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Emperor/complete military conquest

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  • Emperor/complete military conquest

    at 90% science I begin with Pottery->Warrior Code->Bronze Working->Iron Working and then I set my science to 0% and build swordsman while I'm archer rushing one or two Civs (which works to a tee). On the other hand I continue to play off the battered civs for techs and it works until they acquire riflemen. At this point I cannot create enough knights to cotend with the likes of them... I've done this about 4-5 times and everytime no matter what small adjustments I make, I fall short. I know there are other solutions but I still find that there is a way to work this, and if anyone has any helpful suggestions it would be appreciated.
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    why do you have knights?

    You should be using cavalry (which you get with Military tradition. Sorry if that is pattronizing).
    I rarely attack if the other civ has riflemen. I wait until tanks, via the ToE->Hoover beeline.

    You could also check the MUST READ section in the strategy forum here:
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      skuzzy post a save. You can take down rifles with calv armies. even infantry if they are in a town.