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    Not only do specials have a pattern, but shield grass has one too. It's hard to explain - just use the map editor to figure it out. This is helpful for a couple reasons. It helps you to decide which plains squares to transform to grass and ensure that you always get shield grass.

    The other reason it is helpful is for uncovering specials. Unlike the shield grass pattern, the specials pattern is not always complete, i.e. sometimes there is no special where one could possibly fit in the pattern. However, if you find a shield grass square outside of the shield grass pattern and the square fits the specials pattern, then you can mine or transform the shield grass square and you'll always get a special (forest or hill).


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      If you have explored a good deal of territory you can often predict which potential special grassland squares could be transformed into real specials. If a certain square is a special then eight squares to the east and the west there will be other special squares.
      If you can not think of a good reason to build something other than a caravan, build a caravan!


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        About 1100ad. Since I have never done AC, is this too late in the game or not? All I want to do is to land before the end of the game (2020?).
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          1100? You are money. Just keep pressing on and beware the year 1800 when campo's urge to conquer becomes intense!
          Be the bid!


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            Umm, I wasn't accusing anyone of cheating on that other thread

            Can you mail me your save game? I have become insanely curious about it (my job is dull. I do all my posting at work).

            It does sound like your doing fine though.


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              johnmcd: I'm flattered. Hopefully it'll stop snowing here so I can get home this afternoon. I'll email you the game at that time.

              Sten/campo: That'll be the hardest thing to do in this game. I'm already getting p****d off at the nearby Germans for their sneak attacks. I can easily throttle them but so far I'm resisting the urge


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                Lycidius's posts were really funny, thanks for the link.

                Got the SoL built by caravans (love those furry buggers), getting ready to go Demo, cranking up the lux rate and watching my science city take off. In this last turn at Monarchy, it's at 248 beakers, imagine what Demo will do I also got about 4 other minor science cities, so I hoping to get about 500+ beakers per turn.

                Will try to minimize the food caravans so others won't accuse me of cheating

                Decided to defend primarily with diplomats.

                I'm leaving every other civ in the dust, so they can't help me develop techs. I'll just keep the advances coming every 4 turns and get that spaceship built.


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                  What year is it?


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                    I know just what you mean. I'm just finishing a game in which I had intended to play peacefully for AC, but the Vikings and Romans kept attacking relentlessly. I had decent choke points, but after a while I got fed up with the constant attacks. The Romans sunk a transport with 4 caravans that I was sending between my own cities (two continents), and that was the final straw. I shifted to militarism and wiped them out. I do get annoyed by the attacks. (I have the Gold version, which seems to have the most aggressive AI.) Then afterwards I think it was stupid of me to get annoyed by a computer program.


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                      I just try to keep everyone happy, if they want something, I give it to them, no skin off my nose. Got my territory surrounded by fortresses (engineers are great workers), manned with some military units and a bunch of Dips. I basically bribe everything coming my way. Don't know if I'll make it though, am at 1790 and still got a bunch of techs to get and I didn't count on 20 years per turn from 1000 to 1500, I'm used to 10.


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                        Steve Clark dont' worry about the turns... you have plenty left since after 1850 AD the turns go by one year increments leaving you 170 on deity after 1850.

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                        War is the answer when you think you should strike first

                        war is the answer when you think others may strike first.

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