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    Is it better to clear (remove the black) around a hut before "tipping" it?

    My experience (limited though it may be) shows that by doing so, you decrease the possibility of barbs...

    However, I have also noticed a similar reduction of desireable results....

    Limited experimentation w/ save games shows that by clearing the unknown territory, it reduces the chance of more spectacular results.

    Example (from recent experiment):

    1 city founded (as Romans)
    Tech: usuals (irr, min, road) + bronze, writing, ceremonial

    Tipped a hut after clearing the radius of unknown (black) territory (25 tries):

    6 Barbarians
    Horse x 5
    Legion x 1

    8 techs:
    Warrior x 4
    Pottery x 2
    Horse x 2

    8 gold
    25 gp x 6
    50 gp x 2

    2 settler/adv tribe
    1 adv tribe (very bad location --- 3 mtn, 1 tundra, mostly plains)
    1 none settler

    Went back to the orignal save, did not clear surrounding unknown terrain (if the site of the hut was a city, with the standard city radius of 20 surrounding squares, 13 of those squares were unexposed [black]) with 25 tries:

    10 barbs
    8 horse
    2 legion

    9 techs
    code x 3
    warrior x 1
    masonry x 3
    mysticism x 2

    4 gold
    1 x 25
    1 x 50
    2 x 100

    2 settler/adv. tribe
    2 x none settler

    I know that with 50 tries in one given scenario is not a viable statistical analysis, but it does reflect my previous experiences with the game.

    Has anyone done an exhaustive analysis of hut tipping?

    Semper ubi sub ubi!


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      Actually you can get your palace from a hut quite a bit. I'd have to say it happens once every 25 games or so. I've done it many times and people have done it many many times to me.


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        Originally posted by Smash
        So are barbs.I almost always get barbs when opening with the 2nd move point...solution:don't open with 2nd move point.
        Hm, in the early game, after I have founded cities, I always open with my first movement point. This means that if I find a hut after I have used up a movement point I just move around the hut with the rest of the points, or hit the space bar, to open it the next turn. If I get that lonely barb horse, he's history. Later on, when you get 8 of them (or whatever the number is) it doesn't matter anymore so I open all huts right away.