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What one single thing most improved your game

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    Well this site definately. I read the diety guide. It taught me to go for monarchy first and a few other things. Unfortunately I had been playing about a year before I came here and still have too many bad habits and still can't beat diety. But I'm still getting better. And of course learning about the importance of trade (which I still don't fully utilize- I'm too lazy to control huge numbers of caravans and freight).


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      Same as War4ever. As a long time conqueror, playing a relative peaceful game is very different Civ2 gaming experience and one that the benefits of caravans cannot be overestimated.


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        I didn't realize the importance of trade until I built my first super-science city. Then it was like the game suddenly transformed, and I started becoming aware of the patterns that determine how the game unfolds. Now I see each game as a chance to learn more.


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          I've learned many useful tricks from these forums, but if the question regards the one single thing I've learned that transformed my game, then I have to admit that I learned about it from a casual statement made by Dee.

          It's actually in the manual, but I'd read it and it hadn't registered. It is the simple fact that when you disband a unit in a city, half of the value of that unit is placed in your production box.

          That seemingly tiny and insignificant detail has completely transformed my game. I now use it to my advantage in every single game I play.

          Strategic disbanding, when units become obsolete, now enables me to build and protect those highly valuable costal cities that farm the oceans and generate buckets of trade arrows but very few shields.

          Before I learned this, I disbanded units wherever they were (inside or outside any city). Now, when I disband, I disband with a purpose.

          Thanks Dee.
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            I build where trade/production/food is the best (at least try to). But you end up meeting other civs and some cities are open to attack. The AI will just send a steady stream of units to attack. By transforming the city center to hills it's easy to hold the AI off. I only do the cities that need it. This one thing made a big difference. The AI will never take a city with force. It pretty much makes the AI navy worthless against coastal cities. A vet rifleman on hills with coastal fortress will sink a battle ship no problem. You might have one killed but you probably have 4 or so units protecting the city anyway.
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              MWHC not putting your thing down as i respect your threads and am still eagerly awaiting our death match....

              I personally never use the bomber stack or caravan food trick or any of the other tricks which most of us consider cheats in multi player.

              I play the old fashioned street fight when i conquer.... you know how it goes.... no peace no quater given. Just fight it out and destroy. In AC games i use trade to win obvously.... but i never mine a city square.
              If i want an inpregnable city by direct attack anyways.... i build on hill or mine. The game is just too easy otherwise.
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                Excuse me? One of the settler commands is to turn a square into a forest. There is no Cheat here! I will do it in MP whenever a city needs the defensive help. How can you think that this is unfair??????????
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                  I echo many things here. This forum would be #1, but I don't think that's really what this thread is getting at. The power of WLTC/PD and caravans both were great discoveries. But, the power of the settler/engineer was the biggest thing I learned; surprised no one else mentioned it (I think). These 3 things are all related; caravans are a great help to We Love. First, they help science, so you can take some science income and put it into luxuries. 2nd, they make Love easier to achieve.

                  And, Love puts all of those settler/engineer improved squares into play. Refrigeration is related, too; it allows you to build more engineers, or grow bigger and get taxmen and scientists. You can build settlers in one turn in your big cities, move them to small cities, and insta-grow those.

                  And conquering as a democracy--your army of settlers insta-build RRs and fortresses, then your army marches to the next city in the sequence.


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                    I don't think this one has been mentioned this time around: Playing on small maps.

                    When I first started playing this game I played on Large maps for score and the game took forever and ever. Then I started playing small maps after the Nov98 tournament game map that geofelt provided. It was a half small map and I suddenly thought, hey, I can play games a lot quicker this way and try new things and get better!

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                      One word...........caravans

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                        What would be a typical "half small map"? What dimensions? Or did you mix it around for variety?


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                          Since this thread has been bumped up again, I'll suggest something along the lines of Sten Sture's advice: play several games to about 500BC. This is a great way to hone your early-game strategy. Try hut-hunting or no huts; try ICS or perfectionist; try different wonders. You should be able to reach 500BC in an hour or less. Then try again (on the same map, even) with the opposite tack.


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                            Playing MP.

                            I played a SP game for laughs the other day. It was way way too easy. I didn't even micro manage my cities. If you can hold your own against human civs, the ai will never challange you again.

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                              MING i just saw your post .... i just don't think one needs to mine the city center.... build on a hill or mountain... to me its an unfair advantage if the city can't be taken at all thats all
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                                I'd say the thing that most improved my game is when i discovered you can use numpad rather than the cursor keys. i honestly didn't know that i could use the diagonal keys. i knew something was missing, and it was strange i couldn't get to certain tiles. and then one day... wammo. it wasn't long before i had advanced to prince level!


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