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Am I screwed?

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  • Am I screwed?

    I have a nice game going, conquering thw world at a nice pace. I find the Celts on a small island with only one city. I conquer the city, but no message stating the Celts are destroyed. I see a settler near by, so I kill it. Still no conformation of my killing of the Celts. They don't have the tech for a trireme yet, so they couldn't have moved off the island. I saved the gane abd open up the chet menu, and sure enogh, there are no Celtic units left on the map! this means I can't just finish off the world by conquering it. Am I screwed out of an early ending? Or is this a blessing in desguise to go for a personal high score?

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    If it is early in the game and you are not playing with Non-restarting civs, the AI may be waiting until the next white turn to add the Russians or Romans. If nothing appears for a few turns then you may have an invisible civ that the AI doesn't know is gone. And if you are playing bloodlust there is no way to get them...
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      I wasn't so lucky. I guess I didn't finish my turn all the way last night. After my turn ended, a pop up window said that the Celts had been destroyed by barbs. Those stinking barbs are taking away my achievements!


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        IT's not bloodlust, thank god! But I also have it on non-restarting civs. Oh well, just a glitch in the game I suppose. Now I can get 255 cities without the game ending!