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  • The impressions

    No particular order:

    Collosus-a good wonder.Longer term in nature but double trade pays dividends later on.City location decides how effective it will be.

    The Gardens-another good wonder.Great for sleazers or early expansionists in general.

    The Lighthouse-not one of my favs but if you get steam before magnet you get vet ironclads.Good for the expansionist.

    The Great Library-single player-forget it-Mp a good wonder as most players are after Mono so if your goal is different you get Myst,phil etc.

    The Pyramids-on deity,I find the pop growth hard to keep up with.but if built with The Gardens or Mich's you may have something.

    The Great Wall-a wortwhile wonder if you feel threatened.Free city walls should mean you will stay in any MP game at least until Mettalurgy.

    The Oracle-no good.I can't tell you how many times I've seen it obsolete before it has even been built.

    Marco Polo's Embassey-A good wonder also.Great for trading and monitoring progress.

    War Academy-one of my favs.Lasts a long time.Veterans make the difference in a relatively even battle and every city can produce them without the upkeep of barracks

    Cope's Observatory-a great wonder in the right city.Great science boost.

    Leo's-I have mixed feelings on this one.It would be awesome if new updates didn't lose vet status.But a good wonder I spose.My favorite updates:warriors to muskets-horsemen to knights-boat updates cept maybe ironclads to destroyers-settlers to engineers

    KRC-good wonder but expires too quickly so I pass on it.

    Magellan's-excellent wonder.The more water the better.I really like this one.

    Isaac Newton's-another good one,especially when built in the same city as Cope's.Add a library and university and you are rockin.

    Mich's Chapel-a very strong wonder.I don't think it is a game breaker as many do,but definitely one you like to have.Although I've given up trying to be first to it.

    JSB-similiar to mich's but not quite as strong until population levels get bigger.Both of these wonders can save a ton of time building temples,colliseums,cathedrals etc,if you plan to go Democracy,otherwise the "poor man's" Mich's--Communism

    Shakes-good wonder for OCC or Democracy.

    SOL-this wonder can be used to great advantage if your civ can maintain a strong democracy.Switching back and forth a few times with 1 turn revolutions can be very advatageous at times.Commie is also a good government early on,Suped up monarchy.Might be your only hope if playing deity and others have the "happy" wonders.

    Adam Smith's-who can't use the extra gold?Not a must have but a "nice to have" wonder.

    Eiffel Tower-you've got to be kidding

    Darwin's-yes-but usually the tech leader gets this so the gap widens.If I build it I am probably doing something right.

    Women's Sufferage-not for me.Democracy's would be better suited supporting their armies from a city with Shakes.IMO

    Hoover Dam-awesome wonder-again the tech leader usually gets it so the gap widens further

    UN-nice movie but not much other use.Against the ai I certainly don't need the forced cease fire by then and have set up embassys "manually"

    Manhatten Project-Another neat movie but I don't need nukes against the ai and in MP everybody usually retreats into their cities when it arrives.I do like the warning siren and explosion when nukes are used.I don't like cleaning up after though.

    Seti-same deal,tech leader gets it.good wonder though.

    Cure for Cancer-better if you could get it earlier along a different tech path than mono.Again don't need it by the time it is available.

    Apollo-kinda hard to build a spaceship without it.

    Did I forget any?

    The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu

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    Don't think so. Have to agree with just about everything.

    * Pyramids are a liability on Deity without the happiness wonders.

    * Lighthouse is vital for early exploration and trade if you're isolated in the middle of a big bath. Conversely, a waste of time if you're not.

    * Love Marco. Particularly now the Mac version map trading with the AI glitch has been fixed.

    * Remain confused about GL. Certainly unnecessary against the AI, suspect otherwise against humans.

    * Leo's. Really really handy, not the end of the world without it, even against humans.

    * Eiffel Tower. Why does it exist? To further the myth that other Civs' attitude towards you means something. Civ 3 should replace it with something more meaningful.

    * SOL. Incerdibly useful when you're a fat Democracy and you forget to appease one of your revolting cities. Worth building for that alone!

    * Women's Suffrage. Never. (Don't take that the wrong way)

    * War Academy. Might be handier than I've thought in the past. Must look into it.

    Interesting to re-examine attitudes to these from time to time.

    Mono Rules!

    " ... and the following morning I should see the Boks wallop the Wallabies again?" - Havak
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      GL is a great wonder against alliances.Anything they trade you "steal".At least until electricity.

      Of course it can be used against you when you are researching a "crucial" tech.They can flood you with unnecessary stuff.But only once usually.

      For MP,I think the pros outweigh the cons.

      ask me again next month....
      The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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        colosus great early for maintaining that quick science research lead and lets face it .... it lasts for along time and if you establish trade routes your laughing.

        Lighthouse.... only if on an island

        Hang Garden.... ics sleeze oh yeah... allows WLTKD in at least one city and prevents disorder in all new cities

        Pyramids.... tricky on deity but i have won and attributed my win to that extra growth

        Great Wall.... very good for the ics too because of the walls especially when barbs are your main concern early on.

        Great Library is good against alliances and filling missed techs... allows you to specialize your path.... is great for a civ who doesn't want to be noticed but is quietly becoming powerfull

        Oracle.... obsolete way too quick .... besides MIkes is beter

        King Richards... again is obsolete too quick.... very powerful when matched with Shakespear.... but i never build the production city so... why bother

        Shakes.... you can never go wrong with a city that never has disorder especiallly if democracy is involved

        Copernicus.... i am not a super science city guy.... attracts too much attention IMO... besides i take colossus away from these poeple

        Issac Newtons... same as above .... but obvously dangerous if rival builds with the other science wonders

        Sun Tzus Veterans are the difference btween victory and defeat and lasts along time and i am a warmonger.... mixed early with shake and KRC.... great counter against the super science.... still hard for me to always build

        Mikes chapel.. easily the most sought after wonder.... if i can i will

        Bachs.... same as above.... take one doesn't really matter although Mikes is a little bit better

        Leos.... i hate the loss of vet status but the upgrades are great especially if you have sun tzus.... to replace the vet status after victory... this is when you hope hordes of barbs will come along to upgrade for you..

        Magellens... i have never been much of a sea guy... so i often overlook this wonder... which is probably a mistake..... can be more valuable at keeping probing enemy ships off your cost ..... a must have if there is even a moderate amount of water

        eiffel tower should be kept but its effects changed .... it is useless as tits on a bull

        Darwin Voyage... I would rather just steal the tech myself

        Marcos... is great for the esstablished embassy... initial contact ... map sharing alliances especially before some one build the G library. Essential for a large map.

        Womens Sufferage... i can live without....

        UN again i already have the dips established or else if you have excess money or shields /caravans and didn't set up embassy's it s great for the same reason as Marco polo but most often i don't need it

        Cure For Cancer.... i think this wonder comes too late in the game to be of any use to me....

        Hoover..... your laughing if ;you can build it first and winning

        Manhattan... if i get nukes before you.... and you don't have laser.... your DEAD MEAT
        hehe.... and i don't care about pollution

        SEti.... again first to this usually means first place so... save yourself the dough on research labs..... any wonder that benifits all cities from a cost is probably a safe bet

        Statue of Liberty... the former pyramids of CIV.... commie is great and can greatly widen your lead

        Adam SMith.... FAB U LOUS.... save you money on anything costing 1G but most importantly means that every city can have free library... hear that FREE LIBRARY.... FREE LIBRARY WERE #1 in SCIENCE hehe

        Apollo... i love the whole map being revealed and obviously for you pacifist who always build the space ship DUH its necessary

        BTW my opinion are for MP only and although many will disagree with my opinions, i prefer to get to monarchy quick ... go for Philosophy and then quietly build my empire. I feel that going for all the major science wonders and happiness wonders brings other humans on your back to quickly and makes you a targer... steal the tech it's cheeper and easier. BE strong and quiet not supreme and a target. There is time for conquest later.
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          Ain't that the beauty of this game? So many different - legitimate, successful - methods.

          Good point about the GL against an alliance, Smash. And War4ever, too. I'll add it to my armory. Well, okay, that means I'll finally have something in my armory.

          Mono Rules!

          " ... and the following morning I should see the Boks wallop the Wallabies again?" - Havak
          "The only thing worse than being quoted in someone's sig is not being quoted in someone's sig." - finbar, with apologies to Oscar Wilde.


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            After reading the above I am starting to re-evaluate my thinking about some wonders. If I could only build one it would be the Statue of Liberty.
            Can anyone help with this "wonder puzzle"? It concerns J.S.Bach's Cathedral. On the tech-tree for Theology it allows JSB which it describes as follows:
            "Adds one content citizen to every city that has a cathedral"
            BUT in the Civilopedia section on wonders it is described as:
            "Decreases the number of unhappy citizens in every friendly city on the continent by two per city"
            Which is correct?
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              Both in a way.
              Theology gives a +1 bonus to happy chruch-goers. Same as +1 electronics bonus for stadia...communism has a -1 "bonus" to cathedral effect incidently.
              JSB has the 2 citizens thing.

              Hope this helps

              May you live in Interesting Times...

              May you live in Interesting Times...


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                My comments concern playing against the AI.

                I think that Women's Sufferage is a great wonder for a Democracy because every city can contribute one unit to the war effort. I see no reason to depend upon one city with Shakespeare to support the entire army.

                Magellan is useful when plyaying on a multicontinent world. You can deliver caravans so much faster.

                I like Adam Smith because it allows me to increase my luxury rate without hurting my science. That way my cities can grow like dandelions in the summertime.
                If you can not think of a good reason to build something other than a caravan, build a caravan!


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                  JSB decreases 2 unhappy people EVERYWHERE not just on the same continent. This makes it the second best happiness Wonder, after Mikes.

                  As stated, discovering Theology increases the effect of Cathedrals (or Mikes) by 1 person. Communism does the opposite.


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                    jpk-every city does contribute units.They are then re-supported from the Shakes city.Build it in a high sheild site.Not 1 unhappy ever because of units in the feild.I find it quite useful.
                    The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                      Smash et al - if you use the Shakes field army, make sure you get the Shakes city defense forces from another city to increase your supportable army size. No need to use up shield support for them. I am a big fan of small cities in a shield rich area with MC to support my demo army, a tactic I picked up from these boards.

                      I think MC and JSB are extremely important no matter what type of game you play. And the earlier you get them the better.

                      In regular games, I have become a big fan of the happy Science city Coper, Newts, Shakes ever since I started playing OCC. Against the AI I will concentrate on that first, I have even started building the GW so I can go to Rep early and defend with just one Phalanx. If I find an early city site with better long term potential than my capital, I will switch from building the Colossus in my capital to the HG or GW.

                      My third favorite wonder combination is LH and Magellan, the movement benefit helps a ton on getting those trade caravans back and forth quickly.
                      Be the bid!


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                        I play against the AI, and I would agree with most wonder assesments with a few exceptions.
                        Pyramids are under appreciated in deity play. After Hanging gardens, I go after pyramids. I like to expand, and I expand better early with pyramids. I build more settlers before the city gets too big.
                        I like the great library. If you get ahead, the AI will not trade with you, so the GL fills in the techs you need. It's just easier.
                        Darwins does not seem to be worth it.
                        I love magellans, if there is some water, and most times there is. You can do without it, but life is easier with it.
                        Shield production, not techs, is what keeps me from building all the wonders I want. KRC helps a bunch with this. I try to build this in a city with lots of food, and not so much shields. You can get 20 shields before plooution.
                        If you build collossus, then plan on building the other science wonders in a super science city. If not, then perhaps it is best to not bother with any of them.


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                          Great point George - with the Science wonders, it is AON - all or none.
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                            i still think colossus is a great wonder ... science city or not. Against the ai.... its usually pretty easy to build whatever you need but against humans you really set your self up to be a target if you try to build everything. Slow like a turtle is much safer than sprinting like a hare only to have everyone want to take you out simultaineously. IMO
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                              colossus: since OCC it has to become the wonder of the year 1999. letīs see what comes next. I agree with W4E in that point: there are so many things you can do with it. Unfortunately I donīt ever seem to get it in MP-games

                              GL: provides me with only useless stuff. Iīve seen people who went for it first. I just donīt understand why.

                              Lighthouse: Totally underrated. A very powerful wonder, especially in MP-games.

                              Mikes: a good wonder, no doubt about it. But it just doesnīt fit into my strategy. The problem is IMO the science path. The one who builds it (or even worse: the one who goes for it and loses) will probably (also) lose the race to SoL and Leonardo.

                              JSB: Howīs the video? Please tell me

                              INC: A joke; even OCC can be won without it.