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OCC and the ToT fantasy game

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    Carolus - thank you for posting a link to your thread on OCC in ToT it was very helpful and on topic.

    Tobyr - doesn't one of the races inhabit the clouds in the fantasy game? Do you think that they would be competitive?
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      One of my best friends lives in Princeton and is a 'Civ Genius' and loves dragons and elves. In fact, I'm sending him a copy of MPG so we can do some hotseat. Microprose has so many different games using the same engine that I don't know which to buy. They probably love me-- I now have V1.00/V2.42/two MPG's/Alpha Centauri/and Fantastic Worlds....and the one I'm missing is ToT--the one I would probably love most with all the dragons.

      So all I can do is talk about the fantasy right now Looks like Carolus found some relevant thread though.

      Sten, we've been living in the clouds of late. But today is definately the day to ride a bike and get some fresh air.

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        AU - I'm learning the differences in culture your side of the "Pond". (Mainly spellings and meanings. One of your fellow Americans seems shocked that I spell civilised with an "S" not a "Z"!) I did mean the film - like you I share reservations - but it was worth watching. Sorry, the Cirque du Soleil is new to me. Back to CIV.

        I am not a great OCC player - that's SG(1) territory. We have played a couple of OCC games (in part) together. Gifts will be harder in MP. In 2.42 SG(1) does really well with handouts. (Not so much asking for gifts but more obtaining a direct debit on the AI gold reserve!) I'm not surprised about your comments on Copernicus in MP - if I miss a wonder for the SSC it is always that one.

        My large world conquest game is not a scenario - just large world - lots of water!
        I am interested to try and establish some comparisons between 2.42 and MP, with all the different options available (Map size/OCC/conquest etc.) Perhaps an interesting comparison would be the same map played on the different versions of the game.

        Tobyr - Sorry, I have not meant to take your thread off track! Though conversations do take funny twists at times. I have played a little ToT. In the non-fantasy game at Deity you only start with one settler. That would be tough for OCC - perhaps a worthy challenge.
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          As is well known Scouse Gits are totally lacking in cultural heritage
          Cirque de Soleil makes infrequent visits to our shores for things such as the Edinburgh Festival and occasional apearances in London - the critics always give them great reviews, but I have been unable to sample them myself.
          Sorry again, Toby - you can have the thread back now ...

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            I quit playing fantasy game when I discovered barbarian dragons. What do you do against them?


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              You bribe a barb kraken and use it to bombard coastal cities. It will become vet. Then you use the kraken to attack the dragon--it only takes one shot to kill it.


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                Maybe you can bribe a kraken to kill a dragon; but you need to have them in the right order and place...

                If you get a lot of barbarian dragons, they can trash your game, but they are more likely to destroy your cities than actually occupy them; you can sort of suffer them if worst comes to worst. Barb dragons are an important incentive to build city walls and get some god defensive units in there. Also, have a network of sorcerers so you can resupply a city under attack (but don't bother unless it has walls). I think that on average they are a rare occurrence.

                If you play merfolk, stygian or goblin, some of your assets are completely hidden from dragons.

                Remember, the reward for actively killing a dragon is worth the trouble -- 1,500 plus the right to ally with dragons eventually.

                Also remember that barb dragons mess up your opponents, too.

                I've played games where I never got attacked by a dragon (and therefore never managed to build them).

                I recently abandoned a game (playing infidel) in which the following happened:
                I was attacked by two barbarian krakens. I bribed both (had to sell a lot of city walls to do it), and then a THIRD one came along and killed one of mine before dying.

                Shortly after that, THREE dragons attacked four of my cities that were close together, and nowhere near the krakens. I sustained monstrous losses from these six monsters and could not kill the dragons (not enough city walls, so ther attacks on me did not weaken them...).

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                  I would appreciate it if you would email me your Princeton friend's name.


                  toby robison
                  toby robison