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    What exactly are the conditions necessary for WLTKD? cause sometimes I'll have a city in WLTKD and I'll take a boat away under democracy. More than half the ppl are happy, but I lost the WLTKD.


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    You must have at least as many happy citizens as contented with no unhappys

    ie:size 10 city has 5 happies and 5 contented="we love days"

    4 happies 6 contented=no "we love days"

    9 happies 1 unhappy=no "we love days"

    most units outside a city,not in fortresses cause unhappy citizens to appear under Democracy.
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      That's why it's tough to run a democracy in war on a watery world. You need some combination of ST in a productive coastal city, or WS/selected police stations, or JSB. It's the only ways to have a meaningful naval presence.


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        the city must be at least 3 in size in order for WLTKD/WLTP day to occur

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          I find WLT*D to be very handy, but there is one thing i am unclear about: where do entertainers feature?

          if a size 8 city has 4 happy 4 content there will be a WLT*D
          but if the city had 3 happy 4 content and 1 entertainer, what then?

          do enternatianers count as happy citizens, or what?

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            For We Love JohnmcD Days (at least that what my citizens call them) entertainers count as content citizens.


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              yeah, johnmcd is right

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