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  • OCC fortnight #20

    I haven't received a new scenario for some time, so I made one myself. I used the Pacific map and made some changes to the island we start on. Everything else is unchanged, except the resource seed. Play as the OCCers. All the other civs have been randomly placed. In order to speed up the initial exploration you start with two caravels and two spies. Also, your second settler has been replaced with an engineer. That should make the game go a bit faster for those of us who don't have much time.

    Download here.

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    Downloaded - the conditions for a faster game particularly welcome this fortnight with a few distractions in the horizon.


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      Well, my first fortnight attempt was quite a failure:

      I guess this doesn't really count. I had to restart after finding an advanced tribe because I had forgotten to save. But I really didn't learn much about the map the first time. Anyway, it was a failure as well. I was doing horribly the whole time.

      4000: 50 gold from hut, SSC founded
      3750: Alphabet
      3650: Horseback riding from hut
      3350: "You have unleashed a horde of barbarians." No barbs appear.
      3200: Code of Laws, Map Making from hut
      3000: For lack of anything better to do, I have bilt a barracks and sold it. 40 gold. Lighthouse started. Pottry from hut.
      2900: hut, 25 gold
      2800: barb from hut, can't bribe. Luckily a light blue horseman kills it.
      2750: Meet Chinese, Map Making for peace, Horseback riding for Masonry (I had gambled that they had something better) No alliance. Bribed the horseman for 42 gold.
      2650: Mathematics from hut
      2450: 50 gold from hut, barbs from hut, bribed the lone horse with that gold.
      2350: Seafaring from hut. This is getting ridicululous. Bronze Working from hut. Finally, something useful. Give all techs to chinese, get nothing. Typical.
      2250: Warrior Code from hut. I'll never reach Monarchy at this rate.
      2200: 100 gold from hut. Meet babylonians, trade for ceremonial burial. Give all techs, get maps but no alliance. I see the English on their maps.
      2150: Meet english, refuse tech trade (I'm researching Monarchy), get peace, give techs for alliance, they are worshipful but they want me to declare war on babylonians, which I won't do. Establish embassy.

      Meet sioux, trade Horseback Riding for currency, Give Ceremonial Burial for peace, I know there is no chance of alliance because they are at war with Chinese. I give techs for map, try alliance, they accept! no gift, though.
      2100: Iron working from hut Barbs from hut, kill it. Legion from hut, right next to London. I get an idea...demand tribute to goad English into war.
      2050: kill London's only defender. If I do this right, I can wipe them out without getting a city. Bribe Babylonian chariot for 67 gold to help war effort. Get Trade from hut; I'm now glad I got currency. I'll now be making caravans in despotism
      2000: Capture a size one London, eliminating the English. Sioux offer 200 gold to kill Babylonians, this is tempting. I wish I hadn't withdrawn that Chariot earlier...I declare war.
      1900: 50 gold from hut. Buy Colossus with this and Sioux money.
      1850: Colossus built, start cranking caravans. Legion killed by Babylonians. Sioux expel spy!
      1800: Chinese destroyed by Sioux
      1750: Horseman from hut, near Babylon. My engineer has done everything it can.
      1500: Sioux alliance cancelled. All units returned to SSC Warriors disbanded, since NON units are now home.
      1350: No way to get 10 shields. Caravans bought in full.
      950: Monarchy, finally.
      775: hut mercs, hut 25 gold
      750: meet egyptians, they demand 100 gold, I refuse and they decalre war. Maybe I can wipe them out like the English. . .


      This game is hopeless. I'll never survive.

      Results: I need to learn better diplomacy. FE I should get treasury down below 50 before contacting people. I hate giving them gold, and they always declare war on me. I also hate it when my allies demand that I fight. I either gain an enemy or lose a friend. How do you avoid this?
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        Originally posted by Richard Bruns on 11-19-2000 10:00 PM
        This game is hopeless. I'll never survive.

        Maybe for this first try, but you'd get the hang of it after a few more tries keeping to the established strategy. Most of us have taken the same road, believe me


        Results: I need to learn better diplomacy. FE I should get treasury down below 50 before contacting people. I hate giving them gold, and they always declare war on me.

        Yep, a helpful tactic! BTW one way to easier diplomacy is by optimising early exploration and finding the AI civs ASAP before they have time to contact one another and starting their requisite wars. Alliances are much easier to make this way.


        I also hate it when my allies demand that I fight. I either gain an enemy or lose a friend. How do you avoid this?

        What version are you using? You'd probably have a harder time with this using MGE. I only use 2.42 where a lot depends on the attitude of the asking civ. If it is enthusiastic or worshipful, then I find refusal doesn't result in the loss of the alliance. The moral is to keep the attitudes sweet by frequent tech gifts which you maintain by cranking up your science rates, the essence of OCC.


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          help, i cn't play occ, it starts a sim city 2000 game. has any one else experienced this


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            Mercantile - I think this is caused by your double clicking on the .sav file - SimCity 2000 seems to have claimed .sav as its own - a pretty silly thing to do!!

            If you simply open Civ II and select Load Game then browse until you locate your new .sav file you7 will be OK

            All - I think I might try this one - [excuse mode]I'm very rusty and don't have any goblins to help me[/excuse mode]

            Good civin'

            Scouse Git[1]

            "CARTAGO DELENDA EST" - Cato the Censor
            "The Great Library must be built!"
            "A short cut has to be challenging,
            were it not so it would be 'the way'."
            - Paul Craven
            "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
            "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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              Yes, I have MGE. They go from worshipful to hostile in one turn, no matter what I do. This means that when they contact me to ask for a war, they are always unccoperative at best, and I never have the chance to improve that attitude before refusing the request.

              Those computers are the most sociopathic AI leaders I've ever seen. To get an alliance, they usually have to be worshipful with no wars. If you refuse any demand from an ally, you lost the alliance. If you refuse any demand from someone at peace, you get a war. If you ask for a gift, you usually lose the alliance. If you demand tribute, you usually get a war. And this is with a spotless reputation!

              It seems that the only way to survive is to become as hostile and vicious as they are, because kindness gets you nowhere.


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                Richard Bruns: I've had a quick look at your log and it seems you missed researching Bronze Working as your first priority so that you could build the Colossus. This way you will not have to mark-time by building unwanted improvements and science and gold will also go up considerably.

                On the MGE challenging AI attitudes, Ribbanah's the one to talk to. He seems to have tamed it considerably!

                Oldman: When are you coming back to do your scenarios again?

                Mercantile and SG: Yes, the culprit could well be the *.sav extension. On my system it's associated with the stats program, SPSS, which takes a while to load and to get rid off - a real nuisance.


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                  Scouse Gits, i tried what you said and i looked into the occ20 folder and nothing was inside it, this is after i unzipped it of course, this all happening when i am loading a civ game.

                  I get out of civ and i open the occ20 folder and low and behold there is the emblam and it says simcity scenario

                  Of course simcity starts when i use it, stupid thing never starts when i click on the shortcut to it that was built in to my computer, but thats another story for another time.

                  So now i am not sure what to do about this problem as i wish to try out these occ games

                  Tonic any idea how i bypass this problem ?

                  Do you shovel snow in your birkenstocks?


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                    Mercantile: It seems to me that your OCC20 file has been somehow corrupted. All I can suggest is that you download it again from Paul's URL. Then I would unzip it straight away into the directory where your civ2.exe (usually the \mps\civ2 subdirectory). It is in scenario format, so the file should be occ20.scn (if the old scenario is there, you should delete it).

                    Then all you do is start civ2 and select "load a scenario" and you should see occ20 listed for you to select.


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                      Ah ha!! a quick one by the look of it, what with the engineer and boats and stuff!!! i might even give this one a go myself... Don't start tutting SG1, I've been looking at excel for 2 days and need something else to distract my mind!?!
                      "There are not more than 5 musical notes..." - Sun Tzu
                      ...and we build an Academy for this guy... :confused:


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                        Sorry, Mercantile - my error - i replied before I had opened the file myself - what you have in the zip is a .scn file (a scenario file) and the way to access it is to open Civ II, select 'Start Scenario' then browse to and select "occ20.scn" - problem solved!
                        The reasons we sometimes (often) use scenarios rather than save games for the fortnightly OCCs are twofold[list=1][*]You can select your preferred difficulty level, and[*]As in this case when a certain amount of judicious manipulation has been performed - using a scenario prevents the cheat flag from flying all the time[/list=a]My apologies for the misleading information earlier...

                        [p.s. Oldman - don't neglect your coursework!]

                        Scouse Git[1]

                        "CARTAGO DELENDA EST" - Cato the Censor
                        "The Great Library must be built!"
                        "A short cut has to be challenging,
                        were it not so it would be 'the way'."
                        - Paul Craven
                        "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
                        "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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                          I tipped 65 huts.That had to be close to all of them.The ai had a tough time on this map.The French only managed 2 cities all game.

                          deity 2.42


                          Sir Isaac-150bc




                          Space Flight-940ad

                          4000-hut-horseman-Rome-resupport spys
                          3750-Bronze Working-switch warrior to wonder -1 sheild
                          3650-hut-50 gold
                          3250-contact China-trade for Alpha and Laws-peace-hut-archer-NON
                          3100-hut-barb legion(ignores spy next turn)
                          3050-contact Egypt-gift all-alliance
                          3000-hut-25 gold-hut barb legion(ignores spy)
                          2850-hut 50 gold
                          2750-Monarchy-trade China for Writing-hut-Mystism
                          2700-revolt-hut 50 gold-China pays tribute 25-Egypt gifts Pottery
                          2650-govt Monarchy-hut-Horseback Riding-hut barb horse-bribed 41
                          2600-Trade Egypt for Masonry-hut barb horse-terminated
                          2550-contact French-trade for Map Making-gift all-peace-share maps-
                          2500-share maps with China and Egypt-hut-Literacy
                          2450-disband warrior
                          2300-contact Babs-peace share maps-hut-archer NON
                          2150-hut-50 gold-hut 50 gold-hut-barb horse-bribed 41-trade China for Trade-Egypt gifts 50
                          2050-hut-horseman-NON-contact England-gift all-peace-share maps
                          2000-contact Sioux-gift all-alliance-share maps-receive 100-hut Feudalism-hut-horseman-NON
                          1950-size 4
                          1900-we love the king-silk caravan-hut 50 gold-hut-barb horse-terminated-hut-Iron Working-hut-horseman-NON
                          1800-beads caravan
                          1750-disband horseman-hut-barb horse-hut-The Wheel
                          1700-dye caravan-horseman KIA-hut-horseman-NON-Babs gift 25-Chinese pay tribute 50
                          1600-Egypt gifts 50
                          1550-market-hut 25 gold-hut chariot-non-Babs gift 25-
                          1500-hut-barb horse-hut- barb raiding party
                          1450-chariot KIA-temple-
                          1400-hut-legion non-
                          1300-hut-Construction-hut-legion non-hut-50 gold-alliance with French-receive 50-Babs gift 50
                          1200-Philosophy>Republic-colliseum-caravans to Thebes-dye 196-silk(demanded)398
                          1150-Astronomy-beads to Thebes 196-hut 25
                          1000-caravan-hut 25-”we love” 4
                          975-caravan-trade Sioux for Engineering
                          925-caravan-hut-legion non
                          900-hut-barb horse-hut-Invention
                          850-Cope’s-hut-50 gold
                          825-Medicine-hut 25 gold
                          800-coal caravan-end we love 12
                          775-caravan-Sioux gift 25
                          725-caravan-Sioux gift 25
                          700-Sanitation-hut 50 gold
                          650-hut-50 gold
                          625-caravan-hut 50 gold
                          575-Seafaring-caravan-sell colliseum
                          550-Shake’s-trade Egypt for Banking-recieve 50-sell temple-hut-legion non
                          525-”we love” 12-hut-chariot non
                          500-sewer-hut 50 gold-Babs 50-Egypt 50-Sioux 50
                          450-University-harbor-coal to Thebes 252-hut 25
                          425-hut 25
                          400-bank-Egypt 50-Sioux 50-hut chariot non-hut 50 gold-hut-25 gold
                          375-Gravity-hut legion non
                          350-build university-hut 50 gold
                          300-Democracy-end “we love “ 21-hut 50-Egypt 150
                          275-caravan-hut 50 gold-
                          225-govt Democracy-caravan
                          175-Bridge Building-caravan-Babs 50-Egypt 100-Sioux 50
                          150-Sir Isaac’s-”we love” 21-hut 50-hut 50
                          100-dye caravan
                          75-Chemistry-end “we love” 24
                          50-salt caravan
                          25-Explosives-trade Egypt for Navigation-receive 100-barb leader 150
                          1AD-stock exchange
                          40-Sioux gift 100
                          60-Physics-hut 100-Egypt gifts 100
                          180-Refrigeration-caravan-dye to Thebes 310 salt 310
                          200-Steam Engine
                          260-Darwin’s>Industrialization>The Corporation
                          300-factory-”we love” 23
                          340-Refining-dye freight
                          360-end “we love” 26-sell sewer
                          380-Combustion-gems freight-sell aquaduct
                          400-gold freight-trade Egypt for Conscription
                          460-Mass Production
                          480-trade English for Chivalry
                          520-hydro plant
                          540-Leadership-freight-gold to Thebes 513 gems 525
                          560-Tactics-gold freight-dye to Thebes 525
                          580-gems freight
                          600-Machine Tools
                          660-offshore platform
                          700-research lab
                          720-Mobile Warfare-freight
                          760-Robotics-coal to Thebes(demanded)1312
                          780-Flight-manufacturing plant-gems to Thebes 276
                          800-coal freight-bribr barb dragoon 102
                          820-Radio-freight-gold to Thebes 272
                          860-Advanced Flight-armor-Sioux cancel alliance
                          940-Space Flight-coal to Thebes(demanded)660
                          1060-Atomic Theory
                          1120-Nuclear Fission-French cancel alliance-Egypt gifts 50
                          1180-Nuclear Power
                          1240-The Laser
                          1360-Fusion Power-15-1-1-1-1-1 ready LAUNCH
                          the usual array
                          1396-ARRIVAL A/C
                          The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                            Smash, you didn't tip all the huts. I tipped 70 huts in my game. But I landed one turn after you, in 1416. I was led away from the path to monarchy by all those hut advances and I also was much later with my caravans because I sent to the other side of the world where they were demanded. I should have sent them to the Egyptians, because they were closer to my island.

                            AC: 1416

                            Monarchy: -1450
                            Republic: -825
                            Democracy: -125

                            Colossus: -2350
                            Copernicus: -575
                            Shakespeare: -450
                            Newton: -200
                            Darwin: 380
                            Apollo: 980

                            Trade routes: -500,-425, -250

                            Size 12: -625
                            Size 21: -200

                            Trade: -1850
                            Construction: -925
                            Sanitation: -475
                            Refrigeration: 140
                            Automobile: 400
                            Computers: 720
                            Space Flight: 960

                            4000 BC Hut: Archer
                            3800 BC Warrior
                            3750 BC Bronze Working
                            Hut: 50 gold
                            3400 BC Hut: Horsemen
                            3350 BC Alphabet
                            3250 BC Hut: Archer
                            3200 BC Egyptians: Trade Ceremonial Burial; alliance
                            3000 BC Hut: Barbarians
                            Hut: Archers
                            Hut: Horseback Riding
                            2950 BC Hut: Map Making
                            2850 BC Babylonians: peace; share maps
                            Egyptians: share maps
                            Hut: Barbarians
                            2800 BC Hut: 100 gold
                            Hut: 50 gold
                            2750 BC Hut: Masonry
                            2700 BC Hut: Currency
                            2650 BC Hut: Barbarians
                            2550 BC Hut: Mathematics
                            Babylonians: trade Pottery
                            Egyptians: trade Mysticism; gift 25 gold
                            Hut: Seafaring
                            Hut: Archer
                            2500 BC Hut: Warrior Code
                            Hut: Barbarians
                            2350 BC Colossus
                            Hut: Barbarians
                            Hut: Archer
                            2300 BC Babylonians: tribute 50 gold
                            2250 BC Hut: 50 gold
                            2200 BC Chinese: trade Code of Laws, Writing; peace; share maps
                            2150 BC Library
                            2100 BC Hut: Barbarians
                            1950 BC French: peace; share maps
                            Hut: 50 gold
                            Hut: Archer
                            1850 BC Hut: Trade
                            1800 BC Marketplace
                            Hut: Wheel
                            Hut: Chariot
                            1600 BC Hut: Monarchy
                            1550 BC Chinese: alliance; gift 25 gold
                            Egyptians: gift 50 gold
                            1500 BC Build Salt Caravan
                            Hut: Polytheism
                            Hut: Barbarians
                            1450 BC Gov: Monarchy
                            Egyptians: trade Literacy; gift 50 gold
                            1400 BC Build Beads Caravan
                            Hut: Archer
                            Hut: Archer
                            English: share maps; alliance; gift 100 gold
                            1350 BC Hut: Astronomy
                            1250 BC Hut: 25 gold
                            1200 BC Build Silk Caravan
                            Hut: 100 gold
                            1150 BC Hut: 50 gold
                            1100 BC Harbor
                            1050 BC Temple
                            Sioux: peace; share maps
                            Chinese: gift 25 gold
                            Egyptians: gift 50 gold
                            Babylonians: tribute 75 gold
                            1000 BC Hut: Iron Working
                            Hut: Horsemen
                            975 BC Hut: Legion
                            950 BC Hut: Feudalism
                            925 BC Babylonians: trade Construction
                            Hut: Navigation
                            French: alliance; share maps; gift 50 gold
                            900 BC Build Dye Caravan
                            Hut: Elephant
                            Hut: Bridge Building
                            Hut: 50 gold
                            850 BC Hut: Republic, revolution
                            Babylonians: tribute 100 gold
                            Chinese: gift 50 gold
                            English: gift 25 gold
                            Hut: Chivalry
                            825 BC Gov: Republic
                            Hut: Knight
                            Start WLTCD, size 5
                            800 BC Colosseum
                            Hut: Barbarians
                            775 BC Hut: Engineering
                            Hut: Barbarians
                            English: gift 50 gold
                            750 BC Aqueduct
                            Hut: Banking
                            Hut: Invention
                            725 BC Hut: Legion
                            Hut: Knight
                            675 BC Hut: Legion
                            Hut: 50 gold
                            650 BC Hut: 50 gold
                            625 BC Philosophy, Medicine
                            Hut: 100 gold
                            End WLTCD, size 12
                            English: gift 50 gold
                            Egyptians: gift 50 gold
                            600 BC Hut: Legion
                            575 BC Copernicus' Observatory
                            550 BC Hut: Knight
                            English: gift 50 gold
                            Egyptians: gift 25 gold
                            French: gift 25 gold
                            525 BC French: gift 150 gold
                            500 BC Bank
                            Sold Colosseum
                            Hut: Barbarians
                            Beads to Canterbury (demanded): 594 gold
                            475 BC Sanitation
                            Hut: 50 gold
                            Egyptians: gift 50 gold
                            Hut: 50 gold
                            Hut: 25 gold
                            Sold Temple
                            450 BC Shakespeare's Theatre
                            Start WLTCD, size 12
                            425 BC Silk to London (not demanded): 426 gold
                            400 BC Sewer System
                            Hut: 50 gold
                            350 BC University
                            325 BC University
                            Hut: 50 gold
                            275 BC Hut: 50 gold
                            250 BC Theory of Gravity
                            Salt to Ur (not demanded): 470 gold
                            Egyptians: gift 25 gold
                            Chinese: gift 150 gold
                            225 BC English: gift 100 gold
                            Chinese: gift 50 gold
                            Egyptians: gift 25 gold
                            200 BC Isaac Newton's College
                            End WLTCD, size 21
                            175 BC Hut: 50 gold
                            150 BC Build Coal Caravan
                            125 BC Democracy, change gov
                            English: gift 150 gold
                            Start WLTPD, size 21
                            100 BC Stock Exchange
                            Egyptians: gift 25 gold
                            75 BC Physics
                            50 BC Build Gems Caravan
                            25 BC Magnetism
                            English: gift 100 gold
                            Egyptians: gift 50 gold
                            End WLTPD, size 24
                            1 AD Hut: 50 gold
                            20 AD Gunpowder
                            60 AD Metallurgy
                            100 AD Electricity
                            Chinese: gift 50 gold
                            English: gift 200 gold
                            140 AD Refrigeration
                            Dye to Thebes (demanded): 572 gold
                            160 AD Supermarket
                            Coal to Thebes (demanded): 715 gold
                            180 AD Explosives
                            Gems to Heliopolis (demanded): 744 gold
                            Egyptians: gift 50 gold
                            200 AD Engineer
                            Steam Engine
                            240 AD Build Gold Caravan
                            Egyptians: gift 25 gold
                            Chinese: gift 50 gold
                            English: gift 100 gold
                            280 AD Industrialization
                            320 AD Corporation
                            360 AD Steel
                            Chinese: gift 100 gold
                            English: gift 100 gold
                            380 AD Darwin's Voyage: Refining, Combustion
                            400 AD Automobile
                            Gold to Thebes (not demanded): 195 gold
                            420 AD Superhighways
                            Start WLTPD, size 23
                            440 AD Electronics
                            480 AD Build Gems Freight
                            520 AD Build Salt Freight
                            End WLTPD, size 27
                            560 AD Tactics
                            Egyptians: gift 150 gold
                            Chinese: gift 100 gold
                            English: gift 200 gold
                            600 AD Factory
                            Machine Tools
                            620 AD Sold Sewer System
                            640 AD Power Plant
                            Sold Aqueduct
                            680 AD Offshore Platform
                            Mass Production
                            Barb Leader: 150 gold
                            720 AD Computers
                            Gems to Memphis (demanded): 1157 gold
                            740 AD Research Lab
                            Mobile Warfare
                            Salt to Memphis (not demanded): 537 gold
                            760 AD Robotics
                            800 AD Manufacturing Plant
                            Egyptians: gift 50 gold
                            Chinese: gift 100 gold
                            English: cancel alliance
                            840 AD Radio
                            880 AD Advanced Flight
                            920 AD Rocketry
                            960 AD Space Flight
                            980 AD Apollo Program
                            1020 AD Plastics
                            1080 AD Atomic Theory
                            1140 AD Nuclear Fission
                            1200 AD Nuclear Power
                            1260 AD Laser
                            1380 AD Fusion Power
                            1416 AD Arrive at Alpha Centauri


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                              Scouse Gits, well once again you have come through in a pinch. I followed your instructions and voila, the game works Well i will try this one tonite when i get some time and now it looks as if i have 19 occ games to catch up on Thanks again

                              Tonic my hearty thanks to you as well. Its the second time i have had to edit to give you proper credit as well, my bad
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