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  • Urgent Help! Password Cracking

    Hey all,

    Like a moron I managed to password my Civ in a PBEM game, and have gone and lost my friggin' password. It was on file in my pc, and I must have deleted it on accident. Now, is there a way to go into the .net file and retrieve the password? I opened up my .net with Notepad and looked around, but I don't know where to look. I will include the .net file from the first round of turns (with me going first) such that other players will not have their password seen. I am playing as the Danish if that is of any help.

    Please, please help me. I got 6 people waiting on my incompetence. I feel like an idiot.

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    if there is a way I hope it is given via private message.
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      If you can't crack it... just open the game as a regular game, go into scenario mode and use the cheat menu... Heck, some people use that between sessions (and during games with a second computer) to cheat and view the map
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        Never fear!

        Well after about literally 3 hours of pluggin in every password I ever used, or even thought of, I managed to hit the jackpot! You won't believe how dumbarse my password was... it is my initials.

        Just for the record, I didn't recieve any PMs or anything, so the secret to unlocking passwords is still forever unknown.

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          After 3 hours, was there still anyone else around that cared?
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