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    You never know how a game will unfold.There is "luck".

    In my game I got Burial,Mysticism and Masonary thru trading just when I needed them.Saved me a bunch of turns.Later I picked up Monarchy,Feudalism and Atomic Theory.Thats at least another 6 turns.

    Yes,apparently contact is very important.With all civs contacted,gifting techs is more effective in keeping research requirements lower.Not to mention any financial help that may come your way thru alliances.

    Gold is very important to OCC.You want to rush everything if possible.Its not so easy to raise gold when you are maxing science almost all game.Alliance gifts or tribute can take handfuls of turns off.

    It seems funny that someone that lands a 1 city deity game in 1833 is somewhat unsatisfied.

    The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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      Originally posted by tonic on 10-28-2000 01:57 AM
      I guess vik's away although I'm not sure of the whereabouts of Tom dM and Oldman. What about SG(1)?

      On the other hand there seems to be lots of expressions of interest in OCC itself. Maybe we should reassure potential starters that this is not a competitive forum, just a fun one with luck playing a major part in the results

      I'm pretty busy at work these days, and have sort of fallen off the civ-playing/occ bandwagon. Probably the same for oldman and sg1.


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        You've left a bit of a legacy - the Tom de Mille Effect will be in the minds of OCCers for a long time to come. I hope both the interruption of work and the civ2-OCC saturation are temporary - we need the imaginative and challenging scenarios to keep the fortnight games alive. If you ever feel nostalgic, the wagon and its band await you

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          Looks like the off-season for the Fortnightly games with the main scenarists away. Perhaps there may some among the many extant scenario creators who may wish to design something in this "challenging" field?


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            Comparison table at
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