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Palace - To move or not to move

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  • Palace - To move or not to move

    After people have finished their initial expansion phase do they rebuild their palace in a more central location or does the time invloved make it not worth the effort?

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    I don't usually, the main reasons being that its easier to get the Forbidden Palace, and my old capital usually holds a sentimental value to me :*)
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      I can't remember the last time I move the palace.


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        Only on deity.

        I never can bare myself to do it, it's an emotional issue
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          Mostly I would build the FP and disband the initial city, but there are times you might use a leader to reposition your palace.


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            I move it in the case I have two realtively large continents (so I use the FP on the other), and my capital is not central enough on my first continent.

            read: if it affects corruption enought that its worth the effort...


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              The changes to the corruption model in c3c has rendered the old 'build FP in captured territory/another continent' less valuable.

              What do you do now? In civ3/ptw I usually left my old palace standing there, even if it was badly placed(small continent, remote location etc) as the FP would eventually give ma a second core better than my old core.
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                Its expensive to move, both in terms of shields and lost productivity of your "old core" waiting for the "new core" to come to life and bridge the productivity gap.

                oh, I'm weepy too about moving it, so I don't.
                Haven't been here for ages....


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                  I have done this before, but only after conquering my continent. My capitol was in a highly productive area to start, but on a coastline. As my civ expand peacefully, I needed to build the FP in a location close to my oppents boarders at one end of the contiinent, but it was only 12 spaces from my capitol. This gave me a good area of production for the early game.

                  After conquering my continent, the level of corruption in the new lands at the other end were making those cities virtually useless, even though they had the capablities to produce just as much as I had around my core.

                  Wishing to increase my overall Civilization production so as to wage war on a seperate continent, I moved my palace to the other end of my continent. This put my capital about 20 spaces from my FP.

                  I estimate that I lost about 12 shields total, but gained an additional 40.

                  The driving factor was that I needed to produce a large number of expensive units. The more cities I could have working on these units, the better.

                  I beleive that moving your capitol only works, if you are able to grow your empire in separate directions from your original capitol. You might also consider it if you start in a high food producing area, but low production, and you build or acquire cities in a high production area, but far away from your FP. Remember, that you do not lose food to corruption and settlers can be considered cheap later in the game.
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                    I tested the idea of moving the palace just recently with C3C. Of course, the merits of moving your palace are highly dependent on your map, and the layout of your cities...

                    But anyway, getting back to my palace was on a peninsula, to the SE of which was a large continent that I had conquered and REXed. The problem was that most of these cities were quite distant from my isolated peninsula capital. So I toyed with the idea of moving the palace to see what effect it would have.

                    Comparing my "before move" and "after move" save files, I found that "after move", I was making slightly less money than before. My game was in early industrial phases (RR building phase). I didn't delve any deeper into it than that. Probably later, once things were more developed around the new core, the overall benefit would have been better. Based on that (very limited) testing, I can't really draw any conclusion.

                    I still say it's highly map/city layout specific as to whether it would be beneficial or not. It took FOREVER to build that new palace!
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                      Thank you for your responses


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                        Thank you for your responses


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                          You can say that again.
                          I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


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                            Glad to see I'm not the only one reluctant to move the capital.

                            Sure that newly conquered land could support a new core of highly productive cities, but those formerly AI cities tend to be short of improvements - especially after I bombarded them.