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Early Landing Comparison Game #4

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  • Early Landing Comparison Game #4

    Since it's starting to become a tradition, I will post the starts for comparison game #4 on a friday, too, to give players with busy lives one more weekend to fit in comparison game play.

    This time you will be playing as the Eqyptians, there will be a medium and a large map start, as in game #3. The deadline will be in 3 weeks, Sunday, May 18th.

    Rules used for Comparison Games

    a) The human player may not tip any huts. What’s a rule without an exception, so in the rare situation where a hut may block a player’s movement, the player must save the game, after which the hut is tipped enough times until it produces a military unit or a nomad, which must then be immediately disbanded. Huts appearing in a radius of any city can be destroyed without reaping any benefit by placing a citizen on the hut’s tile while in the city display.

    b) Since the game attempts to prevent caravan and freight re-homing, this exploit is not allowed. Any other ploy or exploit is allowed.

    c) As a minimum each player should provide a summary of their game, using the format provided with each game start. Each player is also encouraged to keep a chronological log of their game, listing significant events. The addition of details describing the game and strategic decisions made while playing it add interest, so doing this is very much encouraged. Once a game is completed, a short game summary and the optional log should be posted in the game’s thread. Attached to this post should be a save of the game made showing a completed ship or one on the way to Alpha Centauri.

    d) The player posting the best landing date before the deadline will be declared the winner of that game. If the date is the best so far attained in comparison games, it will become the new “official” record.

    Summary Format



    SSC stats
    size 8
    size 12
    size 21
    max. size

    Nuclear Power
    Space Flight

    Key civ contact

    AC arrival

    The table following each game will contain these stats. Of course, you may not end up building all wonders listed, or use all governments, so just keep track of dates relevant to your own game. More detailed logs and/or written accounts of games will be at the players' discretion. Add as little or as much as you want to the required summary.

    For those of you who are new to early landing games, here is a link to my strategy guide:

    The discussions and logs included in the threads of previous games also contain updates to and some improvements over the basic strategies presented in the guide.

    Below is the start for the medium map game. There is a suitable SSC site at (51,43):
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    And here's the large map start. Possible SSC sites are (48,88) and (50,92):
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      Re: Early Landing Comparison Game #4

      Originally posted by solo
      Attached to this post should be a save of the game made showing a completed ship or one on the way to Alpha Centauri.
      Can I post a save after launching instead of one turn before landing? Playing 36 turns is becoming a nightmare!

      (Obviously a player should be asked to play on if a rival civ was likely to land a faster ship or if the human player's capital was in danger.)


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          Thanks ... that will save a lot of time.


          "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
          "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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            Well i guess i wanted to see how much ive learnt and managed to assimilate so far...nows my chance. Count me in guys tho dont wait for any groundbreaking new strategies!

            Not..quite yet anyway....

            P.S one thing ive read a few logs and even tried to play a couple if turns but i find if ppl dont post the extact move of their units or placement of their workers on tiles its hard to follow EXACT step by step. In fact how would one verify anothers game to be 100%. Is their anyway without saving and posting every turns saved file?

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              Welcome Paradox,

              Logs may not provide every detail, but I know that by following the logs of the best OCC players, I learned a lot when first trying to play that way. Since there are not any foolproof ways to validate any game, we do not attempt to use logs for this purpose.

              Just make sure you enjoy playing your game!


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                Ty Solo

                I think i enjoy tooooo much Well so the other half always says
                "Some people are alive, simply because its against the law to kill them"

                "Freedom is not the right to do as you please, but the liberty to do as you ought"


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                  Early Landing Game #4 - medium map


                  2850 BC Two barbarian archers land next to Thebes.
                  2800 BC Brave warior in Thebes survives first attack but is killed by second; Thebes destroyed.
                  2550 BC Warior in Heliopolis killed by barbarian archer; Heliopolis destroyed.
                  2150 BC Elaphanitine founded.
                  2000 BC Barb archer returns to capture Elaphantine.

                  To sum up, I have 1 city and no palace. I have rampant corruption and waste. I have a barbarian city on my doorstep.

                  If I can land at all, I will be very pleased.

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                    To be honest you may as well just restart. Whilst replaying the start of #1 to try out some opening tweaks for later games the barbs landed pretty much as early as is possible and wiped my cap. I don't think there is anything you can do so early, and if you lose in this manner it is bad luck, not bad play.

                    Later on if you get done over by barbs because of choices you made not to defend then that is different, but as you describe it you may as well just restart IMO.


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                      At least you have not lost your SSC after devoting a large amount of time and energy, which can be even more devastating.

                      There's always the large map game. Fewer chances there of barb attacks, because they have to find you first.


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                        Originally posted by DrSpike
                        To be honest you may as well just restart.
                        I thought I'd carry on, just to see what happened - no hope of an early landing of course.

                        With all that corruption and waste there wasn't much point in growing my remaining city so I decided to spit out a few settlers. I had hopes of eventualy bribing back the barb city, but an Indian army appeared and destroyed it during a rather lengthy battle for control.

                        My cost of research was so high and my beakers so low that it was going to take about 20 turns just to complete researching Ceremonial Burial. I tried building a court house, but actually this took so long to build it didn't help much. While I was trying to recover I received 2 sneak attacks from the Romans so I decided to concentrate on eliminating them.

                        In AD 1842 the last Roman city fell to the Egyptian kingdom - a rather sprawling and ramshackle kingdom at that. My only wonder is the pyramids that I captured along with Rome. Still, I've got more that 170 turns left to get to Alpha Centuri.

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                          I have finished my medium map game with a landing date of 795 AD.

                          Since the home continent was a large one, I decided to use this game to experiment with the early Monarchy strategy. I expected to share this huge continent with a number of tribute-paying AI, which proved to be the case. So I went to Monarchy first, learning Bronze Working along the way, so that Trade could come as soon as possible after Monarchy. As in the previous game, the first wonder built was Marco Polo’s, and even though I had made contact with the key civ and another neighboring civ on turns preceding the completion of MPE, I felt that all of its benefits still made completing it worthwhile.

                          The next wonder built was the Hanging Gardens. Normally I don’t like building wonders that expire, especially when an off path tech such as Pottery is needed, too, but this wonder and the ability to build a granary seemed to suit the situation presented by this start. With the Hanging Gardens built in the SSC, it will celebrate during Monarchy, and if enough warriors are used for martial law in helpers, they will to. A celebrating Monarchy provides almost as many trade arrows as a Republic, allowing the faster research speed and better delivery payments of that higher form of government. Meanwhile, with 2 or 3 cheap warriors protecting every city, they were safer and it was easy to extract the maximum amount of tribute from the 4 AI sharing the home continent.

                          This arrangement seemed to combine the best features of both government types very well. The only thing lacking was the ability to celebrate the SSC up in size, but after building a granary as the first improvement in the SSC, its three food specials helped accelerate its growth up to size 8. By this time, the AI treasuries had been drained, so a shift was made to Republic to continue SSC growth, which was easy to maintain with the Shakespeare’s Theater and HG combination. Size 21 was reached in 1 AD. By this time all of the scientific wonders and improvements had been added, making SSC progress go even faster than in the previous 615 AD game.

                          Although the early part of this game went even better than the last one, the middle section did not go nearly as well, resulting in a later landing date.

                          Although it was very useful, MPE did not pay off as well as in the previous game. The AI hardly ever chose useful techs to research during this game, and some of the luck I had in the previous game such as with the English as a research partner was not repeated here. Even though all the AI were given Monarchy early on, none were able to learn Feudalism, let alone Chivalry, in time for trades, forcing me to acquire Warrior Code and Horseback Riding before learning these techs myself. Perhaps as an added insult, the Vikings learned Conscription on the very turn I learned it myself. Just one turn earlier and I could have traded for it, instead!

                          Another temporary problem I had was matching commodity supply and demand at the point in the game where gold was needed the most to develop the helpers and colonies. Having 4 AI on the same continent helped earlier in the game, but the lack of trading opportunities with the 2 overseas AI kept this game from entering the phase of accelerated trade quickly enough for a better landing date. This is the first EL comparison game where some SSC cargos had to be delivered to non-demanding cities. Trading with colonies went much better, but only after enough techs had been accumulated to make them start demanding oil.

                          A final problem in the second half of the game was some difficulty getting enough city science to secure an advance per turn. This was partly due to more off path techs than usual, one of which was Refrigeration, which I felt was needed to make this SSC competitive with the one in the previous game.

                          All in all, I was pretty satisfied with another solid sub-1000 AD game, and was encouraged enough by this experiment with early Monarchy to keep trying it in future games. It will be interesting to see how you others play this one, and what kinds of landing dates you can manage.

                          ELG #4, Medium Map Summary

                          Monarchy – 2250 b
                          Republic – 325 b
                          Democracy – 220 a

                          HG – 950 b
                          MPE – 1300 b
                          ST – 350 b
                          Colossus – 525 b
                          Copernicus – 225 b
                          Newton’s – 25 b
                          Darwin’s – 260 a
                          SETI – 640 a
                          Apollo – 720 a

                          Size 8 – 350 b
                          Size 12 – 200 b
                          Size 21 – 1 a
                          Max. size – 31 in 480 a

                          Key civ – 3050 b
                          Trade – 1500 b
                          Invention – 100 b
                          Railroad – 240 a
                          Automobile – 400 a
                          Nuclear Power – 600 a
                          Computers – 640 a
                          Flight – 640 a
                          Space Flight – 720 a
                          AC arrival – 795 a

                          Attached is the save made on the the turn of the launch. A detailed log will follow when it is ready.
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                            congratulations to another outstanding landing date. This map was hardly better than average. I am past automobile now and will have a pre millenium landing if nothing serious happens. I had a good game so far, but will certainly arrive later. I had the same early tech path to monarchy. Seems that good old monarchy gets its place after all.



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                              Thanks, Zenon. Yes, without huts, early Monarchy really seems to have a place in most games, especially if there are many AI on the home continent.

                              I've had some time to finish my log, so here it is:

                              Early Landing Comparison Game #4, Medium Map

                              BC Years

                              4000 Thebes
                              3850 Memphis
                              3750 Alphabet
                              3650 Mem – warrior
                              3400 Code of Laws, The – settlers
                              3250 The – warrior, Heliopolis
                              3050 The – warrior, contact Indians - peace, trade for Ceremonial Burial

                              An exploring Indian horseman that found me early.

                              3000 Mem – warrior
                              2850 The – warrior
                              2750 Bronze Working, Mem – warrior, Indians – give tech, Elephantine
                              2450 Hel – settlers, The – settlers
                              2250 Monarchy, Indians – give tech, 50g tribute
                              2200 Alexandria
                              2150 Pi-Rameses
                              2100 Ele – settlers
                              2050 Ale – warrior
                              1800 Currency, Hel – settlers
                              1750 The – settlers
                              1650 PiR – settlers
                              1600 Ale – settlers
                              1500 Trade
                              1450 contact Romans – peace, trade for Map Making and Writing, share maps, Ele – food, The – food

                              1350 Indians – give tech, 50g tribute
                              1300 Mem – Marco Polo’s Embassy, Zulus, Vikings & Indians – give tech, peace, share maps

                              The following techs were now available from MPE: Pottery, Seafaring, Warrior Code, Horseback Riding, Masonry, The Wheel, Literacy, and Mysticism, which was pretty good for this time in the game. The AI were less adept at acquiring techs I needed in time for trades later on, though.

                              1200 Mem – warrior, Giza, Vikings – trade for Pottery and Masonry; Chinese – give tech, share maps, 100g tribute

                              Giza was the SSC. I was a little late locating it and then I had to delay founding it until the center tile was irrigated into plains. With 100g in tribute, I’m starting to see how much fun early Monarchy can be in comparison to a gold-starved early Republic.

                              1150 English – 100g tribute, Romans – give tech, share maps
                              1100 Giz – granary, Ale – food, Mem – warrior, Ele – trireme
                              1050 Ale – barb attack, warriors defend, PiR – food, Hel – food, The – food, Romans – 50g tribute

                              Alexandria was plagued by barb attacks during most of the game, since it was almost surrounded by cityless terrain. These attacks often diverted gold away from more important tasks, but all this barb activity around Alexandria also helped ensure the safety of the SSC and other cities, since one of the best defenses against barbs is knowledge of where they are mostly likely to be attacking next.

                              1000 Giz – library, Ale – warrior
                              975 PiR – warrior, Ele – warrior
                              950 Giz – Hanging Gardens, Vikings – trade for Mysticism, give tech; Indians – give tech, alliance

                              This alliance was a mistake. No gifts came of it and it prevented chances of deanding more tribute. The Hanging Gardens allowed we love to begin in the SSC and all of the helpers except two. Now I could have most of the benefits of a Republic without any of the bother.

                              925 English – give tech, share maps
                              900 Construction, Chinese – trade for Literacy
                              850 Mem – hides, English – 25g tribute
                              825 The – trireme, Indians – give tech, share maps
                              800 Mem – warrior
                              775 Giz – gems, The – warrior
                              750 Ale – hides, English – give tech, 25g tribute
                              725 The – warrior
                              700 PiR – beads, Ele – copper, Hel – dye
                              675 Giz – temple, Republic, PiR – warrior, Vikings – trade for The Wheel, give tech, share maps; Romans – trade for Seafaring, give tech, 50g tribute; Chinese – give tech, share maps, 50g tribute

                              Although discovered, I did not find any need to switch to Republic until ST was built and the SSC could celebrate. All this early gold from tribute was a new and welcome experience for me in EL games.

                              650 Mem – temple, hides(d) to Trondheim, 168g, The – trireme, Hel – warrior
                              625 Giz – hides, Indians – give tech, share maps
                              600 PiR – gems, Philosophy, Medicine, English – give tech, 50g tribute; Romans – 50g tribute

                              575 Giz – harbor, PiR – food
                              525 Engineering, Giz – Colossus, Ale – silver, gems(d) to Trondheim, 346g; Indians – trade for Mathematics, give tech share maps

                              500 Ale – barb attack, Giz – beads
                              475 PiR – dye, Ele – copper, Mem – hides, hides(d) to Trondheim, 344g
                              450 Giz – dye, Sanitation
                              425 Hel – gems, gems(d) to Trondheim, 360g
                              English – trade for Iron Working, 50g tribute; Romans & Indians – give tech, share maps

                              400 Giz – acqueduct, PiR – beads, The – copper, Byblos, Chinese – give tech, 100g tribute

                              Byblos was the first colony, located in between the Zulu and Vikings, the only overseas AI.

                              375 University, beads(d) to Kaupang, 400g
                              350 Giz – Shakespeare’s Theater, size 8, Ale – hides, Byb – phalanx, Romans – 50g tribute, Zulus & Vikings – give tech, share maps, English – 50g tribute, Indians – trade for Banking, share maps, revolution

                              It had been fun collecting tribute but Republic was needed now to accelrate SSC growth. Trade had already begun, and could be used to maintain income now. Barb activity was so heavy around Byblos, I felt a phalanx was justified there immediately for defense.

                              325 Giz – university, Ele – dye, Hel – gems, Mem – dye, silver(d) to Kaupang, 300g, switch to Republic

                              Since all warriors were going to be disbanded now, it was time to use a diplomat for defense instead, at home.

                              300 Byb – salt, Astronomy, Giz – spice
                              275 Giz – coal, Pir – dye, Ale – diplomat, The – copper, dye(d) to Uppsala, 468g, barb horseman near Alexandria bribed for 41g

                              The leader behind this horseman jumped onto to another further back. This was kind of annoying, as it happened a few more times, later on. The barb leader kept jumping onto other barb units before I had a chance to kill it.

                              250 Byb – harbor, Giz – marketplace, Chemistry
                              225 Giz – Copernicus’s Observatory, barb horseman bribed, 41g, leader escapes
                              200 Giz – size 12, Indians – give tech, share maps
                              175 Giz – sewer system
                              150 PiR – dye, Theory of Gravity, Mem – hides, English – war
                              125 Giz – salt, Ale – silk, Ele – dye, Hel – gems, The – copper, coal to Uppsala, 376g, Romans – trade for Bridge Building, give tech, share maps; Chinese- give tech, share maps, English – still war

                              The coal was one of two undemanded SSC cargos (spice next turn was the other) delivered at this time when demand and supply were hard to match up. Unfortunately this came at the worst time in the game, when income from trade would diminish when entering the Renaissance.

                              100 Byb – settlers, Economics, spice to Uppsala, 388g
                              75 Giz – gems, PiR – coal, Hel – cloth, The – beads, Indians – trade for Invention

                              The Indians had to have tipped Invention from a hut. The previous techs acquired from them had been first traded to them by the Chinese. These two civs traded many techs, limiting the usefulness of the Chinese in learning new ones.

                              50 Giz – beads, Ale – temple, Navigation, El-Amarna, salt(d) to Giz, 146g

                              El-Armana was the second colony located near the first.

                              25 Giz – Sir Isaac Newton’s College, PiR – temple, salt to Kaupang, 226g

                              This is the earliest yet finishing all of the SSC’s science in an EL game, and much of this was due to the succesful use of early Monarchy in this game.

                              AD Years

                              1 Gunpowder, Giz – caravel, size 21, ElA – phalanx

                              As with Byblos, so much nearby barb activity made me feel it necessary to defend my two small colonies. They were also located in between two aggressive civs, the Zulus and the Vikings.

                              20 Byb – temple, Giz – dye, Metallurgy
                              40 Ele – temple, Hel – temple, The – temple, Zulus – give tech, share maps
                              60 Explosives, Ale – engineers, Giz – caravel, gems(d) to Kaupang, 648g
                              80 ElA – temple, Byb – silk, Physics, Ele – engineers, Hel – gems, Mem – colosseum, The – dye, beads(d) to Uppsala, 452g

                              100 Giz – bank, PiR – dye, Magnetism, barb leader, 150g (finally!)
                              120 Vikings – trade for Democracy, give tech, share maps, Giz – cloth, Byb – galleon, All other AI – give tech, share maps

                              It was a novelty having an AI research Democracy first. I wanted to learn it myself on an Oedo year to keep from losing a turn of research, but something from the AI is better than nothing. For the rest of the game, I had to research almost all of the techs I needed.

                              140 Steam Engine, Giz – size 25, dye(d) to Ulundi, 336g, silk(d) to Giz – 228g

                              One additional benefit of the HG is that a non-capital SSC can celebrate beyond size 21 under Republic, allowing the switch to Democracy to be delayed longer than is usual.

                              160 ElA – harbor, Byb – engineers, Giz – courthouse, Electricity, Ale – silk, Ele – spice

                              For enough SSC science for two advances per turn later on, I needed a courthouse and had to add about 6 more scientists with the help of some farmland, making Refrigeration a necessary tech.

                              180 Refrigeration, Hel – salt, Mem – engineers
                              200 Giz – supermarket, PiR – coal, cloth(d) to Byblos, 192g, Hieraconpolis, revolution

                              Hieraconpolis was the third colony, located so it would have a gold supply wildcard, a commodity the SSC would be demanding later. I did not have the time or resources at this point to add more colonies. I wish I could have, though, since they were invaluable in this game.

                              220 Ale – harbor, Ele – harbor, Mem – harbor, The – engineers, switch to Democracy, Byb – galleon, Indians – trade for Horseback Riding

                              240 Giz – dye, Railroad
                              260 Giz – Darwin’s Voyage, Industrialization, The Corporation, dye(d) to Kaupang, 336g

                              The oversea AI were also just a little bit too close for obtaining the best delivery payoffs. This was another factor slowing the pace in the second half of this game.

                              280 Hie – temple, Giz – cloth, Refining, Mem – gold, The – harbor, Byb – transport, barb knight bribed, 82g

                              Barb attacks re-commenced against Alexandria.

                              300 Ale – silk, Giz – transport, cloth(d) to Byblos, 225g
                              320 Giz – dye, we love begins for all cities, Steel, PiR – harbor; Zulus, Romans, English – give tech, share maps, gold(d) to Uppsala, 324g

                              One problem I had this game was an over supply of oil before any cities would demand it. This meant waiting for the big oil delivery bonuses, which came a bit too late to put this game in contention with the previous one on a medium map.

                              340 Giz – oil, Ele – oil, Hel – harbor, dye(d) to Trondheim, 432g
                              360 Hie – harbor, Giz – copper, Combustion, Mem – copper, silk(d) to Kaupang, 420g

                              380 Hie – gold, PiR – coal, Ale – oil, Ele – colosseum, Hel – colosseum, copper(d) to Uppsala, 504g

                              400 we love ends for helpers and colonies, ElA – colosseum, Automobile, The – beads, coal(d) to Uppsala, 315g, copper(d) to Kaupang, 252g; barb knight bribed, 82g, barb leader, 150g

                              Finally, another leader before it could jump onto another barb unit!

                              420 Electronics, Giz – superhighways, PiR – colosseum, Chinese & English – give tech, share maps, gold(d) to Giza, 630g; barb knight, 82g, another leader, 150g

                              Unfortunately, these bribed knights were causing enough unhappiness, that they had to be disbanded immediately after killing the leaders. So the profit was limited to 68 gold each time.

                              440 Atomic Theory, ElA – oil, Byb – oil, Giz – copper, Ale – colosseum, Hel – gems; Romans, Chinese & English – give tech, share maps; copper(d) to Uppsala, 901g

                              460 Hie – colosseum, Mass Production, Giz – cloth, PiR – library, Ele – spice, Mem – dye, The – colosseum, oil(d) to Giza, 623g, oil(d) to Giza, 735g; Vikings, trade for Warrior Code

                              480 ElA – dye, Byb – library, Giz – mass transit, size 31, PiR – university, Ale – university, Hel – library, beads(d) to Hlobane, 164g, gems(d) to Uppdsala, 354g, cloth(d) to Byblos, 445g

                              500 Hie – dye, Feudalism, Byb – oil, Giz – food, Ale – university, Ele – library, Hel – university, Mem – library, The – dye, Chivalry, oil(d) to Giza, 623g

                              520 ElA – library, Giz – copper, PiR – dye, Conscription, copper(d) to Kaupang, 966g

                              540 Hie – salt, Byb – beads, Giz – stock exchange, Ale – dye, Hel – beads, Mem – university, Leadership, The – oil, dye(d) to Kaupang, 252g; Indians – give tech, share maps

                              560 Giz – cloth, PiR – oil, Tactics, ElA – transport, dye(d) to Zimbabwe, 180g, salt to Giza, 210g, Ele – transport

                              During this period I was sitting on many oil freights, unable to deliver them to get the first advance of each pair normally available during this phase of a game. Meanwhile, tech costs were outstripping the ability of my cities’ science.

                              580 Hie – food, Byb – hides, Giz – coal, Ale – gold, Hel – cloth, Mem – food, Machine Tools, The – food, dye(d) to Rome, 240g, coal(d) to Uppsala, 1054g

                              600 Ela – hides, PiR – beads, Nuclear Power, Ele – beads, beads(d) to Veii, 180g, hides to Giza, 178g, cloth to Hieraconpolis, 61g

                              The cloth trade was used to unblock gold supply in Hieraconpolis.

                              620 Hie – gold, Byb – oil, Giz – coal, Ale – food, Hel – food, Mem – food, Miniaturization, The – food, cloth(d) to Hlobane, 1057g, dye(d) to Antium, 248g, gold(d) to Zimbabwe, 300g, dye(d) to Trondheim, 168g; Indians – give tech, share maps

                              Finally, a little fun with hyper trade and two advances per turn.

                              640 Computers, ElA – spice, Byb – superhighways, Giz – SETI Program, PiR – food, Flight, Ele – food, coal(d) to Zimbabwe, 680g, hides to Giza, 114g, oil(d) to Giza, 470g, beads to Byblos, 81g, dye(d) to Trondheim, 150g

                              660 Hie – superhighways, Radio, Ele – superhighways, Byb – oil, Giz – airport, Ale – gold, Hel – food, Mem – food, The – food, Advanced Flight, gold(d) to Giza, 464g, oil(d) to Hieraconplois, 542g, oil(d) to Giza, 472g, gold(d) to Byblos, 212g, oil(d) to Byblos, 282g

                              680 Hie – airport, ElA – wool, Byb – oil, Giz – oil, Laser, PiR – food, Ele – food, oil(d) to Giza, 470g, beads to Hieraconpolis, 58g, spice to Byblos, 81g, wool(d) to Thebes, 118g

                              700 Hie – gold, ElA – oil, Byb – oil, PiR – airport, Ale – dye, Hel – food, Ele – airport, Mem – food, Rocketry, gold(d) to Giza, 696g, oil(d) to Hieraconpolis, 812g, oil(d) to Giza, 554g, oil(d) to Hieraconpolis, 338g, Abydos, Asyut

                              I had a pretty good thing going here trading oil and gold between the SSC and the colonies! Abydos and Asyut were added as space ship parts contractors.

                              720 Hie – gold, Space Flight, ElA – airport, Byb – airport, Giz – oil, Ale – airport, PiR – Apollo Program, Ele – food, gold(d) to Giza, 696g, oil(d) to Hieraconpolis, 812g, oil(d) to Giza, 705g, gold(d) to Hieraconpolis, 400g, dye to El-Armana, 74g, Avaris, Lisht

                              740 Lis, Ava, Asy, Aby, Byb, PiR – SS strcuturals, Hie – gold, Plastics, ElA – oil, Giza – oil, Ale – gold, Ele – food, Hel – food, Mem – food, The – food, oil(d) to Giza, 696g, oil(d) to Hieraconpolis, 206g, oil(d) to Byblos, 705g, gold(d) to Byblos, 210g, oil(d) to Giza, 831g, beads to ElA – 49g, Vikings – trade for Polytheism

                              760 Lis, Ava, Asy, Aby, PiR, Ale, Hel, Mem, The – SS structurals, Hie – gold, Superconductor, ElA – oil, Byb – oil, Giza – food, Ele – food, oil(d) to Giza, 705g, oil(d) to Giza, 831g, gold(d) to Giza, 696g

                              Almost all city improvements had to be sold to afford a quicker space ship. SETI had been expensive to add earlier, but it did gain a few turns.

                              780 Asy, Hie, PiR, Ale, Ele, Mem – SS components, Fusion Power, ElA, Byb, Giz – SS modules, 15-3-3-1-1-1, launch

                              795 arrival Alpha Centauri