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Sid Meier Owes Me... (a running tally of Sids dept)

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    Yes, I have spent a lot of time on Sids games from an early-ish age. So a lot of time gone. But on the other hand the addiction and escapism may have prevented me from smoking, excessive drinking or even drugs, you just don't know. I still had no problems juggling my work with it so I suppose it could have been a plus point. However it could be the root cause of me never having a sex life. I just couldn't say!
    Speaking of Erith:

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      Ok, so it is really us that owe Sid a DEBT, for such a great game. That said, if I ever play the man, he either gifts me two triremes or it's total war...

      Hey, if nothing else has been acomplished, Kautilya has made an on-topic post. This on-topic post kept him from answering Roland's question, which prevented them from combining their economic prowess to resolve the worlds coming economic demise, so on the whole it's worth it.

      Let this thread continue...
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        Yeah, and if I ever meet Sid, I'll acknowledge my DEBT of gratitude for such a great game, then demand HIS life. Including his money.

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