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Advantages of starting civs

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  • Advantages of starting civs

    Is it just me, or do some of the civilizations start out with more techs than others?

    Example: Playing as the Americans or Chinese often gives one way more tech skills than usual. The game I just started in Diety as the Americans gave me Monarcy as one of my starting skills! On the other hand, playing as the Spanish or Vikings barely ever gives me any starting techs other than the standard three; Irrigation, Mining and Roads.

    More research will be forthcoming, but if someone has already said all this, let me know.

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    What about land quality?
    Sometimes as host, I've noticed if I have many techs my land bites.

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      this was tested before...... check out the Great Library at Apolyton.... has many usefull bits and bytes
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        Here is the link to the thorough discussion about this very topic:

        SirLemming, check out the Great Library thread at the top of the strategy forum, there is lots to read that can help your game in every way. Check back occasionally, as it is a work in progress. Good civin!

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          I think the game was programed that way; Some tribes always have cushy start locations. Babylonia, U.S.A, Egypt, etc. have good positions. Japan, the Aztecs, MY Vikings, etc. get totally screwed.


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            Originally posted by Odin on 05-16-2001 07:02 PM
            I think the game was programed that way; Some tribes always have cushy start locations. Babylonia, U.S.A

            Whereas I can't count the number of times I've seen the Americans stuck on a 2-city penninsula extending from the arctic. I think it's mostly random, though there is a theory that the purples get stuck with pretty crappy land because the computer places them last. But we do always remember disproportionately our own godawful starts, don't we?

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