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    Hello everyone...I got the game for Christmas and have been practicing my do you guys hook up for a game online? Someone told me gamespy but that looked like it cost itching to lose to real for the help

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    Nope, you can get Gamespy for free. Just use the installer that comes with PTW or conquests (as vanilla Civ3 doesn't have multiplayer capabilities). It's the plus version of gamespy that costs money, but IMO it's not really worth the cost.


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      I have not been there, but I would think the MP forum here is a place to check out. You could get some games hosted privately.


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        If you're unfortunate enough to have my modem, it may turn out to be a pain (rockwell something ). Has this annoying habit of wiping out the connection outright
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          Watch gamespy around any malware software. Its often picked up as a spybot and deleting the detected files will mean a re-install

          I'm sure the Civ3 supplied software will be clear of these bots, but beware getting gamespys software from dodgy sources, as some bots may well be written into the code.

          Note that its NOT the original gamespy software creators who write these bots in. Unlike certain others I could mention.
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            One of the reasons I don't do online gaming that much any more.
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              launching civ 3 ptw in multiplayer mode take syou into the GS lobby. you can organsie via a chat progrma like ICQ, MSN or Yahoo to meet a t acertain time to play a friend etc.

              or you can do direct ip conenctions if you know the hosts ip addy...
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