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    As a relatively new Civ player, I have found countless gems of information hiding in all these message board threads that I wish to distill and share with other Civ addicts. As such, the goal of this thread will be to compile a concise HTML document that can be saved, printed, and shared to help the Intermediate Civ player evolve into the Advanced Civ player. I will be searching the message threads and posting some of the many tips that have greatly helped my play. Please feel free to do the same!

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    There really is an overwhelming amount of CivII strategies out there. In my more ever-growing log book, I have a section of printouts from this site, as well as from those that are mentioned in this forum - like the link Sten provided in 'SS Statistics' thread. I found to sort all of this out is to focus on a current strategy: if you are playing a bloodlust game, concentrate only on those strategies that talks about warfare and such. Same goes for OCC, ICS, AC and other alphabet soups.


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      I wonder if Markos could zip up the whole list of threads/posts and make them available for download... Then it would be a lot easier to condense them down into a strategy faq/guide.

      I wonder if jpk drives a Dodge Caravan...
      Be the bid!


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        A worthy goal! Promised by many, delivered by none
        Good Luck on your difficult task. Even if you don't finish the project, you will be a better civ player just by doing the research.

        But to get you started, this might help some.

        It is a list of many of the known cheats and strange things in CivII. It was compiled to help the development of CivIII.

        Happy Hunting!
        Keep on Civin'
        RIP rah, Tony Bogey & Baron O


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          Think that's a great idea. I have already made a fairly extensive collection for my own purposes. I have it in Microsoft Word form and will e-mail it to you if you will post your e-mail or e-mail it to me at

          I will now be adding all the material from my question from yesterday regarding Einsteins & Taxmen. The collection covers the topics that are of interest/concern to me so you will probably want to continue your own search.

          You're right: there's an incredible amount of great insights, facts, and advice in these threads.



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            Please feel free to email any information to:



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              Here inca911, i found a couple more links you may be able to use:
              This is that Two Continent trading strategy.
              This is the topic "The whole caravan thing" i thought it had some good points on caravans and trading.
              This is a link to Nakin Tames Civilization page, and this particular link has a bunch of the old OCC topics in .zip form.

              Hope this helps some.


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                The next basic item is a list of the various wonders, the advance that makes them expire, and their functions:

                Wonder (Advance that expires it): Function

                Adam Smith's Trading Co: Pays all 1 cost city improvements

                Apollo Space Program: Allows construction of spaceship parts

                Colossus (Flight): City gets one extra trade arrow in each trade producing square

                Copernicus' Observatory: City Science Output Increased 50%

                Cure for Cancer: One extra happy citizen in each city

                Darwin's Voyage: 2 free civ advances

                Eiffel Tower: Foreign civs like you more, and attitudes improve with time

                Great Library (Electricity): Get any advance 2 other civs have

                Great Wall (Metallurgy): Civs must offer peace/cease-fire: Acts as City Walls in every city (but no maintenance costs): x2 strength vs. Barbarians

                Hanging Gardens (Railroad): 1 extra happy citizen in each city

                Hoover Dam: Acts as a Hydro Plant in every city (but no maintenance costs)

                Isaac Newton's College: City science output x2

                J.S. Bach Cathedral: -2 unhappy citizens in each city on continent

                King Richard's Crusade (Industrialization): Every city square produces one more shield

                Leonardo's Workshop (Automobile): Automatically upgrades old units

                Lighthouse (Magnetism): Triemes don't sink: All ships movement increased by 1: New ships are Vets

                Magellan's Expedition: All ships movement increased by 2

                Manhattan Project: Allows nukes

                Marco Polo's Embassy (Communism): Acts as an Embassy with every civ

                Michaelangelo's Chapel: Acts as a Cathedral in every city (but no maintenance costs)

                Oracle (Theology): Temple effect is doubled

                Pyramids: Acts as a Granary in every city (but no maintenance costs)

                SETI Program: Acts as a Research Lab in every city (but no maintenance costs)

                Shakespeare's Theater: All unhappy citizens in city are content: Can assign units to Shakes city to wage war in Democracy, or put in SSC (Super Science City--see other messages for more on SSC) for fast population growth

                Statue of Liberty: No unrest for government changes: Can pick all government types, even if tech isn't discovered (usually Fundamentalism)

                Sun Tzu's War Academy (Mobile Warfare): All new ground units are Vets: Win means Vet promotion for other units

                United Nations: Embassy with every civ: Other civs must accept treaties: Can delcare war while democracy 50% of the time

                Woman's Suffrage: Acts as a Police Station in every city (but no maintenance costs)

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                  The Super Science City (SSC) Concept:

                  One of the ideas that most improved my play is the use of the Super Science City (SSC). The goal is to crank up the Science output of a single city, so you are way ahead of the AI civs throughout the latter stages of the game.

                  If you have a city on some river squares, with ocean squares, and with some special resources for trade (Gold is 6: Gems, Ivory, Spice, Wine are 4), then you have an incredible site for a SSC.

                  By building all the science and trade boosting wonders in this one city you can create a Science monster, churning out 500+ beakers/turn. Colossus will increase your trade greatly so you have a nice base to start enhancing, but remember to prolong Flight until you are ready to obsolete the Collosus. Add Copernicus' Observatory to get another 50% science. Build Isaac Newton's College to double your science after that.

                  Build caravans like crazy to transport shields to your SSC to build these wonders!

                  If this city is your capital, you don't have to worry about loss to corruption. But if the city is far away and you are losing some trade to corruption, consider building a palace in your city to relocate you capital.

                  Now add to that the Library, University, and Research Lab city improvements, for another 150% boost.

                  Terraform all non trade-producing squares to trade producing terrain with roads (remember, roads = trade = science = bombers vs. knights). When you build superhighways later on, the roads will increase your trade even more (river + road + superhighway = 3 trade--same as ocean)!

                  Get three solid trade routes to pump those arrows into the city, preferably with the best AI cities you can find (big AI cities on different continents far away are nice). Get three trade routes going ASAP with whoever you can (even your own cities), but don't forget to update these early routes with better ones as the game evolves.

                  I personally like to add Shakespeare's Theater to my SSC, because then I can crank up the population by using We Love the __ Day (WLT*D)--more on use of that tactic in future messages. Then I can convert a huge number of citizens to Einsteins once the population is maxed out. If I have Shakespeare's Theater, I also assign military units to my SSC before they go to war, until my shield support is getting close to my production (but be careful, or a few fortified units on your shield squares will decimate your army!).

                  In the end, you have a city that guarantees a technology edge to your civ. When I choose to use a SSC in a game, I often forgo building many wonders that expire since I discover the advance way too quickly to make the cost worthwhile (King Richard's Crusade, Leonardo's Workshop in particular).

                  I hope this helps!


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                    The One City Challenge (OCC):

                    OK, I admit I had to look around for a while before I knew what "OCC" meant. OCC is civ addiction taken to extremes, which as Martha Stewart would say "is a good thing."

                    OCC is the quest to win the Space Race to Alpha Centauri (AC) WITH ONLY ONE CITY!!!!

                    Typically, one the the major civ addicts provides a map with a settler poised at a good city site (4 whales, 2 whales--2 gold, etc). Then there are a set of rules for what cheats are allowed or disallowed and then everyone competes for the best AC (Alpha Centauri) date on a level playing field. There are a lot of OCC threads on this board that can provide you with maps and rules. Give it a try and I guarantee you will use the Foreign Minister a lot more (and your F3 key will get dirty a little faster!).

                    One important item to note, Civ versions 2.42 and the Civ MultiPlayer Gold Edition (MGE) are not the same. The AI tends to be a bit friendlier in version 2.42, and this difference in diplomacy is critical in the OCC. Buy both editions to see the difference for yourself. Perhaps someone with more experience than I will post a better description of the differences between the versions. As with any software product, there are definitely bugs that get fixed in later versions so figure out what platform you are using so you can compare apples to apples in an OCC.

                    Good luck!


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                      Some comments/clarifications on your posts:

                      Barracks: maintenance cost rises by one after each obsolescence.

                      Cathedral: makes 3 citizens content, +1 for Theology, -1 for Communism

                      Offshore Platform: all ocean squares produce one MORE shield than they already do.

                      Superhighways: all roads produce one more trade (I think; I'm not 100% sure about that one)

                      Temple: one unhappy becomes content; two with Mysticism

                      Copernicus: Science +100% (manual has this wrong)

                      Hanging Gardens: +1 happy in all cities; +3 happy in city that builds it.

                      Isaac Newton: +50% Science (manual has this and Cop. switched)

                      Bach: manual is wrong again. This works for all your cities, also those on other continents

                      Statue of Liberty: only one turn of anarchy between government switch; can pick all govs, even if you don't have the technology for it.


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                        SETI-you need universities to get the benefit

                        Alot of work.I applaud your efforts
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                        The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                          Paul - superhighways increase trade by 50% in any square with a road or railroad. So they're not very helpful unless you are in Democracy or Republic.


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                            Superhighways also increase the value of trade routes and roaded trade specials, so they are still some good.


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                              And airports in both source and end(?) of trade routes increase value of trade routes. I don't remember if this is mentioned in the manual.
                              Hope that we've not hijacked this thread from inca911.
                              Good work!