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  • The most useful unit

    I think the most useful unit in CivII in bar far the diplomat/Spy. I use it the investigate cities, steal tech, and incite revolts. There is no other unit that comes close to this one in importance for me, what your favorite unit?

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    favorite or most important.... there is a difference.....

    i like the dip as they are easily the most powerful unit in the early game..... replaced obviously with the spy.....

    Caravans hold more importance to me as i play no city bribe and although dips can steal techs ,, they don't give uyou trade or science and they don't give you cash either
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      I also think that caravans are the "all around" best unit. Although if you are in a bribing game dips/spies are a must!!
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        4.veteran defender

        actually i just wanted to try this sig

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          1. Settler of course (you can't play without that)
          2. Howitzer (I'm a conventional warfare guy, I prefer these over dips/spies)
          3. Transport ships (got to get the howies over there)
          4. everything else


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            I totally disagree with howies as a favourite unit. In both SP and MP I virtually never get to use howies. In SP if I want to conquer the world I will have done it way before howies, if I want to land on AC I will only use them minimally, if I'm playing OCC I will proabably only use them a few times.

            I would say my favourite unit for MP is pikemen, for SP knights and for OCC caravans.


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              My favorite unit is eiter the knight, bomber, or tank. But except for the knight, they're not the most effective.

              Baring settlers and engineers, the most powerful unit is the caravans. You're industrial power will increase one whole order of magnitude if caravans are properly utilized. Example: I had twenty five cities in an MP game, a rival had 35 to 40. But I consistantly outproduced him in our 'Great War' [we basicly attacked and counterattack, and I, with simply more industry, out muscled him] because I had put factories and other smoke belchers in 90% of my cities [I'd build on 'em for a turn or two them buy the improvement, since I had the dough to do it], and that allowed me to produce planes and the line at one per turn, which is a distinct advantage in an open field war.

              The next most powerful unit is the spy/diplomat, of course. Aside from stealing cities, the all powerful spy can lead an army threw any country, since they have no-zone control, and then you can set your next closest unit on the spy. Also, closing the gap technologically is quite easy with a spy. The trap is you get too tech hungry too quick, you'll stymie you scientific efforts. You can steal as much tech as you want, but building infastructure takes time. I usually say build universities and, if that late in the game, computer labs in your major trade cities before stealing a whole bunch of techs.

              The third most powerful unit in the game is the knight. Against the unwalled, it is a medival blitzkreig. I love this unit, for it is a vital part of the ancient game, which is most favorite part of Civ2 anyhow. Also good on the defence, you put this unit, along with a pikemen, on a fortified mountain, and NO BODY is going to get your guys off.

              And the fourth most powerful unit is the warrior. Yes, laugh, but this tiny, puny unit is the foundation of happiness control in the ancient monarchies. Also, 20 of these turns into 20 musketteers if you build Leo's...

              Fifth most powerful? Have to get back to you on this one...

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                Sarge .... i forgot about the marial law warrior good to see someone is thinking this morning lol

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                  Favorite/Most Important Units: Dips/Spies and Caravans. Need not say anymore.

                  "In short dips and caravans are the two units necessary for survival in all civ games." - War4ever
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                    Will everyone stop bloody quoting everyone else in their signiature damnit.


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                    I have discovered that China and Spain are really one and the same country, and it's only ignorance that leads people to believe they are two seperate nations. If you don't belive me try writing 'Spain' and you'll end up writing 'China'."
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                      how do u change your sig, btw?

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                        Graag you wrote that so someone would put you in their sig.

                        Just checking my sig.

                        Dang why didn't my new sig work?
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                          Blah... Blah... Blah...
                          Settler/Engineer, Diplo/Spy, caravan/freight... Blah... Blah.. Blah...

                          Yes, these three/six are the most important, and you can't live without them.

                          But I vote for the Vet Pikeman after that.
                          Having vet pikeman means that you can defend yourself against anything for a while. Even as new advances bring stronger units, a vet pikeman fortified in a good defensive position will still hold it's own. Nothing better than watching vet dragoons or calvary die trying to dislodge a vet pikeman in a fortress on a mountain in a key position. And in a city, behind walls, built on defensive terrain, you have nothing to fear from the hordes of crusaders...
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                            hm... Ming .... you know all about that.... my crappy cannons couldn't dislodge you from your little perch
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                              Besides what Ming said... Nuke

                              I think you know what
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