Sorry, it's not anywhere near possible!!
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      Find a CivIV wishlist thread ...

      For your in-game situation, I suggest giving them the tech and a truckload of money.
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        You could sign a RoP with your temporary friend and put a lot of defenders along the line which its borders are next to the enemy - or better yet, along the borders of the enemy, if there's a lot of still unused terrain, so you can let your temporary friend build new cities and then strengthen (is this term right?) its position.