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Smsh's 2 whale/2 gold OCC comparison game

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  • Smsh's 2 whale/2 gold OCC comparison game

    As he mentioned in the OCC strategy guide thread Smash mailed me an OCC comparison game with two whales and two gold. The game was saved as a scenario so if you want to play it you should select the "Begin scenario" option when you start Civ2. When asked which civ to play as choose Japanese; choose deity as level. The scenario was saved in the Mac version of Civ2, but I could also load it in the 2.42 Windows version of Civ2. It's available at

    PS 1: the problem playing the year 4000 BC twice has been fixed.
    PS 2: the city site is to the west of the starting location.

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    Nice starting position with two whales/two gold. Unfortunately I seem to be having some problems getting enough money in my most recent OCC games. That means that the record is safe at 1821 even though I discovered Space Flight in 1740. I just don't have enough money to buy all those SS parts.

    Of course when I say the record is safe I mean that I'm not improving it. It is of course possible that someone else can get a good score on this map.


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      I just finished the last couple of turns and landed in 1825. And I should learn to type and read more carefully. I just noticed that the topic says Smsh instead of Smash.
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        having played this map several times,I find sometimes the ai is receptive to alliances and tribute,the next time they all hate me.Makes a big difference.
        The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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          Another problem I had was that the huts gave me only two archers. I used one as a defender and the other to explore. Unfortunately that one got killed by barbarians before I met any of the other civs. This meant that I met the other civs too late in the game. It is important to meet them early to trade techs and get gifts/tribute to build those early wonders, improvements and caravans.


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            ya thats why I like a horse or chariot in that first hut.
            how big did you make city?I quit growing at 24.Could have gotten a few more by airbasing hills but that was voted a cheat, yes?
            The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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              I downloaded the file, but I can't used it.
              When I try to open it as a Scenario, I get an error message and civ2.exe crashes.

              Paul, could you be so kind to send me a saved file instead of the scenario file using the e-mail address in my profile? Thanks in advance.


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                Gambler, I mailed the game to you. And Smash, I believe it was voted a cheat to airbase hills. If you want to be really sure about that you can find the rules in my OCC strategy guide. I also don't remember every cheat, especially the ones that I never use anyway.


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                  disclaimer:I know this map very well.

                  I just landed in 1809.Spaceflight 1690 if I recall correctly.I was not able to build modules in "one shot".I got it down to 7 total by selling superhighways,researchlab and university and turning taxes to 100% after I had fusion.I'll be keeping those saves for awhile.

                  I think Paul may be able to squeak a pre 1800 out of this map.

                  In an unrelated subject did you(anyone who played this map) see the terrible position purple(Indians) got?In another thread I mentioned some terrible no landbridge pole starts I've had with purple.I don't know about that color.
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                  The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                    Smash, that's a great score. Of course it is not an official record because you know the map so well, but it certainly will make me try this map again to improve on that. With some fast units from early huts I should be able to meet other civs earlier making a much better score than my own 1825 possible.


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                      Yes, the purple civ stuck on that little island, that would suck. At least they can build boats... I've played the map twice. In the first game the Indians actually established a presence on the large continent, but in the second game the Aztecs are wiping the floor with them.

                      In both games, the yellow Aztec civ became the most powerful very early in the game. In the first game they beat me to AC. Grr. Second game, I have just discovered space flight, and I think I will beat them. But they are a tough opponent. They wiped out the French almost immediately. I had to delay Apollo in order to build better defensive units; they are coming after me with cavalry and marines. I also took some time to build 3 or 4 spies cause I think last time they stole all the space tech from me.

                      1809, I don't understand how you do it. Did you keep a log? I'd really like to see some for this game.

                      Is it really necessary to build a granary, or a colosseum when you already have Shake's?

                      I got the city to 26 but after 2 Aztec attacks it dropped to 24. Then I built a tank.


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                        No.I stopped keeping logs after a very detailed log ended with the destruction of my civ.All that detail for nothing.

                        I do not build a granary.
                        My city will hopefully have:
                        BEFORE Shakes.In that order.Collosseum is sold on the turn before Shakes is finished.Size 12 by then.
                        The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                          After my WLTCD to size 12 I find that I can often sell my Colosseum because at 20% lux I will have 5 happy and 2 unhappy citizens.

                          I have also played the map again; landed in 1809 like you did. I guess a couple of more attempts and I can land at the other side of 1800.


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                            This is somewhat more than my 2nd attempt also.I fully expect a 17 something from Paul.Just don't go breakin 1800 by too much as it would be disheartening for the rest of us

                            Thats true about dumping your Colloseum after the first "we love"There's a few other "little" time savers as well.

                            Paul-when you build Darwin's,do you switch your science to zero and start the final "we love" the turn before it is finished?
                            ie:I finish a tech.

                            Rush Darwin's

                            Switch science to 0 and whatever luxuries is needed for "we love" the rest taxes
                            next turn Darwin's finished 2 freebies

                            "we love" started

                            switch taxes back to research.

                            I feel like I'm gaining something but maybe not.

                            What techs are you usually getting from Darwin's?or where are you along the road when you finish it?
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                            The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                              I always rush Darwin when I have just finished researching an advance. When I buy it I set the science a bit higher than is needed to get a new advance every two turns. The science from that turn will be applied to the advance you start to research after you finished Darwin's. In this 1809 attempt I got Steel and Automobile from Darwin; I started my third WLTPD after finishing the Superhighways because it allowed me to keep getting an advance every two turns.