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Why is Civ II so liked?

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    Gee Thue... you snuck that post in on me while I was answering another question

    GREAT NEWS... so how do I get a copy that runs in a windows environment?
    Because I like the concept, I just didn't think I would have linux in the near future...
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      Originally posted by Thue on 06-15-2000 08:46 AM
      With a unix environment (ie an x server) it also runs under
      MS Windows 95/98/NT

      but generelly, and X server costs money

      But that doesn't matter, cause since freeciv runs on some OS other than linux, fx amiga, you are now commited to trying it - A wiki about computers, with focus on Linux support.


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        Well, I tried starting a few more games at the Deity level to get things moving and after three hours of play, I am just walking around the map, a few squares at a time, waiting for things to happen.

        I've always enjoyed TBS games, but this one just seems to drag on. I suppose the graphics don't help much either, though the HiRes Mod was an improvement.

        Well, thanks for all your responses!


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          Cheese - Civ certainly isn't for everyone. And it is way out of date from a graphic interface standpoint, but we would probably play it without graphics at all.

          If you want more action, Civ may not be for you, but I might suggest trying a well designed Civ action scenario like RedFront or Sparticus before you hang it up completely.

          The AI programing was done ten years ago so it is in despirate need of a complete overhaul - which is why so many good civers either grossly handicap themselves or play against people instead of the AI.
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            Concerning the "it's easy to beat the AI in CivII" idea: I suppose it is easy to beat it by going after it militarily and early in the game.

            May I suggest that you just let it build itself while you build your own civ. See what it does by 1000AD.

            One other point; it seems to me that the AI in CivII is not designed to be aggressive. It seems to do better at development and Wonders. Give the game a chance that way. It's not going to interact while you just wander around the map, so it won't *provide* your entertainment that way. You have to do your own building to get your enjoyment from this game.
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              Cavebear-I must say, it is actually easy to beat the ai with those constraints: simply play the "build a 100 cities" game, and use your cities to wall off the ai from whole continents.

              Defend yourself, build lots of roads, and maintain a tech lead through trade, and AC will soon be yours.

              Thule-Though I think freeciv is a great idea, until someone comes up with a way to get it on Windows without buying expensive applications to run it, that's all I can do: think about it.

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                Thue: I too have stumbled onto the Freeciv site and have downloaded Andrea's version for Windows. Although I'm not altogether computer-illiterate (and I'm a great supporter of the self-help GNU concept), the installation of Freeciv is somewhat less than friendly. I've still not managed to get the client part of the program running - so any tips would be welcome. (BTW I'm already on their mailing list but with the OS's coverage you listed, the signal-to-noise ratio is somewhat low if you're only interested in Windows).

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                  I consider myself quite the Civ veteran, though Im not that good (beaten it on king once). That, and i've lurked here for about five months now, and finally decided to throw my hat into the ring.

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