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The Dark Years under Emperor Donegeal

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    The party in the Senate building starts as soon as the sun sets, as the party invites stated. After twenty-five years, the people and senators of Rome had learned that an invite (or even a side comment) made by Emperor Donegealus should be taken as an order with death as the only alternative. Too many people, including senators, had disappeared over the years for disobeying the Emperor
    From all over Rome the aristocracy arrives and begins to mingle. Emperor Donegealus greets the guests in the main audience chamber as they arrive. A Polyroman SS marks each name off a checklist as they are greeted. In only half an hour, all guests have been checked in. The Emperor promptly disappears to a backroom of the building.

    “Are they all here?” Donegealus asks.

    “They are, your majesty.” Replies a Polyroman Legionary.

    “Excellent.” Replies the Emperor as he makes his way to the balcony of the Senate building overlooking the great city of Rome.
    He stares out over the city. “We need a change. I fear the citizens of Rome are becoming complacent to my rule.” Donegealus peers out at the city. “Burn it. It has become old and weak. We need a new Rome. A Rome as hard as marble!” A Polyroman Legionary hesitates indistinguishably, then trots off to carry out Emperor Donegealus order. “And have the senate building locked. I don’t want any of our esteemed Senators getting upset at the loss of their property.” Another Legionary runs off to have this order carried out. Within five minutes, several areas of the city begin to smoke. Donegealus takes up position on the balcony to watch as the fire spreads. Large flames can be seen. The Emperor grins his devilish grin as his favorite personal lyre is played in the background.

    Back in the Senate audience chamber, the guest become alarmed as several Polyroman Legionaries take up positions at the doors. At one of the entrances, Emperor Donegealus walks in a cheerful mood. The crowd parts as he walks amongst the Senators.
    “Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears! We come not to praise me, but to bury the old Rome. As I speak, the city burns. It is weak! The War with the Celts is to far from our home and its populace has become complacent. You have become complacent! A change was needed for the good of the Empire, I have decided that that change was going to start right here!”

    A lone Senator emerges from the crowd and approaches the Emperor. “You are correct, Emperor Donegealus!” Senator Aquavian Lungarius states. “The empire does need a change, and that change needs to occur right here in the great city of Rome!”

    Emperor Donegealus smiles. Senator Aquavian Lungarius was the harshest opponent of Donegealus’s policies that was still alive. “Why Senator Aquavian Lungarius, I am glad to see that you are finally on the same page as the rest of us.”

    Aqualungus glares at Donegealus with contempt. “But the people of Rome have NOT become complacent. It is the Empire itself that has become corrupt!” A slight murmur passes through the guests at this open defiance of the Emperor.

    The Emperor turns and faces the crowd. “The empire is corrupt? I have made this place into what it is today! I have purged corruption where ever I have seen it!” He faces Aquavian Lungarius again and stares at him. “But it appears that there IS corruption right here in Rome.”

    Suddenly Aquavian Lungarius dives at Donegealus. In a brief instant, Donegealus sees that he has a dagger in his hand that had been smuggled past his Polyroman guards. It plunges into his gut.

    Several more figures emerge from the crowd. They all unsheathe daggers that were smuggled in. Donegealus turns toward one of the figures. Lord Nuclearus shoves his dagger into Donegealus stomach. He then feels three more daggers pierce his back. He staggers around to face them. Senators Joncnunnus, Roadamus the Cagey and Jagjef all have shocked looks on their faces and blood on their hands.

    Senators Platypus Rex, Chrisius Maximus, Ormuzd and Paddius of Rome all approach and thrust their daggers into the Emperor.
    Donegealus world spins. A final figure approaches. Emperor Donegealus eyes come into focus one last time.

    “Et tu, Skrobism?”

    Senator Skrobism pulls out his dagger, hesitates, then plunges it directly into Donegealus’s heart.

    Emperor Donegealus collapses to the floor and blood empties from his body.

    …And so ends the Dark Years under Emperor Donegealus.
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      oh good Lord... we have finally rid Rome of this menace...

      Rome, sweet glorious Rome... whatevr will become of our Rome now
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        Just because we have an alliance with Egypt against Carthage, doesn't mean we have to actually attack Carthage.

        Butl I guess the ongoing war with Egypt is the reason you weren't attacked, the Cartahge AI units all being on the Egyptain front.

        Good plan on the Infrimareies and Churches.

        And did the city from the Greeks that admired our culture get some high cultural buidings built? (To hopefully cause some more cities in Greece to flip)

        Hopefully the churches will allow a future emperor to drop luxaries to 0%.

        Originally posted by Donegeal

        Oh, and the cause for war with Carthage is an alliance with Egypt. I did not want to harm our reputation by breaking that alliance. However, it seems that it will expire in 3 turns so maybe use the city to take the two cites on either side (good producers for Carthage) and make peace, leaving us with 3 decent cities in the core of Carthage that are not going to be immediatly attacked.

        Another note on progress. The dyes at Wines to Dye for has been roaded. I was able to drop the luxury slider to 10%. We are currently making +707 gpt.

        We now have 15% of the land (up from 12 when I got the save) and 26% of the population (up from 24%). We need 20% and 50% respectively. I have built infirmaries in several core cities to try and help push that population percentage. They are building churches now to make sure their increased population remains happy.
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          Most of our Fire cats were not built by us. (Built as normal cats by the Carthigans in Spain, and were promptly upgraded to fire cats.)

          Originally posted by ChrisiusMaximus
          Good work Emporer good work indeed

          I agree about those fire cats useless against the celts but will do the job against those Macedonian Hoplites when the time comes
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          Templar Science Minister
          AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now. :mad:


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            Et tu Skrobism?

            I love it. That's a phrase that might be repeated through the ages.

            I loved the story and the game play doesn't sound too bad.

            The Emperor is dead! Long live the Emperor!
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              Rome is finally purged of the evil of Emperor Donegeal's reign.

              Yet we now see the return of the despot Modo, who shall in turn be followed by the esteemed Aquavian Lungarius. Blood shall continue to run....let us hope it is not Roman blood.
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