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is there a mod that has more citie names than the ones included int he original game?

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    Originally posted by geofelt
    could someone post a city.txt file with a larger list of names? I'm lazy. Is there a maximum number of names for the file, or for a civ?
    140 Roman cities (enough for most of my games); all others standard.
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      thanx davev. It looks like there are more american cities also.


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        Re: Hey Mercator

        El Civ: Well thanks.
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          A lotta talkin' and not a lotta postin' of city names . If there is a scenario link, or some site that has lists of names, that would be of particular use to the original post. Heck, if someone has made a good extension to the original city lists in the original civs, that would be something I might like too. In my games, the Celts, Russians, Mongols, Zulus, and Vikings often run out of names, and start using the backup list, and then there are several duplicate named cities.